Among the Avengers, I love IRON MAN the most

Last night, we dated with the Avengers at Shang Cineplex. It was a feel-good movie. As I have always said before, I go for really intelligent plots but I have always have this fancy for brilliant CG and animations in a film. Oh well, blame me for being an Artist's Wife. We fell in love with that really amazing craft of 3d models and animations that was seamlessly integrated into the scene.

It was raining men with the Avengers this time, and mind you, they are men with ultimately good looks and superpower. I must say that oh well, I'm still a luck girl, I have a superhero with me too, as always. I know! I know! Ok, so if I have to choose between the four i.e. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawk Eye, ok five, fine, Hulk... I would choose Tony Stark. That's why I have that photo on top ^^.

 I don't like Hulk 'coz he's super angry and too muscular. LOL! I don't like Captain America coz yeah, he's super duper formal and serious as always, I mean, platonic. So for me he looks a bit boring. (^_~). Thor is a really handsome and tough but yeah, he's an ancient man and also a DEMI-GOD and I don't want to be a demi-goddess. LOL again!

Oh well, excluding the playboy, I have always loved this genius,, billionaire, philanthropist - IRON MAN. Robert Downy has portrayed it well, that perfect mix of good looks, intelligence , humor and super power. If Perci has some super power, he could've been Iron Man in real life. Oh well! Too much, I know. But yeah, I love my own. xp
 I must say I really love that  Avengers screening last night c/o Nuffnang and PLDT. Thanks for the cakes (Delicioso! (^_^)).

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1 comment:

  1. Avengers!?! meaning, mas nauuna pa ipalabas sa pinas ang movies kesa dito sa america?! .. kasi sabi next week pa daw dito ishow un e.. nice! would love to watch that movie sooon!