Just another Pyramid Scam

I got a text from a friend asking if I know someone who needs an extra income 10 - 12k per month for a US based company. She mentioned that their director needs part-time employee 2 - 3 hours per day for an offline/online advertising company. Sounds familiar but since I am into blogging who somehow earns part time online through advertising and the one who contacted me has a pretty good credential for she's a fellow engineer and scholar at UP, I got interested and decided to pass by their office at Enterprise Center, Ayala Avenue, Makati... but yeah, that one was so good to be true. It turned  out to be just another pyramiding scam like the stigmatic First Quadrant .  This time it's food supplement product line that they are "fronting", masked with the company named USANA.

So just to warn someone else who came across this same "ELUSIVE" offer which will eventually turn out to be another multi-level marketing (MLM)/ pyramiding SCAM which will waste 3 hours of your precious time or more, I wrote this blog for the record.

I know for sure that most of the people who will be reading this or reaching this page is either one of the following:

1. You must have reached this because you are googling and researching for information about this 10 -12k part-time income from a US based company working 2-3 hours per day. ( I have also been interested about this AD posted in some public transportation which I bet is just the same FALSELY-ADVERTISED, MONEY-MAKING SCHEME.)

2. You must have reached this because of USANA. You either said 'NO' to their offer initially but still thinking about it or to boost your self-esteem and thank yourself for being a bit critical and not giving in to their ELUSIVE dream package offer.

3. OR yeah, you've been caught in the TRAP and said yes to USANA, vouched your hardly-earned money and trying to figure out how to negate all the accusations held against your MONKEY BUSINESS and try to earn your investment back.

So here are their marketing schemes of USANA or UHS (USANA Health Service) that irritated me a lot.

1. Invite you to visit their office. Won't tell you anything about their business until you're on the last 30 minutes of your tour. I was like being toured all around, waiting for their 'director' to arrive who will explain the whole job description to me.

2. The non-directors/ recruiters starts with the introduction of their company using the frames on their office wall. It seemed like a manufacturing and pharmaceutical company to me. My friend is an industrial engineer so I thought she's really a good fit to the job.

3. She showed me the website which seems legitimate.

4. What started bothering me are the crowd of people gathered around tables going through conversations with an iPad as the table centerpiece. They must have been boasting some sense of 'elite-effect', trying to hide some fishy schemes from their first-time visitors, with such set-up. I was suspecting but I still gave everyone a benefit of a doubt.

5. We went downstairs again because she told me that the director has not yet arrived and so she just toured me around. We went to a cafe where everyone seems to be of the same set-up as that of their office upstairs. She introduced me to their 'colleagues'... first is a CPA 'daw' who resigned from work and decided to work full-time because of the very promising income. Next is an Interior Designer from UP daw who seemed to fool me by praising me so much. This is odd because people from UP don't normally do that. LOL! I was introduced that I'm an engineer from UP and currently taking up my masters for engineering -also at UP. She began praising me and telling things like UP and others, Diliman and others, Engineering and others... which is yeah, not a typical notion of people on the 'others' side of the fence. I know she's trying harder to win me but no, I honestly don't buy that.

6. Last stop is a food-court upstairs where the same set-up of people can be seen all around. This time I felt like entering a den of lions ready to devour me anytime. I was calm and managed to smile at everyone being introduced to me. Three people did the talk which seemed to be just a casual conversation. The three seemed to have the same structured speech... they start with their "past" profession, describe their nature of work is somehow complicated that their company won't run without them, tell you they decided to resign from work by comparing their income before from what they are earning now. And here are my impressions on them and some message for them too.

To the CPA who gave a short introduction:

The CPA who started with "kumikita lang ako ng 25,000, maliit lang, ok na ba yun? I said "ok na yun." Then she followed up "25,000 per week." I thought- duh! The air ha! People who earn much higher that yours refuse to even say they are earning as much. You had just set your first impression that would truly last. So to that CPA daw of ACE hardware who introduced herself as someone so SKEPTIC and ANALYTIC and WISE, please naman, you're claiming that you're one of the professionals in this business, why do this or why be fooled by this? You know that this is a mere taking advantage of your down lines. You're earning while others are suffering. You know the hairline difference between a job and a profession is that professionals work with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY while the other would plainly work for money. So how could you even flaunt that you're a professional if you participate in fooling around like an UNPROFESSIONAL...shame on you.

To the Industrial Engineer who introduced USANA products:

This Industrial Engineer who made all the talking and speaking as if he's a medical professional. He was the one I hated the most. His presentation is a seemingly colorful display of abstract ideas that he himself doesn't know anything about. I asked him how could people believe you if you're speaking of medical terms and selling pharmaceutical products when you're not even part of the field. He made a segue by asking me if I was already born engineer, of course I wasn't, but I learned from it. So same way goes with him. Duh! You've been trained just for weeks and flaunt that you're as good or even better than medical practitioners? He even boasts of prescribing doses of their products to diabetic patients...(the hell, are you a doctor?) He said he doesn't believe in doctors anymore because the doctors haven't healed his mom of colon cancer. He's an advocate of alternative medicine daw. My impression, I think he's talking just to convince his own self because in reality he looks like a young boy, trying harder to earn money by recruiting and taking advantage of innocent people. My message to him is simple, please don't tell me that I need to eat a tree of malunggay 'EVERYDAY' just to complete my dietary requirement of malunggay nutrients because even though I have a limited background on health and nutrition... I can blatantly say that that is PLAIN STUPID! I bet you won't even believe that is true, but said it otherwise because it's your job. Do your own research too. Please naman.

To the IT Professional who explained about the PYRAMIDING Multi-level marketing scheme.

So lastly, the IT Professional who worked in Ayala Malls, who was introduced with a higher level of learning because he's a CISCO professional. First off, I don't care, nextly, I don't think being a CISCO professional even made you more credible of discussing pyramiding. But yeah, you personally know of First Quadrant and even made horrible remarks on the company which made you richer by taking advantage of people on your down line, so what more to expect. He was the last one to talk, did all the explanation on how you could earn of different means...emphasizing most on the left and right downline PYRAMIDING. Oh well, you worked in the same scam before, fooled other people by giving them false hopes of DREAMS that you yourself know is impossible to reach by working clean. Same old dirty trick won't win you your soul so please do us a favor by not including us in your circle or PYRAMID of friends/recruits Lastly, please don't reiterate that "honestly" you don't care if I get in or not... because in reality "ALL OF YOU HONESTLY AND GREEDILY DO!"

So what makes USANA a scam? I'll just go quote some online resources perhaps. 

Scamwatch.gov.au  enumerates the warning signs that is very much evident with this company.

Warning signs

  • You are offered a chance to join a group, scheme, program or team where you need to recruit new members to make money.
  • The scheme involves offers of goods or services of little or doubtful value that serve only to promote the scheme (such as information sheets).
  • There is a big up-front cost to pay for large quantities of goods.
  • There are no goods or services being offered for sale by the scheme.
  • The promoter makes claims like ‘this is not a pyramid scheme’ or ‘this is totally legal’.

 Thesmallcompanyblog also gave out 9 hints which you yourself in USANA could've possibly been into. You probably paid for your training. You probably know the owner/scientist by his name, but never really seen him on any conference. Your meetings must've been elusively littered with statements that can be "hardly" verified. She earned dollars, thousand of dollars and more but the veracity of such claims are still questionable. And lastly, that most of the praise you're getting is coming from the people in your market than from your own family.

So if you see the resemblance, I am hoping you'll jump into the most conscientious decision that could probably save you a future, an honest circle of friends and could even save your soul.

Anyways, I found a good resource about this company via http://www.usanawatchdog.blogspot.com. The wealth of information is very helpful especially the points on their reference material kown as Nutrirional Supplements which turned out that the authors are actually part of USANA. This only goes to show how they have been so biased with your products. So to that Industrial Engineer turned alternative medicine convert who tried to OVER-MARKET USANA products, please do your research to prove all your claims before trying to convince other people as well.

This may have been so long of a read but I'd surely waste just a few hours of my time writing (in addition to 3 hours I've wasted yesterday) to warn the people that could've possibly been wandering around either looking for job, looking for a cure for their disease or just about doing a research on USANA or any pyramid scheme disguised as Multi-level marketing. And honestly, I don't buy schemes that would work by trashing other companies out and seemingly saying they are the best when in fact they are produced of the same garbage with much trash talking.

The earning-scheme in USANA.
So if USANA is a true pharma-based food supplement company that offers cure to CANCER OR DIABETES and the like...why disguise yourself in a pyramid scam that is proven WICKED and ILLEGAL ever since.


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  1. I reaaaaally love your bitchy side comments (No offense meant) gusto ko lang magkaroon ng idea kung ano ba ang nasa loob ng usana. same lang pala ang style nila like other mlm companies. definitely hindi na ako magjojoin here. haha.

  2. BTW, any news dun sa friend mo kung kumita ba sya sa Usana?

  3. MLM is not a scam, and USANA is just another form of MLM. networking din to. there's nothing wrong with networking, its just another way of selling the product without advertising or consignmen which is the reason why mataas ang compensation plan coz walang binabayarang ads, consignment and other expenses, sa distributor/retailer/consumer deretso ang product.
    I'm not from USANA, but i know some people who joined, some of them succeed, some didnt make it. If you think, selling is one of your forte plus you know a lot of people, and ur good in presenting the scheme & products, matyaga, masipag, then u can succeed, before u earn the compensation, it will take a lot of effort. before u join assess urself first, if u are ready to take the challenges, magugutom ka, mapupuyat, pagdududahan na mga taong nasa paligid mo, then kaya mo ang magtrabaho sa USANA. if indi naman, then dont join coz for sure u will stop din. if u dont want to join, then dont join, at the end of the day , its u who will decide naman

  4. sad to say they're now recruiting doctors, nurses, health practitioners and the like. dahil sa baba ng sweldo dito sa pilipinas, nagsalihan na sila.

  5. omg! I'm a Registered Nurse here in the Phil. Lucky I had the guts to background check the company first. And now I've come to my decision not to join in any networking company. I don't have the ability to persuade others. Especially people who earns hard money. Thank you so much for the information ,very well said. Good luck! God Bless!

  6. Thank God, I joined Usana! :) Nakalaya na ako sa corporate- "PYRAMID" (President > Vice Presidents > Managers > Supervisors > Employees) scheme. :D

  7. A friend i haven't heard from for a long time is asking me to participate in his 'project' which he won't specify but asked me when i can go to Enterprise Center at 8pm in the evenings except Monday. I suspected an MLM company so I Googled MLM and Enterprise Center and came across tjis article. Could my friend be inviting me to a USANA talk?