How I fell in love with my husband for the nth time... and still counting

While long and lasting relationships have been a scarce commodity these days... I'm glad I'm enjoying the privilege to spend it with my one true love... since 5th Grade til I'm past 25... and counting.

Our love story is a long and winding road that lead nowhere else but on a pot of gold after a rainbow that shone after a torrential rain. Yes, it has been a series of togetherness and breaking apart and back together again that we have to hurdle until we have finally knitted the pieces of love story that would be a perfect candidate for an MMK episode.

After 10 long years, we are made stronger and better. I just can't believe how good God is to both of us. Finding the perfect formula to a long and lasting relationship has never been deciphered yet but I have some tried and tested tips on getting the most out of your marriage and making it WORK!

1. Keep your communication lines open. - We're always the talker type. We never ran out of stories together. We even bother sleeping late at night or even early morning just talking about everything under the sun. I always seem to miss him when I'm at work. I'd constantly call, text or even give him a buzz on chat.We discuss on good news but also on the not so good. We handle finances like business partners. We tactfully treat our kids' manners in a heart to heart conversation over a cup of coffee. I say I'm blessed with a good conversationalist husband and I'm so thankful of that. Whatever risk you have to take in your decision making as a family... it's always better and more reliveing that the decision was MUTUAL.

2. Send him roses on Valentines Day. - Call it mushy but yes, I'm a hopeless romantic really. I can't forget how he reacted on chat when he received a bouquet of flowers at his office this Valentines Day. He was so proud and even envied the single ladies around him that time. It was when we skip out of the ordinary, defy stereotypes and offer unexpected surprises to our special one that they feel they are MORE LOVED BY US. 

3. Celebrate every month of togetherness. - We're past our 10th year but we never fail to greet each other a happy monthsary every 11th of the month. We're now on our 123rd and still counting. We date as if we're dating for the first time. We prepare as if it's a big event. We celebrate as if it will be forever. It is when we count the days and weeks and month of togetherness that we know we're still farther from FOREVER... but yeah, we're 123 months down... NTH MONTH TO GO... 'TIL IT'S FOREVER MY HONEY!

4. Fall in love over and over again. - I fell with him since fifth grade. We parted and stayed as best friends until we graduated in high school. We even lived separate lives and weaved our own relationships that we never knew we'll find each other back. We never knew that the feeling was just MUTUAL. We talk of our separate love lives then... but we never knew both of us were hurting as we listen to each other stories. We laugh as we talk overnight and reminisce on how fickle our fate had been. If not for a final note before our parting ways on our High school graduation... we never could've been together once again... 

 5. Support him in his endeavors - My husband has been a born enthusiast. He goes on crazy fad from guitars, to computers, to tamiyas, to Yo-yos. We've been together for more than 10 straight years and we never could've stayed together that long if we never supported each other's trips. From hobbies to his career shift from Computer Scientist to a full pledged 3D motion graphic designer turned 3D animator, I have always been there to tap his back and support him. Likewise, he has always been as supportive from my decision to go back to school after  a 2 year hiatus. He stayed overnight with me on reports and even on the night before I took my board exams he was there. I couldn't have made it on top without him. He offered full support when I took my masters up to this point that I'm embarking a new notch on my career for a management post. Supporting each other was by far our greatest strength and I'm more than thankful of that. 

The falling in love, the crazy stories, the priceless memories.. can't be more explicitly told by this Facebook note that I have posted for HIM on our 100th month together:

dear "crush" on our 100th month together....

Nung mag-boyfriend palang tayo, halos buong araw magkasama tayo. Lahat ng lakad, lahat ng kilos, lahat ng oras... magkasama tayo. Naging magkamukha na nga raw tayo eh.   

Ngayon, kung kelan mag-asawa na tayo, mas kumonti oras na kasama kita. Sa gabi darating ako, konting oras na lang, tulugan na. Sa umaga naman, antok pako, papasok ka na. Sa trabaho naman, bihira naman tayo makapag-chat manlang. Parehas na tayo busy.  Bonding moment nalang natin sa simbahan , tuwing Sabado at Linggo. Atleast doon, magkasama tayo - nang mas matagal.    

Pero sa pang-100 na 11th day of the month after May 11, 2002... first time, na monthsary date, di na lang tayong dalawa. Me mga sabit na. Yung dalawang makukulit nating chikiting.     Nag-playground, kumain at namalengke. Simple lang. Pero Ibang klaseng date yun. Ibang klaseng araw yun. Mas masaya, mas memorable.

Nung pauwi na tayo, habang nagd-drive ka, ako naman sa tabi mo at mga bata sa back seat,naisip ko, Sabado - September 11, 2010 – pang 100 monthsary natin. Nag-date tayo with the kids. Sa iba nakakatawa yun. “Anu daw, monthsary? Sine-celebrate pa ba yun? Diba pag lampas isang taon, anniversary nalang?” Hahaha.. oo nga naman. Feeling mag-boyfriend parin daw tayo. Oo naman, feeling mag-boyfriend parin. Crush parin kaya kita.
- Tuwing bagong gising ka- pupungas pungas pa.
- Tuwing hawak mo ang manibela at sakay mo kami ni cassy at david.
- Tuwing naglilinis ka ng kotse .
- Tuwing nag-iiskala ka habang tumutugtog ng gitara .
- Tuwing lumalabas dimples mo pag naka-smile ka.
- Tuwing pinapanood ko kayo habang naghaharutan kayo ng mga kids.
- Tuwing sinusubuan mo ng pagkain si david at cassy.
- Tuwing tinuturuan moko mag-troubleshoot sa computer. Sabi ko pa “I'm not stupid honey.”
- Tuwing nagt-tricks ka sa yoyo.
- Tuwing kinukwentuhan moko tungkol sa mga bago mong nababasa sa bible, parts ng kotse,parts ng computer,  sa gitara, sa music theory, sa 3D, sa animation, sa pyramids of egypt at mga aliens.
- Tuwing puma-punchline ka sa mga jokes na narinig mo lang sa bus na sinakyan mo nung     umaga.
- Tuwing sinasamahan moko mamili ng shoes at dress ko.
- Tuwing lumalabas ka sa fitting room pag nagsusukat ka ng  damit.
- Tuwing naka-towel ka lang pagkatapos maligo, kahit malaki tyan mo at may baby fats ka sa bewang.
- Tuwing pawis na pawis ka pagkatapos mo mag push-up.- Tuwing excited ako makita ka sa “dating tagpuan” para mag date. As if di ko alam kung ano suot mo nung umalis ka nung umaga.

Masarap lang isipin pagkatapos ng 100 buwan, crush parin kita. Noon boyfriend lang kita, kasama sa lakad, kasama sa kalokohan, kasama sa saya at dramahan. Pero ngayon, pagkatapos ng 100 buwan, kasama parin kita sa mga lakad, sa kalokohan, sa saya at dramahan... at higit sa lahat, kasama kita sa pagbuo ng isang masayang pamilya.

Paglipas ng panahon, lilipas din ang emosyon, matatapos ang “crush”, matatapos ang saya at kulitan... pero ang pangakong mananatili ako sa tabi mo, di lilipas... gaya ng linya ng madramang theme song natin... “I will be true, to the promise I have made, to you and to the One who gave you to me....I WILL BE HERE.”

Now we're past our first decade together... exactly two weeks from now, we're stepping into our 123rd lunaversary. We have surpassed a plethora of tormenting rains and overcame all the challenges that distance and time proved us worthy of still being together- NO MATTER WHAT, WHATEVER IT TAKES... WE WILL BE HERE- ever together!

Cheers to all the hopeless romantics, those who chose to battle the barrier of time and space just to be together, those who never ran out of reasons to fall in love... and ultimately to those who has always kept the FIRE BURNING, BRIDGED THE GAP and SENT THEIR LOVENOTES... not on a bottle but on a BANGONG PADALA by Downy and Tide... Saludo ako sa inyo!

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  1. you made my sun shine in many mornings... i will and forever will be HERE :)

    1. you will and we'll forever be...TO INFINITY AND BEYOND dear!

  2. Ang sweet ng love story nyo and its good that the charm of boyfriend and girlfriend is still there even now as husband and wife and kids. More power!!!

    1. I call him CRUSH too :) I go kilig as I see him ... as if I met the boy next door way back our elementary days :)thanks for dropping by franc :)

  3. awww so sweet!! I'm still single at mid 30's.. kelan kaya ako makakahanap ng true love?? haha.. idol ko na kayo! hope to have a relationship like yours.. ;)

    1. yours will surely come vivi... on a perfect time and place:)

  4. Wow! That is just soooo sweet sis... Thanks for sharing your tips. I'm not that romantic and we both tend to forget our monthsaries, even anniversaries. LOL But hey let's see, we'll have to start this August hahahaha... I admire you both! More power! =)

    1. thanks sis cheska. The celebration is more of an icing on the cake.. understanding and commitment is what makes the most of the package really.

  5. this is super sweet! <3 so lucky for you to have found your true love on a very young age and still together. appreciated your tips. ive been with my bf (now fiance) for 7 years now and i havent given him roses. i think i should do it on our 8th anniversary :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

    1. gow lang roviedear... everyday is an opportunity to renew each vow:) I have watched the vid endlessly and still admire those who battled time and space just to be together. They are even more worth the admiration I guess :)

  6. And sweet naman ng story na to. kaka-inspire. At yung last video, nakaka-touch naman. Mahirap talga ang malayo sa mahal sa buhay :(

    1. yeah that's a must watch. I almost cried while watching their stories.

  7. Wow. Since 5th grade?! That is amazing. Haha. Congratulations for surviving it all :)

    1. We've survive the torrential rains... and the odds are forever in our favor. Lakas din maka-hunger games ng lovelife.:)

  8. I'm very happy for you Melanie ,because you found someone that truly loves you ,,with no regrets,,..

  9. this is just so sweet. i hope to find a special someone who will be there for the both of us such as this one. i hope to have a very special love story as well. oh well, i will have to wait for now. :D i have other priorities. hihi

    thanks for sharing your wonderful story. you are indeed perfect match for each other.

  10. This post is so sweet! You two are so lucky to have each other. Stay strong and be an example of true love. :)

  11. ang sweet naman,nilalanggam tuloy itong post mo. Gde 5 pa ,wow, the one and only talaga ang drama nyong dalawa ,kakatuwa. you both deserves the happiness in the world.