My Zalora Wishlist

Looking at shoes, I feel a breath of fresh-air. I think a girl is worth the second look if she passes by you while wearing a stunning pair of shoes. I don't care about the outfit nor the accessories nor the bag, I just care about the shoes.  And if I may be called "Imeldific" for loving to own an extravagant number of shoes, SO BE IT. Haha. I guess, we girls just deserve some sort of reward every payday for being such a faithful wife, or a good student or a hardworking employee or an obedient daughter. What do you think?

I used to have a new pair every payday when the kids are not yet schooling. Call it reward but yeah, it eases me so much to have some fancy pair in our shopping basket. Whether it's cheap or expensive, the excitement of trying out my newly bought pair when we arrive at home is just as overwhelming. I am like a super satisfied child who's eager to unwrap her Happy Meal pack the moment I set my foot inside the house. My husband must've had known this secret trick to make me happy and so he even joins me for some shoe shopping galore. We buy a pair for both of us everytime and I think this is an ultimate bonding experience for us. 

However this June, our little Cassy and David are now going to school. We are super excited but we know this time, I just have to let my love for shoe shopping be set aside. I know we have to make both ends meet again. Being a parent is just as rewarding and at the same time sacrificing. And seeing them grow up to be bright and excellent kids make all those sacrifices just as WORTH IT!

I know my rate of shoe fancying just have to tame a bit and focus more on the more important NEEDS. 
My hobby is like browsing the net for some nifty shoe design and trend and envy myself on such tempting pieces. If only there's a shoe store that could give me more reasonable prices and not harm our predefined budget. If only there's a place where I can shop without hurting my heels and legs strolling around looking for the perfect piece. If only I can shop for shoes while taking care of the kids at home while doing my thesis.

Hmmm, Facebook must've had very good analytics that suggested Zalora to me via a Facebook Ad unit. When I saw it , I got curious and immediately looked for the shoes category and VOILA! I seem to be a pirate in the Caribean  seas who finally found the long coveted treasure chest. I finally found the online store that could offer me the array of my fave shoe brands while in the comfort of my own home/office. And the price, it's amazingly affordable as compared to the high priced online shoe store that I have tried before. So to cut the story short, I got myself signed up and started digging the treasure chest for some great finds and some exciting WISHLIST :)

And if Cinderella's fairy god mother could just grant me my wishlist, I'd promise to come back by 12midnight without having to leave the other pair to a stranger by the ball :)

Dear Fairy God mother, 

I saw this online store Zalora who offers all sort of online shopping needs for my family including my shoes :)

For now I can only ask for you to let me explain why I so love to own these precious pieces of treasures.


Seeing it via Zalora, I knew right then it was right for me. I love using wedges for my everyday jeans and shirt casual. Wedges offer an instant leg thinning optical illusion while maximizing the shoe area so my legs wont't get tired of my everyday activities . This is the very reason why wedges play 80% of my shoe purchases. And this Art's Brasil is just irresistibly colored with the perfect shade of brown that would make my rather dark feet fairer and slimmer. It's brown so it could offer the best camouflage for some dirt that might accumulate throughout a busy casual day out with the kids or some friends.

On my Zalora wishlist is an Art's Brasil Wedge Sandals because I AM CASUAL.



Yeah, apart from my casual everyday, I am also an Engineer. A fieldworker most of the time. Last month, I have lurked around the city of Marikina to survey all the storm drains within a three square kilometer study area. My shoes got so worn out that it's almost giving up. I hope I could be granted this Merrell Pace Glove for it's a perfect companion for my outdoor activities including fieldworks, jogging, travelling or just about any adventure-laden task.

Looking at this Merrell Pace Glove, I can see the strenuous strain tests that it has undergone to finally come up with this tough product. My co-field workers who use to swim using their rubber shoes wear this brand and so I can clearly attest it's quality.I love the pink-color because of its touch of femininity amidst the rather tough job. Much like me who tried to defy stereotypes and dare enter the den of the lions by working in the field as part of my Engineering career.

On my Zalora wishlist is a Merrell Pace Glove because I AM AN ENGINEER ON FIELD.


And just as I can be rugged on field, there are time that my career would also call for wearing some killer heels for some corporate attitude for some meetings and conferences and some office tasks. I must say this is the most uncomfortable part wearing make-up and skirts and blouses for someone who has practically grown in a field for boys. This Aleli Gibi is just the right heels to match my plain skirts. I have fallen in love with the color blend of shimmering red, blue and black which set the tone for some formalistic mood. The straps are just well engineered to give a slimming effect and tight hold of my rather big foot. I just plainly love the elegance in its design. Gibi is also a favorite brand for me since I was in grade school for my school shoes. I love that I saw this brand along with Centropelle and Suki in Zalora. 

On my Zalora wishlist is an Aleli Gibi because I AM CORPORATE.


And since All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy, I deserve some night out too with my friends. Occassionally, I have to pamper myself a bit by wearing short skirts that make me feel like single again. But yes, I go night out with girl friends with my husband. He's as always been part of the team just as I also go with him on his boys night out. :)

Anyways, this Adelaine Gibi is just the right tone to match my leopard and other printed skirts. I am so into strappy sandals that's why I have also chosen this to be part of my list. The curve just seem to flatter my soles. And I know it's super comfortable amidst its pointed heels because of these straps. Knowing Gibi, I know it's also pretty sturdy and reliable while giving me the sexy look.

Yeah, everyone deserves a break some times. We are social ants and so we just have to expand our circle of friend with these sort of gatherings. I'm glad I found this Zalora site where I can also browse for my new OOTD( outfit of the day). Amazing eh!

On my Zalora wishlist is an Adelaine Gibi because I AM SOCIAL.


I am MEL that's why I name this blog after my own name. It's always flattering to wear the same brand that bears my name for my shoes. Haha! (Owner ang peg!)
Anyways aside from it bearing my name, I find this nifty piece like the perfect buddy for my family getaways. It's cool because it's ICE. Nah. I know I must love it because it's flat and it's comfortable for an active day with the kids. Imagine having to run after the kids on high heels? That is completely atrocious! So to do away with such oblivion, I'm glad I found this fashionably designed MEL flats in Zalora. The prints just would seem to match any outfit like skirts, even shorts or pants. This would be much like my swiss knife pair.

With this trendy Mel Ice II, I can run after my kids, wash their poop in the washroom during mall shopping, send them to school or go on a picnic or just about any instant drive-thru adventure our holidays and work breaks has to offer. This pair is truly perfect for moms who's still vain enough to be fashionable amidst the pressures or the haggard days.

Ultimately On my Zalora wishlist is a Mel Ice II because I AM MEL and I AM A MOM.

 Now dear fairy God mother, please grant my fervent hope to own these nifty pieces of treasures on my wish list. If that would be the case, I can say goodbye to the ashes and cinders that is of a damsel in distress and live a life like a princess, comfortably shopping at the comfort of my own home while I take care of the kids, finish my work and LIVE A HAPPY IMELDIFIC LIFE with my most important ones.


With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All

I am MEL. Short for Melanie. And some trivia to begin with.

Melanie \m(e)-la-nie\ as a girl's name is pronounced MEL-a-nee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Melanie is "blackdark"

See, my mom and dad never couldn't have known what the meaning of my name and so they gave me this. Haha. When I was younger and has happened to curiously search for the meaning of my name in our encyclopedia I even thought my name was like evil and wicked like that of Snow White's step mom ..because of the word "black". hahha. My imagination really rocks when I was a kid.

But really, I would tend to shy away with Black things, especially Black shirts on a sunny day for Black absorbs heat and so you tend to sweat a lot when wearing a dark shirt during a bright sunny day. So imagine if your skin is also "darker", you would then have more tendency to absorb heat... and not to mention sweat and sun burns too!

Lately I have noticed how the scorching heat of the sun has caused so much damage on my skin. I have always loved my tan lines after a rejuvinating vacation at the beach..but oh, I don't want to wear this tan line(s) all over my body--- all year. Those were like patches of discoloration that seem to ruin any form of outfit of the day mood that I would want to flaunt.

But oh, I have never fancied becoming white as "anemic" white, I would want that rosy blushing skin that my prince charming honey just can't resist. Blushing white skin looks healthier and fresher than that anemic white. For me, that anemic skin is much like water that was forced to be chemically fermented and turned into a sour vinegar soon after being stored inside a jar for quite some time. Anemic skin is achieved by consciously hiding from the sun, mocking inside the room and doing away from outdoor adventures just because of the fear that their forcely-fermented skin might turn into patches of uneven and unwanted "tan lines/patches". So I'd rather have that blushing instead of anemic white skin. That blushing skin is like a blooming rose amidst the summer heat. That sun-kissed cheeks that shy away the sweat and hustle under a bright sunny day is but a shining glory to a damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armour. I am glad that this blushing white skin is still achievable with Skin White.

SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all the time:

WHITENS the skin’s surface

REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source

NOURISHES skin with Vitamins

PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays.

With such an ultimate FOUR-FOLD advantage, I have never been so afraid to flaunt under the summer sun and still achieve that blushing white skin that can surely be fairest of them all.

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Thank you Mom, you have taught me how to be a Mom

Just as there are fortresses that were built to pass the test of time, moms build a lasting testament with their kids that is chronicled not of any impermanent marker but of pure love and dedication that encompasses a plethora of fire-tests. I have known of great men, most of them, if I try tracing back, roots on having a great woman that stays beside them... every step of the way!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, have you just prepared a surprise to Thank your Mom? Send in your Thank You Mom letters and let the whole world know how special your MOMS are.

Ever dearest Mommy,

If thank you is a drop of rain I might drown or have a 100% runoff  and get flooded because I simply can't contain the goodness of your unconditional love. 

Though I'm no longer your little girl but already am a married daughter with two grandchildren on the side, thank you for still preparing my breakfast when we sleep over our house on weekends. Thanks for still volunteering to wash my clothes on a busy term during my masters thesis. Thank you for sending my little daughter to school when I'm out for work. Thanks for teaching my son and daughter the way you taught me my ABC and 123. Thank you for still bringing me "pasalubong" and for combing my hair. 

It feels like nothing have changed.. I already had kids but the same mommy that used to care for me when I'm still younger was the same caring mom who's been there not just for me but for a new extended family with my Perci and our kids.

Thank you for letting me soar with my dreams and supporting me along the way. Thank you for being my confidant and strong hold through the hard times. I know I have always found a good friend in you. If there's the last person standing with me on a battleship, I know you'd be part of my dream team. You're so cool.

You're the best. Alam mo yan! Thanks. 
Love- MEL

I may have never known how my mom surely sacrificed a lot just to raise us until I become a mom myself.

I may have never known how hard it is to wake up every morning to prepare the kids for school, amidst a tiring late night sleep, until I’ve been like that to my daughter Cassy.

I may have never known the hardest feeling for a mom to see her kids on the bed of sickness while fervently hoping she gets well soon, until I have had the same dilemma as my worried mom too.

I may have never known how hard it is to make both ends meet just to provide for our needs, until I had my own family.

I may have never known how a short nap in the middle of a busy day of sending the kids to school, going to market and preparing the meals, washing the clothes while cooking and later on fetching the dry clothes while cleaning the house could be just as tiring as I have experienced it first hand when I became a mom.

I may have never known the inexplicable sacrifice of putting one’s foot 9 feet below the ground at the moment my mom gave birth to me until I took the risk twice while my mom took it eight.

I may have never known how my mom was so proud of me every time she goes up on stage to award a medal of excellence to me, until this day that I do the same for my daughter in school.
This and of the countless things she has done for her family's sake - for OUR sake.
 I couldn’t have been more than thankful for… until I became a mother too.

A single day out of the three hundred sixty five is surely insufficient to reciprocate all the love and the care and the sacrifice. Just as we know that being a mom is a job all-year-round, 24/7 without day-offs nor any compensation but just pure love, we really ought to love you more.  That same mother’s love didn’t come cheap but I got it for free. Now that I’m both a mom and a daughter, I can’t be more than overjoyed.  

Being a mom is more than getting a college degree or passing a licensure exam with honors… being a mom is the best yet the toughest job with greatest risks and vulnerabilities but the rewards are not commensurate of any monetary compensation. Motherhood is like gambling with your life on bet without expectations on any return of investments.   

While many would give different forms of tribute as Thank you to Mom, Mine would be this entire blog a short prayer for her and for the rest of the moms in the world.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me my mom. She’s the best teacher that I ever had. Without her, I wouldn’t learn this toughest job - that is MOTHERHOOD. She taught by example by walking her talk and even way beyond it. Though I may not be able to match the high standards she has set before us, I thank you that I was opportuned enough to be passed on the torch of such noble profession. 

I pray Lord that you give her the strength to bear all the hardships of her chosen career. That may you please guide her and grant her the physical, emotional and spiritual strength for her everyday battles.

Thank you for giving me my mom who has shown me greater love of no equivalent exchange and thank you for giving me my kids that I may be privileged enough of the chance to be good mom…just like her.