Change The Way You See Love

While psychologists say that taking selfies is some sort of disorder, I beg to disagree! In fact for me it is a logical way of keeping snapshots of yourself when you are at the peak of your emotions! Like when you’re so much in love! Who take selfies when they feel broken hearted anyways? For me it is a practical way of putting a digital signature of a place or moment that left a significant milestone in my life! It’s like digitally vandalizing “MEL was HERE!” in some places I love and telling the world my heart skipped a bit when I was here!  

Just when a picture paints a thousand words, this is how my every selfie paints a gazillion of LOVE!

On Architecture, Geography and Selfies!

My husband is a 3D designer and I am an Engineer, I know how much effort he puts in his designs much more so the effort in actually physically constructing it!  Built structures and geography have a special place in our heart!

From brick houses to castles preserved from time long before, it gives identity to a certain geography and immortalizes the artist who designed it! It is a masterpiece woven in the fabric of labor of love!

That 673-glass panes of the Louvre Museum that houses the most expensive painting in the world- The Mona Lisa... that succinctly shows what Labor of Love is!

That dome-like structure is marketplace in the morning and a display of awesome artworks on its ceiling by night! I love how its designer played with the ceiling as his own canvas of self-expression. It was a sight to see, so much deserving of a selfie!

That every smile in the selfie we take is a salute to the artist and the preserver of this geography. It is a token of appreciation well deserved by the one who crafted it! A selfie is an expression of love!

Who could have thought that a simple rusty radio transmitter will serve as an iconic place for wedding proposals or prenup shots? This masterpiece of Gustave Eiffel is the most recognizable structure in the world. It has been a subject of controversy drawing criticism from those who did not believe it was feasible! Amidst the controversy, this tower symbolizes the marriage of Engineering and Architecture which brings this tower closer to my heart as I am an Engineer and my husband is into Architecture! That perfect selfie with this Iron Giant may have taken a hundred shots to capture but this would surely go down my generations! 

When people put so much passion and devotion into his chosen craft, a simple painting or building or radio transmitter can radiate tremendous amount of love that can immortalize the maker long after he is gone! Architecture, geographies and selfies, this is love as I see it!

On Bikes, Trees and Selfies!

As we build skyscrapers and improve geographies along with our way of life, someone somehow is crying for mercy and begging for attention i.e. Mother Earth! When I see people making floating forests by the water, I feel the love for Mother Nature abounds. It's like telling the world you may run out of land to plant trees but yeah, Mother Earth is 75% water! We have no excuse for not taking care of Nature!

When I took this selfie of a floating forest by Holland, my smile goes to the benevolent hearts that made this possible. It took so much love to think beyond the box and plant a tree in water! I hope the love spreads elsewhere up to the Pacific where waters and nature abounds!

Now this is Bike-heaven! The owners of these bikes are all the kind souls who care to burn some calories and reduce the carbon footprint of mankind on Mother Earth! When we bike, we hit two birds with one stone! We show our love for our health and love for Nature as well. It’s like extending our lives and the life of someone who gives us oxygen to live. Biking is like engaging in mutual understanding relationship with nature!

Bikes, floating forests and selfies, this is love as I see it!

On my favorite Coup-fies and Group-fies!

Just as how my selfie-stick perfectly captures the love I feel for everything that gives me joy, how can it be more rewarding than a selfie taken together with the one dearest to my heart?

My favorite backdrop is a picture of smiles in the face of my husband and kids!

Our every smile captured by the magic selfie stick is like a time capsule that immortalizes the memories we’ve shared together. A testament of not just of a point in time but of a very long story behind our smiles in our selfies together!

With them is a different kind of selfie that makes my smile wider and makes my eyes spark brighter than ever!

While I take a lot of selfies with the places I love, these people are my favorite backdrop! They make me love my selfies a little more than necessary! They make every click of the selfie stick guiltless as we frame the best memories we care to share together!

Love is not being able to see that water fountain by the Louvre museum but by the genuine smile you see with the kids as you play with the sand and the waves.

Now I couldn't probably change the way I see love if not for my favorite coup-fie and coffe-mate for 20 years and counting!

This goes to you who makes my coup-fies sweeter for 20 years and counting...

"We may have shared the humblest beginning as husband and wife but God has been most gracious to lead us where we are right now. As we watch our kids grow each day, it’s always a great feeling to discover how lucky we are to have them in our lives. God’s timing is always perfect- never too early nor too late. The kids have now become our best friends more than anyone else.

Thank you for growing with me for 20 years, spending 14 of your precious years with me as my best friend with 10 of those as my husband. I feel so old contemplating at the numbers! Numbers may no longer matter as every day for us is anniversary. That every day I wake up next to you and still love the way you look while sleeping. That every day we rush our way to work and drive under terrible traffic but still manage to have a good laugh. That every spontaneous rendezvous. That every day I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

You have supported me throughout my career, ever-changing plans, and my crazy shenanigans that nobody else would put up with. You’re my rock, my secret weapon! Nothing beats our engineer-artist tandem in this world! Together we make each other better. I would not be here, continuing to chase dreams, if it weren’t for you.. The best part about me is you...

Thank you for continuing to sweep me off my feet and making my knees a little weak. Thank you for picking me up when I’ve fallen and making me laugh or laughing out loud after my crazy fall! That is why I love our perfectly imperfect marriage.

You and our kids are my world… Thank you for choosing me to go through this journey with you. We may not be used to celebrating our wedding anniversary but yeah, we've just finished10! Forever to go! I love you and I always look forward to growing old with you."

To more SELFIES and GROUP-FIES and COUP-FIES together my LOVE!

For as long as I have the chance to take a selfie with the places and people I care, I will never get tired.  A selfie is a remembrance of the past;  A scrapbook-worthy piece of art that would weave  the best pages on the timeline of our lives!

Just as how architecture, geography, bikes, trees, selfies and coup-fies changed the way I see love, Huawei P9 can “Change the Way You See Mobile Photography”. As I am self-confessed camwhore when it comes to mobile phone, I love how Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. Leica has a very good reputation when it comes to imaging! I know because being an Engineer, I have used Leica in our Total Stations and Laser Scanners.

What's great about this selfie-stick partner Huawei P9 is that it has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. Oh this is selfie and mobile photography heaven to all of us! Also just the best way to capture that RARE POKEMON just before it evolve! Huawei P9 is surely a LURE to self-confessed mobile phone coup-fie addict like ME! I just can't wait to take my next selfies, coup-fies and group-fies with Huawei P9!
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