Why I want an OPPO F1s

If there's anything I love most about OPPO  F1s is its capability to capture my every Selfie, Coupfie or Groupfie in the best angle possible! No wonder it's tagged as the SELFIE EXPERT! 

Imagine that 16 Mp front camera with that intelligent Beautify 4.0 app being able to capture those once in a lifetime moment in our lives! That is definitely a feast on my Facebook and Instagram Feeds! 

The selfie stick is my favorite friend for my single backpacking adventures! Now I have this SELFIE EXPERT OPPO F1s to capture my favorite profile pic with the Iron Giant of France- the Eiffel tower of Paris!

EXPECTATION vs REALITY memes are so real! I remember seeing a selfie at the Great Wall of China with gazillion of other tourists around! Cropping of selfie shots is surely a must! That 16Mp front camera enables high resolution selfie that makes cropping photos easy peasy! I remember lots of people queued to have a selfie in the Louvre Museum where the most expensive painting in the world- The Mona Lisa is being kept. Good thing that the 16Mp front camera of OPPO F1s enables cropping of photos without having pixelated Cover Photos in Facebook! That is so GENIUS!

And Oh! Did I say that Panorama shots are also an expertise of OPPO F1s! I remember having this entire street abounding non-expensive diamonds in Antwerp Belgium! Good thing this OPPO F1s has a SELFIE PANORAMA feature to make sure nothing's left behind your photobombing stint! It was truly feast of the eyes to have a panoramic selfie where Belgian chocolates, waffles and beer abounds- Belgium!

And oh! Our recent adventure in Kuala Lumpur is our first time to out of the country travel together! Couples taking selfies in the  Petronas Tower of Malaysia couldn't have been better with the OPPO F1s Selfie Expert in that ever reliable Selfie Stick!

Extending our 10th year celebration as husband and wife from Manila to Malaysia to Singapore! Hanggang milky way galaxy pa 'to kaya wag kang bibitaw! #crossYourHeart

So much for my selfie addiction! Apart from being a Selfie expert, I love that this phone is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. I have always loved walking trips on my travels... and admittedly, I tend to always drop my phone while I go gaga over a beautiful spot or event. It's good that Corning Gorilla Glass 4 in Oppo F1s are the toughest in the industry! It has passed rugged stress testing on real world jagged streets, sidewalks and parking lots! What a relief!

And oh! My favorite is OPPO F1s 0.22s Touch Access feature!  I love that an affordable phone such as OPPO F1s has a fingerprint activated app launch through 0.22s Touch Access! As I have to juggle between being a working mom,  I have personal e-mails, photos and files stored in my device. I even use it as as USB storage most of the times. It's good that fingerprint security is now available in OPPO F1s! Now I don't have to worry of my secured info being stolen each time I go for daily commute! That spells security version 2.0 for my sensitive files stored in the phone!