Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

We’re but a busy bee during the weekdays and so weekend is but a sacred time for us. We make sure that we make the most out of our time together with the kids. As a reward for the hard work of every week that pass us by, we always make a point to treat ourselves of some family bonding time that the kids would really treasure and remember until they grow up.

Recently, I have read how Electrolux have reinvented weekend family togetherness with a new array of appliances that  makes every family feel the HUSH OF HAPPINESS! Being one trusted brand in home and family care, it's always a saccharine thought that Electrolux made such effort to bring genuine family happiness back at home!
This powermix silent blender would surely ba a lifesaver. I can't forget how I used to manually grind my baby's puree way back 2006 just so I won't wake them by their slumber. It was such a struggle too when we have to blend fruit shakes while their daddy is having siesta...you know that sneaking out moment while daddy's sleeping and the mice are playing? Haha! Now we can surely indulge in a quiet bonding moment without having to worry of waking up the sleeping giants. This powermix silent blender would definitely complete our happiness at home!

And of course, apart from the fact that I'm about to pop in two months time so we really need to quiet while being "makulet" at home, this quiet ultra-silencer green vacuum cleaner would surely bring the comfort of house cleaning to next level. It being environmental and quiet faithful household helper is a sure refuge to an obsessive compulsive mom like me. The multiple benefits brought about by this single appliance is but an answered prayer to me. And oh, not to mention this is a sure rocker with our carwash bonding moment every weekend too. So this means less noise on the vacuum while more audible talks and bonding conversations for daddy,mommy and the kids every Sunday morning. Spell comfort and ingenuity plus happiness back at home..all at the same time!
Having one silent weekend doesn't mean it's not fun. It simply means you have more time and space to feel how special every moment you're blessed to spend together with the one closest to your heart.
We may have shared a plethora of rocking moments outdoors but what we spend within our own small space at home is but the most memorable.

Our humble abode is our own Neverland and every weekend is but a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me and my family.

... that silent sound of a relaxing ice cream weekend @home...
The taste of the chillaxing ice cream over every cone of happiness that we share is but an ounce of cure to the lonesome busy moments that we spend far away from each other during the weekdays. An ice cream weekend is but a simple gesture of love that money can’t surely buy.

It may have been the hot and tormenting battle that we have to hurdle each day, but at the end of the week… inside our own sacred space, we make sure it’s relaxingly cold and soothing knowing that we’re finally together to spend our ice cream weekends together at home.

... that quiet wait for daddy to finish the carwash @home...
We may have been mobile all day with our car engine always on the go but that hush of the water hose and sparks of water drops by our carwash moment every weekend is but a sweet music in our ears. Knowing that we’re having real fun out of the fact that we’re simply together is more than enough.
We watch daddy do the car wash, while we wait for him by the garage, talking of sweet nothings, grabbing a bite of our own taste of happiness that surely will last forever.

... that simple breakfast outdoors and still feel happiness @home...
Out of the ordinary we bring out the extraordinary. Once in a while, we take our breakfast at the park. It was a skip from the routine, a jump out of our usual selves, and a step out of our comfort zone. That’s when we really feel the happiness at home amidst the space and time, amidst any situation, amidst any circumstance. This we may not be able to do every day during regular work days, but on weekends… we know we can make it happen!

... that soothing bath for a too cool for the pool @home...
Who says inflatable pools are just for kids? The space may not be enough for us to swim but sometimes the limiting space is all we need to really make us sense every beat of happiness that our hearts echo when we’re being too cool for the pool.

... those all smiles no noise board games and plays @home...
We know that we’re forever young when with our kids. We play like grade school best friends. Board games, soldier toys, game cards and pogs or play jack-en-poy. We make sure we never miss the childhood fun… simple, quiet, and yet full of colorful memories.

We transcend any age gap when we spend our bonding times with the kids. We play as if we’re still so young at heart and we do things together as if we’re just barkadas doing a pajama party late at night. Our own sacred space is our house from which we promise to engrave all the good, quiet and worth cherishing moments until we grow old… TOGETHER!

... those camera takes that needs no sound to come alive @home...
Weekend is our moment of hiatus. It’s a moment of break from the busy and noisy world outside. One of our favorite quiet bonding routine is cam-whoring before bedtime. We do this religiously and we surely never ran out new faces to make in front of the camera lens.

The smiles and faces are enough for us to fill the 14 hours of being away from each other every day. Every click of the shutter is but the sound that filled the gap and we know that we’re already connected once we see our happy faces by the monitor screen.

... those weekend slumber at a rather odd place @home...
And yeah, weekends just don’t have to be glamorously expensive or loud to make it rock. A simple siesta by the roof is all it takes for us to feel the pleasure of having a home to house all our happiness together… not just for a day but for as long as we’re blessed enough to live and love!

Mommy and Daddy are always out for work on weekdays and even on Saturdays  for Daddy... that's why we make it a point to spend our Sundays (and holidays)  with them ..go to church, eat out, stroll and play at the park...that means so much to them, and for us too! Me and Perci always wish we will always have time for bonding moments like this...'coz we know it's not the quantity but the quality of time we have for them that really counts...