Get To Know Perxclub

My wallet is my shopping swiss-knife! When I get to choose one, I make sure it's BIG ENOUGH to contain all my coins, paper bills, ballpen, receipts, CELLPHONE, 1x1 and 2x2 pictures (huh?, yeah I honestly have like 4 each), IDs and all my LOYALTY CARDS all stuffed inside my BIG-BULKY and EVER-RELIABLE 6"x 4" WALLET!And Oh! If I can just fit in an eco bag inside it for every shopping day, I could've done so.

But nah! There were moments that you just want to shop lightly...

When all you want to do is just to bring your car-key, debit card and a single-all-purpose-LOYALTY/DISCOUNT card and you're ready to go! Good thing there's this Perxclub that offers just about the perfect and ingenious solution to everyone's shopping needs!

Here are the reasons why Perxclub perfectly fits ME (and yes... YOU TOO!):

         When I came tidying my wallet of receipts for my business expense limit, I just realized, I have almost full-packed it's card slot with discount and loyalty cards. So apart from TIN, PRC, company and school ID plus two debit cards, these PVCs are putting all the bulk in my wallet all-in. As much as I want to eliminate extra weight and bulk in my ever-reliable piece of treasure, I know I just can't adamantly get away with DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS!

It's very timely that Perxclub came to save the day! The Philippines' first and only digital customer rewards mobile app offers the ultimate loyalty card integrator with all the perks and plus in a single one-time-big-time virtual discount card! With it I don't have to bring any physical discount card anymore but still enjoy the convenience and luxury of my discounts right at my very phone. Now that's what you call PERX!
2. Perxclub is a FREE mobile app! 
       When almost everything in this world has an equivalent monetary value... even the scarcest commodity like love and happiness just got to have a price... I'm glad I still get to cross upon some FREE and USEFUL stuff like Perxclub! I just remembered how pissed-off I am when I have to buy a reward-card for a free Wi-Fi access plus rebate promo at a coffee shop. It was really pricey but I know I just got to give in because I have to access the web from my laptop right then. So yeah, I'll just make sure I get all the rebates that I can have since I technically PAID for it in advance. Good thing again that this Perxclub offers the same luxury and value for money in a mobile app that's offered for FREE! With a plethora of merchants to choose from, getting this Perxclub app is truly WIN-WIN! Now that's what you call PERX!

3. Perxclub gives out REWARDS to its LOYAL customers!
       While loyalty is a product of good service and excellent product, it's always an added factor when customers get value for their money out of rewards and rebates. I personally keep points and stamps no matter how small the amount is. Being a mom, frugality in every bit of situation is a must! My husband would always tell me that A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED and that served as our living mantra since then. So to live up to our life rule, I make it a point to find the most affordable deals that would offer us the best deals in terms of quality and quantity for my family. I am glad there's a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL loyalty card like Perxclub! If you go browsing by its partner merchants page at the Perxclub website via http://www.perxclub.com, there's a plethora of categories to choose from like beverage, restaurant, shop, services, snacks and dessert. I'm sure there's a lot more to come! Now that's what you call PERX!

4. Perxclub is so EASY TO USE! 
       Three steps - download app, earn stamps then redeem rewards. EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE. As easy as that. What more can you ask for? Now that’s what you call PERX!

5. Perxclub is integrated with my SOCIAL NETWORK! 
      Part of the ease of use feature is its integration with Facebook. Who in this world doesn’t have a Facebook account yet? So in a sense, it’s like hitting all those pigs in one angry bird throw. You don’t have to take the hassle of signing up and having some account verification thereafter. Though you may opt to use your e-mail instead of your Facebook account, it is still very much encouraged that you do since you can do a whole lot more with this option. There are games that you can play along with your Perxclub app and you can also get to invite your friends as well. It was unleashing the power of social media and technology while you get all the perks at the comfort of your own mobile phone. You may visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PerxClub for exciting promos and exciting rewards! And oh! To get more updates of the latest rewards and freebies from your favorite brands, follow them on Twitter too https://twitter.com/perxclub !  Now that’s what you call PERX!

6. Perxclub has WIDE-ARRAY OF MERCHANTS to indulge into! 
       I and my family just got to have weekend bondings as a form of unwinding and rewarding ourselves for the hardwork and stress at work during weekdays. We dine, we play, we eat ice cream and then we shop for our needs. I am quite surprise to find Ink-All-You-Can there! The Perxclub discount will surely be of big cut to our budget since the kids tend to overuse our printer with an everyday bulk of printing demand for their homework. Oh well! Not to mention our fave dining places like BonChon, Wendy’s, Chatime and many more. That’s indulgence to the next level. Now that’s what you call PERX!

 7. Perxclub is the future of SHOPPING TECHNOLOGY!- 
Say goodbye to paper and PVC discount cards and enjoy your perks via the QR codes generated at the comfort of your own mobile phone. What I like about GCs and PVC discount cards along with my debit card while shopping is that I can transact cashless. That way I know I don’t have to worry on bringing more cash hence increasing the risk of theft or simple lost or short of cash. With the Perxclub, I know I would get to indulge more while being environmental at the same time. So say goodbye to paper coupouns and PVC discount cards. Now you don’t have to physically confuse yourself which card to bring or use plus conserve on using up paper and plastic for those reward cards. The pervasiveness of this ubiquitous technology harness and exemplified by this one genius app called Perxclub has also gone environmental. Hitting two pigs again in one angry bird throw. Now that’s what you call PERX!

8. Perxclub offers FLEXIBILITY, FAME and FUN all at the SAME TIME! 
Did you know that five day after its launch, it has already been on the top 5 donwloaded lifestyle app in the AppStore? Soon it will be unleashed in Android handsets too! That means wider coverage, more customers, more discounts.. more PERX! Don’t be left behind. This Perxclub offers flexibility, fame and fun all at the same time! Now that’s what you call PERX!

9. Perxclub is all about PERKS! PERKS! PERKS! 
Now that’s the price of LOYALTY in a virtual reward card! Need I say more? Now that’s what you call PERX!
10. <Insert yours here!>
(There surely is so much more… but I believe your own set of goodies and perks that you’ll get for being part of Perxclub begs to be included in this list. Experience the PERX too and see for yourself!)

I am a student/ engineer/ church worker/ blogger/ working mom and multi-tasking is my name of the game... I am glad there's a multi-purpose yet ultimately FREE app that does the same technology... This means shopping and restaurant hopping with all the PERX on the side ... for me and my FAMILY!