Philippine Passport Application for the Kids

Lately I have been loving how we get to spend wonderful times with our kids during our out of town trips. It was more of a spontaneous road trip adventure rather than a fully-planned travel. One time, we woke up and decided to go to Avilon Zoo at Rodriguez, Rizal. All we had was our phone with GPS and our ATM cards. 

Another time, Cassy and David's field trip at school got some Failed Trip and out of frustration, we just decided to have some Tagaytay Take Two trip where we revisited Picnic Grove and Mushroom Burger and the Puzzle Mansion. It was another ATM and GPS only road-trip that we're on the books of our lovely rendezvous with my dear kids. 

Due to our recent rendezvous with the kids, we decided to finally get them a passport. We won't know when our next wanderlust would lead us but we would definitely want to share longer hours of bonding with the kids during travels so we are looking into..Hong Kong Disneyland or Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore perhaps. 

It was quite serendipitous that my schedule was not chaotic these days that I had ample time taking care of the requirements and for the actual Passport Application as well. I have saved a lot in terms of processing plus more and more learnings on the way. Sharing herewith are my experiences and handy tips for passport application:
  1. Get appointment online. Take note of all the requirements and have your documents photocopied before going inside DFA. We got ours scheduled on Megamall. Photocopy inside is expensive and if you're not in luck, like us, the xerox machine is under maintenance so I have to go out and look for a Photocopy center. Gladly there are two Photocopy centers just nearby so I get to go back quite fastly. 
  2. You need to have different sets of  photocopied requirements per child. For mine, since I got three kids, I need three photocopies of my passport, ID and marriage certificate.
  3. There's a Saturday schedule at DFA-NCR East, that is SM Megamall but it is automatically upgraded to Express. Regular application fee is P950.00 and express fee is P 1200.00 each. You add P150 pesos per passport if you want it delivered to your preferred address.
  4. You'll be submitting the original NSO copy of the kid's birth certificate so be sure to have it photocopied for future reference. 
  5. I personally got the kids' birth certificate at NSO East Avenue so I saved a lot in processing. Regular rate is just P140.00  per child. You also need to get an NSO authenticated copy of your marriage certificate. Also, if it's not your first time to get an NSO copy of your or your kid's birth certificate, be sure to bring it and note on the BReN on the lower left corner of the document. This is almost beside the barcode on the bottom left of the document. This BReN would make your life easier as there is a dedicated lane for those who already have this BReN. I got my 3 kids' birth certificate in less than 30 mins same day processing. Happy mom on the time and cost savings :) By the way, I got mine on a November so it's not peak season as compared to pre-enrollment months so I guess it would take a bit longer than that of my 30-minute experience.
  6. If you're travelling with your kids, you won't need an Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel. I have researched on this a lot before actually going there. I am a bit adamant that if I don't get to bring the duly notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel, we would have to go to square one again. Anyways, I have initially checked with the DFA website which states that this requirement is only for minors not travelling with their parents. The document review officer didn't ask for it as well when we went on our appointment date. Fortunately, we have successfully gone through the entire process without having to submit this Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel. For those who would need there are downloadable templates online so no need to worry. Fill up the details and have it notarized and you're ok. :)
There you go, I'll add up when I remember some more. For now, I hope to finally lay my hands on the kids' passport and save it for our future adventures outside our Neverland. 

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