Cheers to Life, Cheers to Everyday.

It was 10 years ago when God blessed us with our first child! It may have been uplanned but it was never unwanted! I was 20, my 3rd year college in UP Diliman and my first time to live in single roof as a wife to Perci. That was the first time I wore three hats at a time: a soon-to-be-mom, a student and a wife! I was really on the crossroads for nine long months of carrying Cassy in my womb while still taking up my exams in UP, while having to learn how to cook rice and egg for my husband for breakfast and learning how to to operate the washing machine for weekend laundry for the first time! Good thing I was able to graduate, took my masteral degree, pass the board exam and now working full time while being nanny to the kids everyday especially weekends! Those days,10 years ago and thereafter, were surely for the books!

And so it came to me, being a mom was no joke! It was never meant to be easy but it's surely worth every inch of it. It was pure bliss and joy that I have surpassed the six-feet-below-the-ground risk of giving birth!

Now our Unica Hija is finally 10! As we jokingly tell her, how time flies fastly, may "TEN-ager" na kami! This moment is surely one to cheer for!

Since Cassy has just reached a milestone this year on her 10th birthday, let me share our most memorable CHEER MOMENTS for Cassy!

1. Cheers to the blessing of a BEAUTIFUL MIND for Cassy!

What more can a parent ask if they've  got a daughter who consistently hands them over the FIRST HONOR GOLD MEDAL and trophies and awards every year since kindergarten? Cassy's every recognition day is STUNNER! She's school representative in English, Math, Science, Journalism, Filipino and apparently all subjects! If I am to count she has running total of close to a hundred medals since Kinder! Just last time, she was able to bag first place in the Science Quiz Bee against 54 students from 18 schools! Each time Cassy calls us after her contest, we can't help but get elated over her Good NEWS! Every time I would grab the nearest tissue and wipe all those TEARS OF JOY or can I now call it CHEERS of JOY? Cassy and her beautiful mind is indeed an everyday blessing to cheer for!

2. Cheers to the GIFT OF TALENT for Cassy!

Just as she was blessed with a beautiful mind, another worth cheering is her talent in performing arts. She can sing, dance, act and even draw like her Dad! This year during our church Anniversary month, Cassy became a SONG LEADER in one of our Sunday Worship Service. It was again, one for the books! I invited all Lolas and Lolos, all titas and titos to church and i even posted the performance videos on my Facebook page. I am one proud mom! Yeah, I can be her CHEERleader, No.1 Fan, "taga-bigay ng water and CHEERS tissue" after every performance.

3. Cheers to our ADVENTURES with the Family!
After our 10 years of marriage, we are now blessed with our #tatlongBibeh! Cassy, David and Paul. They are our towers of HOPE, our reasons to battle everyday work and our motivation to be the best person that we can be! Everyday they never fail to make us feel equaled of the sacrifices a parent gives to their children. We can only give them so much more! Our adventures speak of our quest to give them the very best!

If you want to change the world, go HOME and LOVE your family! That has been our mantra with the kids since then!

As long as we can afford, we go on out of town trips as a treat to our heaven-sent kids. This year, we pegged our #familyGoals to be #Luzon2016! We've gone to Baguio, Pampanga, Zambales, Rizal, Batangas, Bataan, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan... and this Christmas, we're sweeping the North from La Union to Benguet up to Ilocos and back to Isabela, Cagayan and Mountain Province back to Manila. We're going to have a ROAD TRIP, have some camping, take our selfies with the picturesque mountains and plains, swim the best beaches and have some picnic of course! We never fail to bring Cheers tissue by the way. It's the sturdiest we've got for table napkins so we really make sure we pack them along in our picnic basket! And oh! When we travel, we surely leave nothing but footprints on the site, so we make sure our CHEERS TRASH BAGS are in place!

CHEERS to more road trips and picnics and swimmings with Cassy, David and Pochi! Next years will be as exciting... #Visayas2017 #Mindanao2018 and #Asia2019! Cheers also to more cam-whoring and off-shoulder matchy matchy Sundays and everyday with MI UNICA HIJA Cassandra a.k.a Cassy!