Le Abuel travels to Avilon Zoo in Rizal

It was one fateful holiday of December 2014, we woke up on the right side of the bed, then suddenly we talked about going to the zoo and walla! We're on our way to Avilon Zoo at Rodriguez, Rizal!

It was Cassy and David's 2nd time to visit a zoo, the first was when we've been to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in December 2013. This Avilon Zoo has much to offer. Oh well, it's for the price we have to pay that we ought to really get what we paid for. Since it was an unplanned trip, we paid the entrance fee in full, like 600 per head. We were with Bea and Joyce as well so we get to pay 6 heads and Pochi is free. We could've gotten some savings if we got some online voucher at Metro Deal or others where they sell the tickets for only about 300 Philippines pesos per head . Half the price, huhu!

Anyways, it was Pochi's first time to visit a zoo and see his fave animals for real.

He just have to see the crocodiles. (It was his fave due to the MTV of Counting Stars where a crocodile is starring! Pochi used to call them "duday!")

I don't think we were able to see all animals as we were with Pochi on the run. But yeah, it was a plenty to see the stars of Avilon, Trixie the Urangutan and Luning B'Hari the Giraffe. We get to see different species of birds, crocodiles, fowls, snakes, bats, lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, ostrich, bears and schools of fish.

At the Aviary on Avilon

The Bat cave is so spooky!

The way from Trixie the Urangutan's place to the coy fish and the little Bear! So relaxing :)

Different species of crocodile on the crocodile farm! Pochi is just as observant and wild!

We can only smile just because the Jaguar is caged!

The leopard is so big with scary fangs! His sound seems devouring already! Huhu! Stay caged!

You can feed the one year old giraffe with carrots! The viewdeck is a resting place as well. So refreshing!

At the Entrance is a Welcome banner with Luning and Bhari (the famous giraffe in Avilon Zoo!)

The animals of Avilon and many more!

The Ostrich is a shy type!

Cam whoring at the entrance with the famous characters of Avilon Zoo!

The schools of fish and Trixie the Urangutan's sanctuary!

It was indeed a memorable experience with the kids. They are very happy and in return we just had all fun amidst our tired feet around Avilon Zoo!