MEL meets Indonesia

It was November 2014 when I visited Jakarta for the Asia Geospatial Forum.

Since I came from a neighboring country- Philippines, I find Indonesia something much more like our country than other places abroad that I have visited before.

I see motorcycles all around, perhaps because of the heavy traffic there in Jakarta. I can't believe it is even worse than Manila. Oftentimes I wish I should've walked to my destination some 300 meters away instead of taking a ride. It took me almost 2 hours just waiting patiently on a taxi ride. I say I could've really enjoyed roaming around when the transportation system will be improved. 

Best tip for when traveling to Jakarta: always ride a Blue Bird taxi. It is a regulated group of taxis where you won't get overcharged or fooled around circles to get to your destination. Learn a bit of the Indonesian language as well for the locals are not very good in English. 

I like that Indonesia charges very little for a taxi ride. I heard it is because Indonesia is an oil producing country. Anyways, I think Indonesia is a very rich country. The malls are luxurious, they even have a mall dedicated just for selling Louis Vuitton products alone!
Jakarta, Indonesia

As mentioned above, I have been to Jakarta to attend the Asia Geospatial Forum. Our company bagged the Asia Geospatial Excellence Award 2014 and I am there to present our works.It was held at Hotel Mulia. From there I get to meet my graduate degree thesis adviser and I also get to meet a fellow Filipina who happens to be a consultant in Jakarta. Their presence made me enjoy my Jakarta Trip :)

Asia Geospatial Forum 2014 at Hotel Mulia
This is Sultan Hotel.This has been my home for my 5 days stay in Jakarta. It is a pretty old 5-star hotel but their staff is really great! I got a premier suite and the food inside the fridge is free. I get my food refreshed everytime they makeup my room. There is a fast internet inside my room so I get to work even before  I sleep :( Hahaha! No excuses! :)

The breakfast buffet offers a variety of Asian and American dishes. Indonesian food are much more like in our country so I get to enjoy their curry meals.Indonesian must have loved a variety of spices in their food that is why their meals are so tasty.
Sultan Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

Top 5 things I like about my Jakarta Trip.

  1. Hotel Mulia is grand and the food is very good. I love the bakery where really nice cakes are being displayed. Too bad we can't take photos. I love the giant Christmas Tree as well. 
  2. Sultan Hotel has fast interned connection. Food on the fridge is free. The place is quiet and the staff are very courteous.
  3. Blue Bird taxi drivers are very honest. They charge exactly and return the exact change. Some speak good English as well :)
  4. I learned that Muslims are really very dedicated to their praying time. It is the first Muslim country that I have visited. I learned how they are very serious in reminding people of their prayer time, even on malls, on television and when you're out on streets. I hope we Christians adopt that kind of dedication as well when it comes to our praying time :)
  5. Mi Goreng and Arabica Coffee! The supermarket offers very affordable prices for Coffee Beans! Yay! I just hoarded 8 packs of House Blend and Arabica. I had three months of reserved beans for my coffee maker. When I compute it was just like 150 pesos for 250 grams of ground and whole beans. Mi Goreng, their pansit canton in Indonesia, is so yummy and so affordable. I got it for like 8 pesos only and I also hoarded quite an amount :) Hihi! When I go to our supermarkets here in the Philippines it already priced 15 pesos. I still buy occasionally when I miss that sweet and spicy taste of Mi Goreng :)
All in all it was one lonesome but enjoyable 5-day trip that I would love to come back for more.(Except the traffic of course!) Props to the FX Mall as well where there is already a hotel integrated on the mall as well.    The view, the food and the shopping is great as well. I wish our booking agent has booked me there. No worries, there will always be a next time! :) Best Blogger Tips
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