Military Diet, Alternatives and Meals in between

3-Day Military Diet and 4-day Regular Meals.

Lost 8 kilos in 1 month. Done with some 1/2 Lemon on 2 liters of Water daily.

I have tabulated the Military Diet in orange colored table below for my reference. In the Philippines, cottage cheese is hard to find and tad bit expensive so I tried Greek Yogurt. Also based on collated information from various sites, in blue table are the alternatives to the food items in the military diet. 
 Computing how much it costed me for the regular 3-day military diet, it's roughly 390 Pesos in 3 days. ( Worth my single meal before (^_^)). Kilos of weight lost and $$$ of Savings too! I got even bigger savings and more motivation because I did Military Diet with Perci. (Monitoring our calorie counter is our new Bonding moment!) LOL!
We do Military Diet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the 4-day break, that includes the weekend, we sometimes opt to eat rice because we eat together with the kids. 

Military diet is less than 1000 calories in a day. For better results, I have read that one may limit that calorie intake up to 1500 calories only. This is for a small-framed woman with little exercise. More like me except that I'm relatively larger-framed. :) I'll document some more if I have time! Cheers to a #healthier2016AndBeyond!