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When I was young, I used to believe that my dad is "SHAIDER!"

Really. And it's my Ninang, his cousin, was ANNIE. It was only until I was on my third grade that I realized I've been such a fool to actually believe that he was such.

I remember telling my classmate , with CONVICTION, back in the 1st grade, that my dad is SHAIDER... and it's just a secret between the two of us.

Haha. Kids will always be kids. So I'm afraid that if we tell our kids that Dad is  SUPERMAN, they might actually believe so and SPREAD THE NEWS AROUND. Hahahha!

But really, being the MAN OF STEEL is actually a dream for parents like us.
If I'm SUPERMAN FOR A WEEK, I'd probably do these...

SUNDAY - Since it's the Lord's day, I'd fly my kids to Jerusalem and let them see where Jesus Christ grew up. They'd have the look and feel of the place whenever they get to read Bible stories during Sunday School.

MONDAY - FRIDAY -  FLY around the world in 5 days. Stop by PARIS' Eiffel, Time Square of NEW YORK, Angkor Wat of CAMBODIA, Mt. Fuji of JAPAN and stay the longest stop on HONGKONG Disneyland! Do everything in 5 days, squeeze all the adventure while I'm still a superhero.

SATURDAY -  Stop time. I don't want the adventure and the chance of a lifetime to just end yet.
Why oh why it has to be within just a week?

So yeah, I'd probably spend the entire week of being a Superman with my kids and hubby flying around the world and doing the best bonding time ever with them.

But in reality, I know I just don't need to be MAN OF STEEL to be my kid's superhero... 'coz everyday, with all the hard work and sacrifices we've gladly done for our kids... we knew we're their everyday superhero...

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