I was looking for a Perfect Home until I found this...

For an ordinary couple taking a usual employee 8-hour workday, 5-day work-week, having a home you can call your own is but a major achievement in life. We started out quite early in our family life and as I may say, our humble beginnings are worth the ultimate throwback. It is one for the books and a story that can pass an audition for the next :MMK episode. I can't believe we've gone larger than our lives when we dared took the challenge of getting our OWN home. Days and nights of computation and capacity planning until we finally decided to go look for the best place to build our own Neverland. It was only until December 2012, that we finally had our ultimate move-in and step at the doorsteps of our new Nest. It took much guts to get that glory.

I can still remember when we were just starting out in looking and asking around for better options and location of our new home. We tried the internet, we asked friends and do visits on open houses... All for the quest for a perfect Home. That was almost 5 years ago... fishing for a new place has a bit more tedious and not-so-hassle-free than it is today. Today, searching for a #PerfectHome can be a few clicks away...

I may have found our Neverland now but surely the quest for Perfect Home still lives on...

We have always been opened to the fact that this may not be the one last place we will build our happy family ever after. A few years from now, the kids are getting to higher school and eventually college. Our location is an hour drive away from work. We're dreaming that the kids would enter Philippine Science HS and eventually graduate in UP Diliman like me. That was a dream... with the highest hope of being true of course!

Good thing I found out that there is a place in the web that serves this purpose of taking me to my dream land at the comfort of our my own desktop. My next open house visit is just a few clicks away... right at my fingertips!

#PerfectHome  #Property24  #Property24PH

 Property24.com.ph is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

As early as now, we're already considering buying a property that would fit the needs of a working family with perfect proximity to our own work place and the kid's school. Having a trusty and affordable condo within a few minutes from work and our dream schools for the kids are but a fix option in our to buy list.
This one I wish to spend the workdays with and then spend the weekends and holidays within our original family house.

Also, when given a rare chances of long weekends, we go out of town and catch some fresh air with the kids. With some of our rendezvous, we have loved the cozy feel of Tagaytay. We had a planned day trip last January but heavy traffic back to Manila made us decide to stay overnight at a hotel. Back then, I was thinking that Tagaytay is a very relaxing haven for out of town trips. Perfect getaway just to unwind with the busy Metro and location is still just a few kilometers away from Manila. At some point I even thought of buying a property within the vicinity. I am again dreaming that I would like to get something that is a bit expensive for a vacation house but that would surely be worth it... the weather, the view of Taal Lake, the escape from the busy streets of Metro Manila and the perfect vacation home of our next generations...

I have chosen a listing from #Property24 that resembles that of this castle by the mountain Alps look.. reminds me of my favorite kiddie series Heidi with their simple life in the mountain with Lolo Alps.. (^_^)

Oh well, since I am in the mood of thinking for Perfect Home locations, it came to my mind that we're planning a long vacation break at another cozy place, that is Baguio. It was perfect since my younger sister now studies at UP Baguio. Perfect that we can go visit her place and her school and also spend some strolling days in Burnham, Mines View and La Presa. Good that we can now look for affordable places to stay like this one. At two bedrooms, this one is surely back for the bucks. ( Oh, I remember my 11k per night stay at Singapore last 2013). This one, at 2500 per day... is surely for the win! This listing instantly struck me as it reminds me of my room when I was in Hong Kong.. a see through bathroom and a cozy place for perfect relaxation after a whole day of shopping around the streets... but this time, not on the streets of Mongkok, HK but on the walks to remember at Session Road at Baguio City... 

Now as my mind drifts to farther places,this makes me fast forward the future.. some few decades from today...I was thinking of really choosing for a place to retire. Something farther from the busy streets of Manila, less pollution, more nature tripping and if ever, No threat of Earthquake! Hahahah! Forbid me of the paranoia as I am an earth scientist/engineer and I have been used to juggling all these information on the threatening Big One and all the other earthquakes within the seismic belt of fire in the Philippines. You know what, if you want an earthquake-free location in the Philippines... choose Palawan! Palawan belongs to a different tectonic plate ... i.e. China (shhh! don't tell China.. (^_^) )So there you go, Palawan, for me, is probably the best place to retire for an earthquake-paranoid like me. 

Practically this one fits my minimum requirement... I want a large lot to build my simple Bahay Kubo with lots of green grass and tall trees by the backyard where we get to plant our healthy veggies to eat everyday.. Oh! That simple and hassle-free provincial life... spells out a Perfect Home for me and my kids as well..

However, if you might want a bit more dreaming, the Perfect retirement home for me is somewhere near the shore... where land meets water and where air is the best cure for asthma... 

I have always loved the fresh breeze by the beach. Perfect for a swing with a sip of fresh coconut juice by the sea shore while I watch the sun sets by the horizon. This is where Perfect Home happens not inside the four corners of our Bahay Kubo but outside the fresh sea breezes of El Nido, Palawan...  

Wherever our feet takes us.. wherever we choose to build our other Neverlands... it would surely be another Perfect Home where we will spend our Happy Family ever after...

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