4th Philippine KPOP Convention

This year, everything KOREAN ROCKED AND POPPED the Philippine scene, the world and even the entire universe!

From Korean gadgets and cars, to Korean noodles and ice creams, to Koreanovelas, to Korean space satellites and that of the ever-famous PSY and everything that’s KPOP - almost all facets of life has some touch of Korean in it nowadays.

For some touch of Korean magic, let me share this post as also my means of thanksgiving before 2012 finally come to an end. 

This 2012, part of our biggest blessing is our purchase of another Korean car. We had a Daewoo racer last year as our first faithful ride and this year, we have have never left the Korean car craze and got ourselves the latest Kia Rio sedan.

We knew we couldn't have been more than blessed and can't help but be more thankful for such a sweet surprise especially for my kids on our every bonding weekend.

Now this year too, we got hold of some cool gadgets that has some Korean influence too!

For the love of anything that's nice and Korean, I can't adamantly forget how this KPOP rocked my little daughter’s birthday last year. I owe it to her fave 2NE1! I can’t believe how my daughter had really adored Sandara Park of 2NE1 and how she has always worn that signature 2NE1 hand signal for her every profile pic. 

She has literally affected us in every way… and look at us now, we’re KPOP converts already!

Back then, we were just letting our lungs out when we finally got into the 2NE1 concert. Time and fate connived and we got ourselves three VIP tix to grace our little girl’s 5th Birthday last June 04, 2011. There’s nothing more worthy of every spend than to see our little Cassy’s eyes glittering and seeing her fave girl group perform before her very eyes.

This year, someone Korean that launched a billion Youtube hits! So came Psy who made the whole world rock with his Gangnam Style! Reaching 1Billion++ hits in Youtube is no mere fancy sign of fame and real authority. He just had his own version of fame that ought to shine the pop culture’s HALL OF FAME!

Oh yeah, there’s no stopping KPOP from really hopping into the limelight and invading the wishful heart of this new generation of KPOP fanatics.

And just before we finally bid goodbye to the glorious year this 2012 had been, we know that the Korean invasion is still FAR FROM OVER! This December 29, 2012 at PICC Forums 1-3, let all the KPOP fanatic RE-UNITE for the 4th time around! 

Thanks to Globe, Ponds, Standard Appliances , Liole and Basic House for making this event possible. 

I just can’t help but bring the good news to my dear daughter when I learned of the news. She was like dancing to the beat of E-E! E-E-E! E-E! 2-N-E-1!

This year will cause the major paradigm shift, much like the anticipated eclipse of the milky way galaxy and the solar system that could have suspected the world’s end, when F.Cuz and and A.Cian stardom will finally align in a single fateful night!

F.Cuz, popularized by their “Jiggy” hit has never left the wishful hearts and lips of our young people here and everywhere. It must’ve been the matinee idol type that that we used to have way back in our generation. The music, the fashion, the looks… everything was a perfect concoction for a brand new potion that melted the heart of every girl’s heart. This year, they are rocking the 4th KPOP Convention and their mere appearance would surely be jaw-dropping and yeah, lung-exhausting just as we did last year!

A.cian, a hybrid of  “Ace of Asia” and “Musician” has truly STUCKed in the hearts of every KPOP fangirl! The fancy blink of lights, the spiky blondes, the chinky eyes and the rocking techno groove of their Pop music has been far from ordinary. Every performance reminds me of our generation’s Westlife and Back Street Boys.

And oh, I just can’t help but be amazed on how fast paced our lives has been. I’m looking now through the looking glass of the pages in my youthful days right now. Just as how life seemed absurdly fast with the whirlwind of these  generation shifts and so is the inarguably same pattern of fandom and benevolence to every generation’s genre…The music and the looks may have changed but the same old groove is there to stay.  I’m a bit older , say groovy now! I used to really love my dad dancing to the STEPS’ hits before while he used to sing his Nat King Cole hits. Now my daughter would be calling me groovy this time around as I get heaped up with the beat of A.cian’s “STUCK” and F.Cuz “Jiggy” as she used to hear me rock with “Get down” and “Macarena” in our compact discs before.   

And apart from the groove and the pop rocked into one package of real entertainment on the 4th KPOP Convention this December 21st, I am more than pleased and really can’t help but get excited on the proceeds of the event. Turned out that this one will benefit another ground-breaking for Gawad Kalinga and another feline or pup of PAWS.

What’s more fulfilling is to have some taste of entertainment for a bigger cause. It’s fun and charity rolled into one that made the Philippine KPOP Convention more worthy of every support...

More power and see you as history unveils and truly come to happen once again on December 29th for this year's KPOP Convention! Merry Christmas and advance Happiest New Year ever!