My career being a manager and technical head is really time-hog and attention heavy. I have been really determined to take this step further as I accepted the offer to lead our team starting this year. Deciding to keep up to this challenge is a big deal as I am also a mom of three with no house help especially on weekends. It was one big circus as I beat my deadline for a presentation while having to finish a school project at the same time. My evernote and daily to do's is a mix of home chores, work stuff, church to do and personal + lovelife matters. It was like halo-halo mixed with Leche Flan in my mind :)

So I was asked:

“What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?”

For me, more than the physical looks, being sexy is keeping a balance of the different aspects of our lives. May it be family, individual, spiritual or social aspect.

So this work-week day monotony becomes a sudden feast and mundane-task free because there are happy days known as Saturdays and Sundays! Those two days are like weekly birthday and anniversary leaves to us as these are days that we recharge and unwind. These are days that we take a break from our usual lives as we paint memories that would forever paint  the pages of our rainbow-colored Scrapbook of Adventure < insert smiley as I type >...

1. Twice a week, we take the kids out for a weekend adventure...

No matter how busy the week that was, we always make a point to shake it all off and build our own version of Neverland with the kids! We swim, eat out, take a joy ride, play inside the supermarket, ride a caritela, take breakfast in the park or even a simple "biglaang" midnight snacking for some hot "lugaw " in the road. These not only burn fuels and fats that let me achieve my 10,000 steps a dat  but also would surely mark every milestone on the kids memories and fill the pages of A decade of our happily married life as well! 

2. Twice a week, I take a well deserved  ME time...

Last year and this year fickle funny fate found me and I have been having a bang with my career. I have received 5 awards and recognition both local and international. Our project map won the Philippine ESRI Conference Map in Shangri-La, Asia Geospatial Excellence Award 2014 and 2015 in Indonesia and Malaysia, and won the Risk Management Excellence Award in our company. Ive been to four countries in two years and on the side, I have just recently received the Presidential Pride due to Performance Award. These were  my greatest feats in my working life as it continuously prove how God has been keeping a good balance of my priorities in life.

To keep me abreast my daily beast-mode list of To-Dos, twice a week, I do lemon water cleansing, I dine in cafe and have some Pellegrino instead of caffeine (reminds me of Devil Wears Prada boss!), do some exercise, have some foot spa and even some Swedish Massage, sauna and jacuzi for a well deserved ME time!

So just like these twice a week breaks that is surely busy and tiring, I make sure that I keep myself fresh and clean at the end of the day! My OB recommended to use this Betadine Feminine Wash after I gave birth to Paul, 2 years ago, and from then on, I have been a self-confessed convert. I have felt the freshness and confidence using this Betadine Feminine Wash because it is reckoned from the famous Betadine Antiseptic for treating wounds. Best for RED days indeed! 

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3. Lastly... Twice a week, I go out on date night with Boyfriend #1:
We watch movies, go on concert dates, go shopping together, go road tripping, watch animes together, make kid's project together and go on rendezvous once every random workday !

This boyfriend number 1 is my real life hero. Life may be tough and busy but he makes it surper easy. If not for him, I may not be where I am.

So forbid the cheesiness and we're celebrating our first decade together soon...  this goes to my Boyfriend #1...
Dear Boyfriend #1,
I saw you this morning and you're still as stunning. Still overwhelmed by the thought that each morning I wake up next to my all-time crush. And that surreal feelings are never gonna change FYI.
These days we may no longer be particular of monthsaries like we used to. We don't go out on dates as often and chat at work a bit less than the way we used to have some few years back. Our romance has now taken a different toll by way of waking up early to send the kids to school, spending bonding talks during a long drive to home, eating on a burger stand together for dinner or having fast food for breakfast and staying on the wee hours at night while drafting for reports and projects. Sleep has been more of a luxury to us than strolling on the mall during weekends. But I must admit I would still stay awake ‘til 2AM for that large hadron collider trash talk!

We tend to watch more animes these days than before, perhaps it speaks of the euphoria that we just want to cling on the younger us. At times I miss the way we used to date and the way we used to play but when I see you next to me each morning I wake up, I get more thankful, not just for your “fake” biceps or pilit-na-may-abs-look or bumenta nang pick-up lines, but for God must have been so generous to give me not just a loving husband, but the best dad to my kids and the most reliable friend whom I have shared faithful 141 months with. It is when we count the days and weeks and month of togetherness that we know we're still farther from FOREVER... but yeah, we're a decade down... NTH decades TO GO... 'TIL IT'S FOREVER MY HONEY ! I love you.

My one mantra that keeps me doing the things I ought to do is this favorite quote from one of my favorite books - "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. 

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” -Stephen Covey 
We are what we reapeatedly do! So if we want to be better, we ought to repeatedly practice the things that would lead us to our ultimate goal.