Thank you Mom, you have taught me how to be a Mom

Just as there are fortresses that were built to pass the test of time, moms build a lasting testament with their kids that is chronicled not of any impermanent marker but of pure love and dedication that encompasses a plethora of fire-tests. I have known of great men, most of them, if I try tracing back, roots on having a great woman that stays beside them... every step of the way!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, have you just prepared a surprise to Thank your Mom? Send in your Thank You Mom letters and let the whole world know how special your MOMS are.

Ever dearest Mommy,

If thank you is a drop of rain I might drown or have a 100% runoff  and get flooded because I simply can't contain the goodness of your unconditional love. 

Though I'm no longer your little girl but already am a married daughter with two grandchildren on the side, thank you for still preparing my breakfast when we sleep over our house on weekends. Thanks for still volunteering to wash my clothes on a busy term during my masters thesis. Thank you for sending my little daughter to school when I'm out for work. Thanks for teaching my son and daughter the way you taught me my ABC and 123. Thank you for still bringing me "pasalubong" and for combing my hair. 

It feels like nothing have changed.. I already had kids but the same mommy that used to care for me when I'm still younger was the same caring mom who's been there not just for me but for a new extended family with my Perci and our kids.

Thank you for letting me soar with my dreams and supporting me along the way. Thank you for being my confidant and strong hold through the hard times. I know I have always found a good friend in you. If there's the last person standing with me on a battleship, I know you'd be part of my dream team. You're so cool.

You're the best. Alam mo yan! Thanks. 
Love- MEL

I may have never known how my mom surely sacrificed a lot just to raise us until I become a mom myself.

I may have never known how hard it is to wake up every morning to prepare the kids for school, amidst a tiring late night sleep, until I’ve been like that to my daughter Cassy.

I may have never known the hardest feeling for a mom to see her kids on the bed of sickness while fervently hoping she gets well soon, until I have had the same dilemma as my worried mom too.

I may have never known how hard it is to make both ends meet just to provide for our needs, until I had my own family.

I may have never known how a short nap in the middle of a busy day of sending the kids to school, going to market and preparing the meals, washing the clothes while cooking and later on fetching the dry clothes while cleaning the house could be just as tiring as I have experienced it first hand when I became a mom.

I may have never known the inexplicable sacrifice of putting one’s foot 9 feet below the ground at the moment my mom gave birth to me until I took the risk twice while my mom took it eight.

I may have never known how my mom was so proud of me every time she goes up on stage to award a medal of excellence to me, until this day that I do the same for my daughter in school.
This and of the countless things she has done for her family's sake - for OUR sake.
 I couldn’t have been more than thankful for… until I became a mother too.

A single day out of the three hundred sixty five is surely insufficient to reciprocate all the love and the care and the sacrifice. Just as we know that being a mom is a job all-year-round, 24/7 without day-offs nor any compensation but just pure love, we really ought to love you more.  That same mother’s love didn’t come cheap but I got it for free. Now that I’m both a mom and a daughter, I can’t be more than overjoyed.  

Being a mom is more than getting a college degree or passing a licensure exam with honors… being a mom is the best yet the toughest job with greatest risks and vulnerabilities but the rewards are not commensurate of any monetary compensation. Motherhood is like gambling with your life on bet without expectations on any return of investments.   

While many would give different forms of tribute as Thank you to Mom, Mine would be this entire blog a short prayer for her and for the rest of the moms in the world.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me my mom. She’s the best teacher that I ever had. Without her, I wouldn’t learn this toughest job - that is MOTHERHOOD. She taught by example by walking her talk and even way beyond it. Though I may not be able to match the high standards she has set before us, I thank you that I was opportuned enough to be passed on the torch of such noble profession. 

I pray Lord that you give her the strength to bear all the hardships of her chosen career. That may you please guide her and grant her the physical, emotional and spiritual strength for her everyday battles.

Thank you for giving me my mom who has shown me greater love of no equivalent exchange and thank you for giving me my kids that I may be privileged enough of the chance to be good mom…just like her.


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