My Do More With Less Christmas Experience

Being a mom requires super powers and octopus hands! You can beat a juggler by the circus once you become a mom. While others speak of the “Thank God It’s Friday” cliché, moms think otherwise! Weekend is actually the perfect time to clean the bathroom, go get some grocery and finish that mountain of laundry while teaching the kids and washing dishes on the side. There was practically no time for many vacations or a longer than 10-minute coveted power nap. 


That was my life way before I got some good buy from Electrolux...that Electrolux Automatic Washing Machine is one of the best invention ever and I can’t believe how long had I lived under a rock to finally break my inhibitions and finally purchase one in 2014. Oh! Actually, this is my gift for Honey the hubby! Since I gave birth to Paul, he had been the sweetest  and he volunteered to wash the clothes using our old simple wash and dryer washing machine. I know his struggle is real! Good God is gracious and He let us have this Electrolux Automatic Washing Machine to take the heavy burden of transferring wet clothes from the washer to the dryer!  That was one sigh of relief… now we can do more with the less 48 hours we have during weekends or holidays or any ordinary vacation leave!

Taking it on a Cost-Benefit Analysis perspective,  we have saved n-thousand manhours and n-kiloJoules of energy with this genius invention! So many hundred percent return of investment...and besides quality time for the quantity time we spend with our kids are priceless!( ^_^)

Now for doing more with the time we spend less on washing... we just had the busiest adventure-filled Christmas ever!

Last Christmas 2015 vacation was the sweetest! We have vowed to save much money to be able to pay for the condo that we have bought last November in preparation for Cassy's High School days. The budget is tight but we never want to spoil the long weekends of December 2015. 

We were able to bring the kids to six(6) new places (for them)  but spend less than our usual vacation budget while having super fun that was definitely insurmountable and memorable!

Now, I would like to share my #doMoreWithLess experience this Christmas Vacation... and how I intend to religiously apply my own tips in our next long weekends and vacations ever after...

#doMoreWithLess TIP #8. Plan your trip in advance. Know side trips to save gas and maximize the time. Know toll fees and probable entrance fees.

Last December 26, we went to Dinosaur Island Clark Land, Picnic grounds and Airforce Park at Clark, Pampanga. All at the same day!

The kids are ecstatic and they have had real experience with Jurassic World feel especially the dancing dinosaur performance by the end of Dinosaurs Island trail. Paul was the one who really enjoyed a lot for dinosaurs are closer to his heart because of his favorite Blue the Raptor toy!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #7: Go to affordable locations like parks where there are much cheaper but worthwhile activities on it.

Just right beside Clark Land-Dinosaur Island is the Picnic Grounds. It has a separate entrance fee that costs only 20 pesos per person. From then on, the kids enjoyed climbing some monkey bars and obstacle course, play at the slide and swing and run endlessly on the grass grounds. They have rented a bike for 50 pesos an hour where Paul got envious he wanted to drive his own bike but his short legs just can't reach the pedal! HAhaha!  They had so much fun while I rest on the side and watch them enjoy playing under the sun!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #6: Take advantage of your smartphone GPS during out of town trips.

After enjoying the morning full of activities at Clark Land, Dinosaur Island and Picnic Grounds, we were able to drive by Clark Air Force Park. Since we were unfamiliar of the place, we highly depend on our phone's GPS for directions. At times, network signal may be lost so it's best that you download offline maps with navigation functions. I have the "Navigate" app on my Android and it works perfectly well!

Voila, we spent the entire afternoon by the Air Force park , chillaxin' on the grass, I even had some power nap while the kids play at the free play ground and had some historical tour at the war planes and had some obligatory selfies and groufies on the side...( ^_^)!

No entrance fee for this park while you also burn some calorie so you can #doMoreWithLess!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #5: Take lots of photos and videos to document your adventure.

Ever since we started going out on road trips with the kids, we always make it a point to document our travels. We create 10-minute videos of our every rendezvous. When everything is over and you're way back home, all that's left are the memories and the photos and videos that reminds you how great your day that was! We save it on our external drive and play it along-side our movie marathon breaks.. then suddenly, the memories are alive and we're craving for more of these "atin-ang-mundo-i-dawn-zulueta-mo-ako" moments! hahaha!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #4: Buy Online Deals to save BIG time!

I have learned my lesson from a recent Avilon Zoo trip wherein I paid full for the Entrance Fee. That was like, P3600 down the drain. I resented when I learned that there was an online deal that can be bought half the price. From then on, I was wiser. I make sure, I get some online deal to have big bucks of savings! There are even deal sites that offer more discount if you pay cash on delivery. Since I vow not to get a Credit Card as long as I can, I always opt for cash-on-delivery deals so I get to save even more!

Our recent Mind Museum trip tickets were bought at 50% off.  #doMoreWithLess indeed!

It's complete with outdoor playground, indoor science experiments, exhibits and film showing that the kids really learned so much from. Double purpose too for they enjoyed while learning at the same time! I learned a lot as well because the exhibits cater not just kids but also kids at heart like us!
Truly #doMoreWithLess for us!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #3:  Always bring that picnic blanket whenever you travel with the kids!

Who knows? You might have the perfect side trip if time permits!

It was a holiday when we visited Mind Museum in BGC Taguig so traffic is lighter and we got the chance to drop by my Alma Mater at UP Diliman. We toured them around and finally had a picnic by the Track Oval. We had the perfect view of the sunset while munching over some snacks by Area2. We saved a lot instead of driving through a fast food chain and at the same time letting the kids smell the fresh air of UP and watch a sports practice by the oval which I think David and Paul get to enjoy a lot!

Save on snacks thru picnics while enjoying the breathe of healthy and fresh air outdoors! I never thought David would be so prepared and he's ready with his Badminton rackets and so they had some short smash tournament with Daddy! #doMoreWithLess indeed!

#doMoreWithLess TIP #2: Go by thrift food shops for dinner instead of fine dining on an instant Date!

It was the last Sunday of December and we've just had the last "Simbang Gabi" for the year. It was indeed worth the celebration for we have braved a blessed and fruitful year that was 2015. Same time we're too hungry and had no time for cooking back home. We decided to bring the kids to the Food Park by our place and Voila! instant dinner without the hassle of cooking while saving as well! The food is roughly 150 per head and the place is cozy for another mandatory selfie/groufie! (^_^).

#doMoreWithLess TIP #1: Spend holidays at your HOME SWEET HOME!

This is practically the most affordable #doMoreWithLess tip for a perfect bonding with the family.

We always end the year with honey's birthday on December 31. He's 31 this year and as usual, our Media Noche is his birthday celebration "handa" as well. It's also the first time ever that we're hosting both Christmas and New Year for the Abuel-Reveche family at our humble abode.

My tip for the Media Noche food is that don't buy it along with the Noche Buena grocery. Who knows if gracious people out there can give out Media Noche groceries as Christmas gifts! Hahaha!
This really happened to us. We had most of our Media Noche "handa" from the Christmas groceries given at the office, from friends and from our church (yes, our church gave out groceries to almost everyone! God is so Good!). We spend lesser on New Year than on our Christmas Noche Buena because of this. Truly #doMoreWithLess and #spendLess as well!

There's no other place like home when it comes to the perfect #doMoreWithLess bonding with the family! Nothing beats home-made meals and there's no better way to spend Christmas and every ordinary day than with the family!

Christmas 2015 is so memorable and full of adventures. It was only these days that we start getting to enjoy out of town trips. It's the perfect time when our youngest Paul is not that "baby" enough and we can already drag him in long road trips! This Christmas we surely #doMoreWithLess while having fun and not letting the budget suffer afterwards!

At the end of the day, Christmas is just a day or say one week of the 52-week calendar where we have to really practice this #doMoreWithLess mantra.

Fun and Frugality can meet if we intend it to be. Anyway, quality time with the kids need not be expensive nor extravagant.. this just have to be sincere, simple but really sweet! 'Til our next #doMoreWithLess adventure! (^_^) 

This blog post is in support to the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.