MEL meets Hong Kong

It was June 2014 when I get to experience Hong Kong! My stay there is too short, like 3 days and the 2 days I have spent inside a conference. I am one of the invited speakers for the GeoSmart Summit. From there I get to meet lots of professionals who venture into our field of interest/expertise i..e Geospatial technology. For the non-technical, we're the one who study and uses high level GPS receivers and integrates it in a more complicated but equally exciting database with mapping and analysis features known as GIS (Geographic Information System). 

Given that it is my first time to speak abroad with an audience as big as this, I am very anxious. It was only after my presentation that I get to relax and feel the Hong Kong fever! Hahah!
Asia Geospatial Summit 2014 at Langham Place Hong Kong

During our 3 day stay, this has been our home - the Langham Place Hotel!

It's nice because the conference is also being held within the same hotel. The food is really great and the room is very modern and cozy. The buffet breakfast has lots to offer and I just love their croissant!  My best out of the hotels that I get to stay and visit in Indonesia and Singapore.This Langham Place is also adjacent to a mall where the goods are pricey and  the food tastes like heaven. It was there where I get to try the Singaporean laksa that I really love. The restaurant is Papaya Pok Pok, I won't forget because the name is witty :). They have big servings for their meals which compensate for the price. I love it!

My room, I must love it really! There is wi-fi inside the room. Very good view from the window and the pool is just so inviting. I must also mention my see through bathroom glass.It was my first time to have a see-t-hrough bathroom but I must say, I just love it! I feel like this is perfect for couples on their honeymoon:) Hehhe!
Langham Place Hotel at Mongkok, Hong Kong

Since we just had a very limited time to stay, we've got the best of us roaming around the streets of Mongkok for some shopping! When we arrived there on a Sunday, we just love how the street is so busy at night! There are street performers and the spirit is just so high with lights blinking on the streets!

On a regular day, people are so busy as it was just near their Mongkok train station. With my paper street map, I battled the busy streets and alleys to find for affordable steals! I get to buy affordable pasalubong shirt at a nearby tiangge. I got something like 8 shirts for 100 hongkong dollars. Converting that would just be like 60 Philippine pesos each. That was such a steal! I also packed some big Dove shampoo and lotion thrift packs for just like 500 pesos. And perhaps the best part is when I get to purchase an Esprit bag for just like 2000 pesos because it is on sale in its outlet center. It's one trusty big black leather bag that costs more than 6k here in the Philippines. Wew!

For honey, I got him a brown leather Converse Chuck Taylor for just 2000 pesos as well. Yay! I swept the entire sports street and luckily, I found what I am looking for in a thrift shop there as it was on 60% discount! Double yehey! Honey was so happy as it was a rare find here and when we checked on the same design at the malls it is priced at more than 4000 pesos! What a steal again!

Next year we're planning to bring the children to Disneyland and we'll surely have another round of shopping adventure at Hong Kong!
Streets at Mongkok and the HongKong International Airport
From the streets of Mongkok to the HongKong International Airport, I am very sure that every tourist who's up for some real shopping experience would surely love it here!

Here are the  Top 5 things that I love about my HongKong trip.

  1. My stay at the Langham Place is really first class. The see-through bathroom is for the books! The food at the buffet breakfast is sumptuous and offers real variety. The croissant is love. The hotel staff is very courteous and my things are well taken cared of.
  2. The adjacent mall at Langham Place is just but an eye candy for expensive brands! The food is also pricey but the servings are very full. Must try their food court meals and you surely would have empty plates and bowls with a full stomach after a meal.
  3. The street entertainment on Sunday nights! I love how they can be so vulnerable and just play around the blinking street lights on a weekend. The lights are really festive and the music all around makes the shopping oh so lovely!
  4. The modern look of the Hong Kong International Airport. Very clean and lovely and modern. There are also affordable chips and snacks around for some shopping before boarding :) . In fact, when we roam around, we found a small stall selling affordable leather items for half the price here in our country! If you're still up for some shopping before riding the plane, board early and roam around for some extended shopping there at Hong Kong International Airport! 
  5. The shopping! Shopping! Shopping and SALE! Wuhoo! Getting really great discounts on quality brands is the one I just so love to have as a tourist in Hong Kong. My 2k EDC bag and 2k leather Chucks is what a steal! I should've had more time for shopping and I surely got some more. 
Summing it all up, I think a three day trip is just plain injusttice for the so many things that Hong Kong can offer. By the time we go to Disneyland, I will surely allot a few more days to go back to Mongkok to shop and lurk around and get some real bang for the bucks that I get to have during my first visit! :)
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