Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

Pochi is now 18 months old.

From being my cutie patootie pochiching 9-pound baby, he's now grown to be a stunner and a real joy that lightens our house.

His every dance and pa-cute moves just makes our heart melt. He makes one really dreadful day in the office worth looking forward to. Once he starts the show and everything that's cute and playful, we just seem to forget everything and all our worries and tiresome day instantly resets back to zero.

The active him! Every changing diaper time seems like a real battle before. Imaging having him stop his play and dance just because the diaper is already full and almost leaking? I would have to lie him down for changing time and it would take quite some time to pull through the entire routine. By the time I 'm done, he's excitement's over and wala na siyang ganang sumayaw... Aww...

I am just glad that there is Huggies Dry Pants now. From being a show-stopping diaper time, I am just glad that I have this instant help to us mom who makes diaper changing EASY PEASY! Life saver for me and hassle-free for baby who don't get to lose the dancing and kulitan drive in him.

My baby boy, he's really grown to be a stunner. ( Mukha na siyang binata sa kakyutan! Sarap kurutin!)

Here's one of his terribly adorable moves huling huli on Instagram!
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I highly recommend this supper genius invention by Huggies. It was affordable and very time and life-saver for us mommies who just don't want to stop the babies drive to go and move to the max!

I just can't resist taking snapshots of Pochi's kakulitan. I know he'll grow just fastly and the next thing I know, he's all grown up and all that's left of us are just these mementos that are to be treasured not just today but for a lifetime...