I'm inspired to blog because of my four trinkets of hope!

Today I'm 36 months and 6 days on the way for my third little angel... and I'm blogging!

I can't believe how time flies fastly and now I'm just counting days or even hours before I'm actually about to pop. I am even having BH contractions at this very moment I'm typing these very words. It's been almost six years and I almost forgot the awesomeness and pain of waiting for that FULL-TERM 10 cm dilation declaration of my OB. It's been almost nine months since I got the double line mark by that white plastic strip that made another milestone in my life.

I can never even imagine just how I went through all these pregnancy while having my first regular job and having to send both of my kids to school for the first time, while deciding to buy and move in to our new house and having to juggle between working, mommying, housewifeying and child-bearing and oh... BLOGGING at the same time!

It may have been a tough job to be doing different things at the same time but as long as you love what you're doing- there's no such thing as TOUGH JOB!

Amidst the everyday warfare that I have to juggle between work and home, blogging has never been a burden but a channel of blessing to me and my family!

I blog of my career and graduate school on http://gisgpsgeodesy.blogspot.com/. I blog about our church on http://www.glhcc.blogspot.com/ . I blog for my husband's whereabouts and portfolio via http://www.3d-brewery.blogspot.com/ . Then I blog about my family and my random happenings via this blog http://www.melabuel.blogspot.com/ and http://4percicassydavid.blogspot.com/ . 

I just love sharing random thoughts and most of the time getting proud of my FOUR TRINKETS OF HOPE - it's CASSY, DAVID, HONEY... and our upcoming PAUL! My blogging is my way of life, my breathing ground, my digital photo album, my random updater and my channel of hope and my inspiration for blogging are my four trinkets of hope. 

I blog because I'm inspired and I blog because of these FOUR PEOPLE!

I always thank the Lord above for giving me the bliss of being a mom to Cassy and David and our soon to pop out of the world Baby Paul. Moreover I thank God for giving me the perfect better half to share all the 11 years and more of my life together with- my honey Perci! 

They, more than anything and anyone else, give me the perfect reasons to enjoy blogging.. to enjoy working.. to enjoy living. Without them my life's purpose is null and futile. They make life all the more worthy of the good fight of faith. 

Every word,
Every story,
Every thought
Every blog...

I know I couldn't have had the inspiration to make it without YOU...
Cassy, David, Baby and Honey!