Some new discoveries at Bo's

Part of MEL (My Everyday Life) is looking for a place to stay to draft my thesis. I would want to do away with the busy atmosphere at the library or at our laboratory so when I gotta have something to ponder about with my processing, I make sure I leave and look for some sacred space to stay.

And so I discovered this cafe that  I have once thought to be owned by Bo Sanchez  hence Bo's Coffee but nah, I'm wrong! (^_~). It was a pretty jump of a conclusion that would obviously lead me to a very NULL hypothesis. hahaha! So straight from the fact, I have got this chance to meet the people behind this rather "new" cafe in town. But really after talking to them for like 2 hours and had the time to dine at their place I gotta reveal some sweet discoveries that I think I really ought to share here.

First off- Bo's coffee pala is not owned by Bro. Bo Sanchez but a Mr. Steve Benitez who is a both a lover of travel and coffee. Bo is actually the name of a person whom he met in one of his travels and Mr. Steve just fell in love with Bo's coffee hence brought his discovery as Bo's Coffee here in the Philippines.

Secondly, Bo's coffee is not "NEW" but is in fact older than Starbucks here in the Philippines. Their first branch is actually in Cebu that's why they are relatively new to the ears of the Manilenyans. :)In fact, they already got 57 branches here in the country and the latest was in Soledad at Nuvali. They have two branches in Ateneo and one in SM North Annex at the 4/F. So that's a lot already.

 They have one summer drink that's really good to the taste- the Biscotti Amaretto. I think I will be coming back to Bo's Coffee because of this. I must say that I really like the fusion of the Biscotti bits along with their fraccino. It's a genius mix and I love especially the luxury of having some bits that remains in my tongue for some after-sip experience. I love that I get to chew something and still enjoy the smooth blend of this summer drink.  The moisty chocoloate cake is not so sweet as compared to that of Starbucks or CBTL and I think it's perfect match is not really this Biscotti but their Cafe Americano.

And lastly, I must say that I love munching this Bo's Coffee Trail mix. I finished the entire pack while I'm aboard the traffic rush. Honey just can't help but ask for a scoop while driving :). It's actually a mixture of nuts and dried mangos and raisins that's perfect from some munchy punchy snack time. This Trail Mix is really healthy so you'll go guilt-free even if you finish like 2 packs in one sitting. And the best way to really enjoy this package is by grabbing a scoop and not just biting into pieces. Not the typical "pica-pica" so that you really get to feel the texture and the sweet blend of the dried mangos with the nuts.

So yeah, I think I'll be coming back to Bo's Coffee more often . I love that the place is a bit secluded from the busy atmosphere of SM North hence giving me some sacred space to concentrate and do what I gotta do. #backToThesisMode :) Best Blogger Tips
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