Sarap Maging Kid with Inipit

During weekdays, we go overloaded with our office tasks! Meetings here and there, appointments and fieldwork and reports just seem to fill our daily calendar... but when we get home, we are a different person!

We're the care-free, spontaneous mom and dad who would love every bit of adventure with Cassy, David and Paul! Those three cutees...they never fail to give us the joy and inner peace each time we're together!

From instant gala, instant swimming adventure, instant picnic, instant joy ride... we just never seem to ran out of brilliant bonding moments together!

Now what? Our refrigerator is like a sari-sari store filled with everything that satisfies the sweet tooth of our little angels!

From candies to sprinkles and biscuits to cakes and fruits and chocolates... we just seem to give in to their every tempting taste for sweets. And oh! Us too, we just can't outgrow these goodies... We just love to play like our "luto-lutuan" days... we mix everything and we eat it like it's the best dessert the world could ever have! Haha!

Now our own Neverland is our own home! We play with the kids like we used to play with our playmates way back in primary school.

So it was one Saturday night, Daddy was out for the usual music team practice at church and we're alone with the house after we finished our usual home chores. We looked in the ref and voila! It's experiment time kiddos!

We've got some BLACK FOREST RAINBOW INIPIT for Daddy's sweet surprise!

We used ingredients that are easily available. It was like a DIY cake but we would properly want to label it as   BLACK FOREST RAINBOW INIPIT DELIGHT...
Ate Cassy is just as hands-on and excite with our INIPIT recipe!

And so we mix everything a-la expert dessert connoisseur! The steps are easy peasy so kids can really share the fun with us! Here are 4 easy layering steps that's so easy you might want to make your own version of layered Inipit Desserts!

What's so good about this Lemon Square Inipit is that it offers a variety of colors for its tempting cake bars! When arranged side by side, it was really an eye candy that the kids would surely love to play with!

With it being of various colors, the taste would never disappoint as well! You'll really get the taste of UBE in the violet Inipit, CHOCOLATE in the brown Inipit, PANDAN in the green Inipit, KESO, CUSTARD and LEMON in the yellow inipit! It was like having a feast of Fruit Salad in your mouth once you get to mix it all together!

The taste complements with each other such that adults and kids would both adore indulging with it!

The cake is also of the right sweetness that you can have enough leeway for more layers of sweets!

Creating our own Inipit dessert was as enjoyable as it was tempting to eat! We had it chilled in the refrigerator for some ice-cream cake feel! Oh, the kids just got overwhelmed... and me too!

And so waiting for Daddy has never been so enjoyable with this easy-peasy BLACK FOREST RAINBOW INIPIT DELIGHT filled with LOVE and SO MUCH FUN with the KIDS and KIDS-AT-HEART!

And oh! Forgive us, we made not just one but two desserts with the same recipe! Here's our Mixed Fruit Inipit Cake in a Cup!

With Lemon Square Inipit... we would never ran out of dessert ideas for the whole family!

'Til our next bonding moment! Sarap maging kid with Inipit!
#NoLimitWithInipit !

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