AirAsia #ThankYou

Watching this AirAsia #thankYou video gave me so much feels. Indeed there are so many things to be thankful of. Simple acts of kindness... even by saying "Thank You", surely goes a long way. Kung lahat ng tao marunong kahit gesture lang ng thank you sa kalsada... walang banggaan at init ng ulo sa traffic!

I remember Papa when we are still kids reminding us to say "Thank You" always, from then on, I always say thank you when I buy from the grocery or sari-sari store. Sometimes it's odd how Aling Inday used to ask me why I say Thank You when in fact I was the one who bought from her and she should be thanking me otherwise. But yeah, saying Thank You more often is a habit I would never regret preaching and practicing 'til my age!

This 2016, I have so much to be thankful of. It's probably a year of celebration and thankfulness!  I turned 30! Mommy turned 50! We bought Papa a new car! My sister got married! I received 5 major awards at work! Cassy-my Unica Hija turned 10 and she's consistent 1st honor in class! David has just earned his Yellow Belt in Taekwondo! And we have just celebrated our 10 years being husband and wife! How can a year offer such jam packed season of gratitude!

Ten years ago, our life is so much different. I struggle to make both ends meet. I am a full-time housewife back then while Perci was biking his way to work. Our life was much simpler but never lonesome. We're supported by a legion of loved ones who has helped us go through our journey called married life! I was able to go to college, graduate and pass the board exam after giving birth to my second child- David. Now on our tenth year, we can't help but truly give back... and say #thankYou!

My heart surely overflows with thankfulness. I have everyone to thank for what I have become now. But since, it's our anniversary and Christmas month is also his birth month,  I would have to dedicate this Air Asia #thankYou post to my better half, my soulmate, bes ... now also my TRAVEL PARTNER!

Our 10th year together is truly a landmark of our life and AirAsia is a part of it! Woohoo!

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have traveled together for the first time in the same plane from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore via  AirAsia flight AK701! Weee!

The experience was one for the books! I have already gone to Europe, Jakarta and Hong Kong while He has already been to Dubai, Thailand and Taiwan... but yeah, this one is so SPECIAL! For the first time in forever, we never have to bid each other a Goodbye Kiss! For the first time, we swiped our boarding pass together! We're flying TOGETHER!

It was a short notice flight. I was looking for an affordable bus to Singapore  since I'm already in KL. I found out that it's cheaper to take the plane than the bus via the BEST LOW COST AIRLINE - AirAsia ! It would even take us a shorter travel time! Since I'm in a different country that time, I find it really great how seamless the booking thru AirAsia website is! I printed our Flight Itinerary in the hotel and we had a SELF  CHECK-IN via the AirAsia kiosks at KLIA!  Sweet and Easy!

So instead of a 6 hour travel time via bus, it just took us more than an hour from KL to SG... With the luxury of taking our MAIDEN FLIGHT together! How can life give me more than enough reasons to say #thankYou!  (^_^)

Truly a #thankYou Air Asia moment for us!

Watching our MADE IN MALAYSIA AIR ASIA TO SINGAPORE TRIP video below makes me look back and get "kilig" again on how our journey has made us into better person since day zero up to now.

Dear Honey, 

I thank God for 10 faithful years of marriage with YOU.

We may have shared the humblest beginning as husband and wife but God has been most gracious to lead us where we are right now. As we watch our kids grow each day, it’s always a great feeling to discover how lucky we are to have them in our lives. God’s timing is always perfect- never too early nor too late. The kids have now become our best friends more than anyone else.

#ThankYou for growing with me for 20 years, spending 14 of your precious years with me as my best friend with 10 of those as my husband. I feel so old contemplating at the numbers! Numbers may no longer matter as every day for us is anniversary. That every day we rush our way to work and drive under terrible traffic but still manage to have a good laugh. That every spontaneous rendezvous. That every day I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

You have supported me throughout my career, ever-changing plans, and my crazy shenanigans that nobody else would put up with. You’re my rock, my secret weapon! Nothing beats our engineer-artist tandem in this world! Together we make each other better. I would not be here, continuing to chase dreams, if it weren’t for you.. The best part about me is you...

#ThankYou for continuing to sweep me off my feet and making my knees a little weak.

You and our kids are my world… #ThankYou for choosing me to go through this journey with you. We may not be used to celebrating our wedding anniversary but yeah, we've just finished10! Forever to go! I love you and I always look forward to growing old with you.

And wait here's more! Since our experience with our MAIDEN flight from KL TO SG via AirAsia is so awesome and so SAKTO SA BUDGET NG KURIPOT NA NANAY LIKE ME, for 2017 we have booked not just one but TWO MORE FLIGHTS via AirAsia! YEY!

Weeeeeee! This 2017, we're flying together with the kids to Visayas Islands and  Hong Kong through Air Asia! Hooray! Indeed another #thankYou AirAsia Moment for us!

2016 was a grand adventure! Our #luzon2016Goal was achived,may bonus pang asia and eurotrip! ... Basta sa 2017 gagala lalo tayo! Woohoo!