I wish to have some time for the kids instead...

I am a MOM and being one is surely not as easy as plotting all my plans in Autocad and having the blueprint in a large format printer ready for mass production and, in our case, land subdivision, consolidation, relocation, resurvey or land title transfer. I am a Geodetic Engineer and also a MOM and I deserve some wardrobe treats from Howards Storage World and Dainty Mom.

I am an Engineer and a Mom while being a student, blogger and church worker at one. I never thought juggling between both worlds could’ve been atrociously hard… but yeah, I’m up to the challenge, I may be on the verge but giving up has never been part of our MOM’s CREDO. (Uh! I think there should be one.)

Something that goes like this.

1. I will be a MOM no matter what it takes.

2. I will be a MOM even if it would deprive me of my precious remaining 3-hour sleep at night just to go over my kids’ homework and class projects.

3. I will be a MOM even if I have to slash off my coveted budget for a new pair of shoes in place of my kids’ field trip.

4. I will be a MOM even if I have to wash the dishes after continuously facing the computer and taking a 5-hour typing task. (PASMA IS NOT AN OPTION!)

5. I will be a MOM even if I have to stay awake all night and have to fan the kids(and hubby) during a night-long brownout.

6. I will be a MOM even if I have to stop working during the last term of my pregnancy and stay a bit longer at home after that.

7. I will be a MOM even if I know I will still be FAT long after my pregnancy.

8. I will be a MOM even if I have to stop my late night gigs or date after work with husband just to stay longer with the kids.

9. I will be a MOM even if I have to constantly fix and re-fix our oblivious wardrobe cabinet and stuff at home during weekends or even late at night after work.


Being a mom has never been a simple battle but it surely is the most rewarding. The bliss of seeing your kids smile every time you come home. The happiness of looking at them closely while they are sleeping is a day saver. The spark in their eyes when they learn new discoveries when you’re together seems to lighten up the day. The excitement in their face when you get to bring home a humble piece of reward after they got a STAR in their hands or a VERY GOOD in an exam is as humbling and truly captivating sight. The enjoyment while inside a carousel ride, as if you’re kids too, when you go out for an amusement ride… and then headed towards their fave food store is just as promising and worth cherishing. The joy, the love, the peace of being a FULL-PLEDGED MOM… it’s overwhelming and simply IRREPLACEABLE.

Being a working mom… every moment with my kids is just PRECIOUS. If I could save  a few more hours of my time during weekend spent on folding our atrocious wardrobe cabinet and redoing the fixing of our office and school stuff… I surely would have it spent playing with my kids instead.

I am a self-confessed obsessive compulsive. I live in peaceful coexistence with my stuff at home, school and work as long as they are arranged in perfect rows and colums just like my matrix problems way back in college. When I see things arranged in queue, I see harmony and see the headache HALF SOLVED. The 50% is left for the problem on deciding to take some time for rest, stay and play with kids or fixing other messy things inside the house that begs to be organized and put in their proper ‘rows and columns'.

I deserve some Space Bags from Howards Storage and Dainty mom because I am a frugal and sentimental MOM. As much as possible, I don’t want to throw things especially if those are bought from our hardly-earned money. I’ll use the space bags to store Cassy and David’s toys and bring them a week before their birthdays or during Christmas. I pack them all back after a few months so they would still long for it and be more excited to see a big package of such bunch of toys. With that Space Bags, I can preserve the toys while saving money without having to buy new ones and still making my kids happy after unpacking their new-old toys again. J

I deserve some Easi Store underbed shoe box from Dainty Mom and Howards Storage because I am an IMELDIFIC MOM. Oh, I call it “reward for the self” for being hardworking and spendthrift J I save for shoes because I see real value in someone’s looks when she’s packaged with a pretty pair of shoes. I love that I can preserve it’s beauty with such Howard storage underneath our wooden bed. It’s a sure space saver too so the space devoted to our layered shoe rack can be transformed as another space for the kids to play around J.

Oh the Faux Feather Jewelry Tray from Howards Storage and Dainty Mom is a sure day-saver for a professional like me. I love that I can organize my accessories in a beautiful manner with such Feather Tray. With that I can save time by looking around the perfect piece to match my attire by just looking at this fashionably designed jewelry tray.

The allure earring organizer from Dainty Mom and Howards Storage World just begs to replace my rather lousy nifty jewelry box. I collect fancy earrings and it would surely be a pleasure if I can see them stocked in piles and be more easily accessible everytime I need them.

And so much more… I can’t wait to have them  laid down in our wardrobe cabinet for some weekend pleasure that would not just save me time on organizing but also prettify our age-old closet. This closet of ours is almost as old as our eldest daughter. We never buy unless it’s truly dilapidated or destroyed by termites. So if I could win instead of buying and strip our budget that can hardly make both ends meet… that would surely be a big help to us. 

The handbag holder, the over the door hook, the 20-pack hanger, the diamond drawer organizer, the trouser racks… those are just lust to my eyes whenever we go shopping by Edsa Shang. And if I get to have the chance to win it, that would be an early gift for our 123rd month together (for hubby and me.) on the 11th. Yes we do celebrate each month… and 123 is really special so it ought to be really big… J  

I am a FRUGAL, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE and LOVING MOM who wishes to transform my time fixing and organizing my family's wardrobe and need into a weekend bonding moment that would surely count. For us, it's not the quantity but the quality time we have for the kids that really counts.