Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Masbate

It's been 10 years now and I miss my high school even grade school teachers saying.."In three paragraphs or more, write an essay entitled " How I spent my summer vacation"! 

I miss the idea of summing up my wonderful experiences contained in a two month break in three short and concise paragraphs. I miss the simple words and phrases that complete my itinerary of a summer well spent. It has been 10 years of no write-up after my summer vacation... this time, I can't believe I'm writing it  again...albeit a bit different this time...writing just how I want it to happen, just how I would want an ultimate escape from the monotony of my life in the metropolis will be, that ultimate hiatus is on a place yet to be explored, an island yet to make noise... a paradise yet to happen.. and this is  "How and Where I Want To Spend My Summer Vacation"

Last 2009, I have discovered a paradise 700+ kilometers away from Philippine Kilometer-Zero. It took me 12 straight hours via rugged land travel and 3 hours via smooth sailing RO-RO to arrive at its port. That was when I first set foot on the shoe-shaped island named Masbate. The 15 straight hours of travel has been worth the wait and anticipation, my eyes feasted over the beauty of an Island so close to paradise yet untouched and unexplored. It was the first time I fell in love with nature.. and the first time I want to keep coming back for another summer to remember.

The shores are peaceful and the waters are so blue. The rhythm of nature seems to whisper a very good tune upon the hush of the sea breeze. This time I got amnesiac. I forgot all the pressures of my tiring work week. I forgot the deadlines. I forgot the worries. I came for an ultimate hiatus, an escape, a getaway... and I found it in Masbate.

Summer is definitely as sweeter as these shades of green. - The fields are oh!so green! and the air is oh! so fresh. A walk by the greenness is like a walk by the aisle for a bride yet to unveil her wedding vows. The sun kissed sky that meets the tall coconut trees and the vanishing point that meets the farther greens is but a union of  natures beauty and mystery. The smell of the fresh air by the summer breeze was made mightier by this unraveled wonder that is of the green fields Masbate. Summers are shades of white, yellow, blue and green and that green is just of the right hue here in Cataingan Masbate. 

 Masbate is a summer wonder for its crystal clear waters. The indulgence of a dive in its fresh waters shy away all of the summer's scorching heat. It's a perfect remedy for the boiling blood pressure brought about by the smashing heat of the summer sun.

The two hour boat ride from the port was always worth the excitement. The smell of the salty seawater added the spice to the sweet summer swim. The nature-carved rocks are a perfect shade to a rather hot day. Summer isn't more lovely than a dose of dive and strokes of swim. I found one swimming paradise in Masbate and putting it on the list of seven summer wonders is always worth vouching.
The Masbate boat ride lets me teleport, transfer and transcend. - We don't ride boats everyday just as we don't have summer all-year round. A boat ride completes every summer getaway just as summer completes the checklist of a year well spent. A Masbate boat ride would seem to take me to a new dimension. Just as it's an island away from the big lump that is of Luzon, the feeling of seeing nothing but water in the horizon is surely a pretty mix of emotion. The surreal feeling of being lost and somehow awaiting of an adventure yet to unfold is just overwhelming. I love being transported from one marvel to another. I love the connection of the boat with the sea. I love the sail that seemingly transcends the law of the waters and directs me to a path yet unknown. I am in complete awe every time I see some shades and silhouettes of rocks from an island approaching. My boat ride to Masbate was my first and because of such, I have always awaited the next and the rest ever after.

I have climbed the Borobancaso rocks just as I have reached my life's greater summits and heights - The rocks are tall monuments of the cycle of life in the waters -carved by nature, beautified by the tides. Just as I have enjoyed the sail of the seas, I have also adored the climb of a colossus of their precious paleoseismology. The history of every deposition and erosion along with the history of their rich civilization has been carefully kept in these layers of rock. The Borobancaso Rocks in Masbate is a sure sight to see. It's worth the climb and the experience is all the more worth it. My every aim for a brand new step is a seemingly good analogy to my every hurdle overcame. When I reached a brand new step higher, I know the traverse to the peak is still far from over. The trek is a bit slippery and somehow, I may fall, but it's texture that was purposefully made rough ... that I may have a portion to hold on to, to grab as my safe refuge, to make me reach a level up and that of which is a step closer to the summit. I climbed the Borobancaso Rocks of Masbate the way I climbed my way on top. The rocks  are worth the climb just as Masbate is worth the notch on the seven summer wonders of nature

The Katandayagan Waterfalls is like an eternal fountain of youth. When I have wanted to reach the summit of the Borobancaso Rocks, I have also marveled gravity's wonder and the free fall of pearl-white waters from the Masbate Katandayagan Falls. It is nature's own strands of hair that seemingly brush by the thick vegetation that surrounds the rocks before it makes a land/water fall. The union of the free soul and the flowing water seemingly invites me to just stop by and witness nature's miracle. I may have seen so many of these in my grade-school post cards but surely the physical sight of it is all the more thrilling and more magnificent than all of those post cards could ever encapsulate. The earth's browns, the water's blues and the vegetation's greens are the best pieces of a natural painting that made me fall in love with our country even more. I love that I have witnessed this breathtaking sight and I love that I saw it in Masbate.

The sand bar is but budding rose among the thorns - The white-sands are not just in Bora but also in Masbate. Oh this is a sure paradise sandwiched by the blue waters and blue skies. It's of complete delight and awe that I have laid my eyes on the beauty that is of these Masbate sandbars.The peaceful nipa hut by the side of the cluster of these diamond-like shining sand is but a perfect rest and welcoming invite to any stranger. The island hosts are just as hospitable to their guests. They are the perfect recharge from the overwhelming day at the fairing heights of the summer sea. The sight of the corals on the side are just as enticing. The clear waters by the shore is almost impossible to the Island of Boracay, but this island sandbar just have to show it off. I am flabbergasted of such sight to see and a summer at Masbate is as sweet as this island escape from the budding blue sea.

 I came, I saw, I conquered... then I blogged for this summer wonder that is of Masbate.- Bringing my backpack along with the memories of this island yet unravelled before everybody's eyes is but a dream come true. I have packed along my fave travel buddy, the memories, the sights and the endless summer beauty  and stories that are of Masbate. The beauty that made me fall with nature and summer all at the same time. The grandiose that ought to be preserved and kept fresh for more summers to remember.

Wandering, Summer sauntering and Backpacking is definitely more fun here in Masbate.
 When I summer travel, I break the monotony and stereotypes and prefer to shy away from the bandwagons. Discovering a hidden gem no matter how deep or how far is always the essence of a summer to remember. Beauty unexplored is beauty unexploited, I love that I saw it just right where I know it will be found. For every summer sun, the concoction to perfect summer wonder is some taste of play, walk, rest, swim, sway, sleep, sing and smile and I simply just don't want to leave without a taste of it. True FUN IN THE SUN indeed! I found it all in Masbate and so for me, it really ought to have a trinket on the seven summer wonder in the Philippines.

Now this is "How and Where I Want To Spend My Summer Vacation and my own version of SUMMER FUN UNDER THE SUN" (^_^).

I chose Masbate, how about you?
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Among the Avengers, I love IRON MAN the most

Last night, we dated with the Avengers at Shang Cineplex. It was a feel-good movie. As I have always said before, I go for really intelligent plots but I have always have this fancy for brilliant CG and animations in a film. Oh well, blame me for being an Artist's Wife. We fell in love with that really amazing craft of 3d models and animations that was seamlessly integrated into the scene.

It was raining men with the Avengers this time, and mind you, they are men with ultimately good looks and superpower. I must say that oh well, I'm still a luck girl, I have a superhero with me too, as always. I know! I know! Ok, so if I have to choose between the four i.e. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawk Eye, ok five, fine, Hulk... I would choose Tony Stark. That's why I have that photo on top ^^.

 I don't like Hulk 'coz he's super angry and too muscular. LOL! I don't like Captain America coz yeah, he's super duper formal and serious as always, I mean, platonic. So for me he looks a bit boring. (^_~). Thor is a really handsome and tough but yeah, he's an ancient man and also a DEMI-GOD and I don't want to be a demi-goddess. LOL again!

Oh well, excluding the playboy, I have always loved this genius,, billionaire, philanthropist - IRON MAN. Robert Downy has portrayed it well, that perfect mix of good looks, intelligence , humor and super power. If Perci has some super power, he could've been Iron Man in real life. Oh well! Too much, I know. But yeah, I love my own. xp
 I must say I really love that  Avengers screening last night c/o Nuffnang and PLDT. Thanks for the cakes (Delicioso! (^_^)).

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Some new discoveries at Bo's

Part of MEL (My Everyday Life) is looking for a place to stay to draft my thesis. I would want to do away with the busy atmosphere at the library or at our laboratory so when I gotta have something to ponder about with my processing, I make sure I leave and look for some sacred space to stay.

And so I discovered this cafe that  I have once thought to be owned by Bo Sanchez  hence Bo's Coffee but nah, I'm wrong! (^_~). It was a pretty jump of a conclusion that would obviously lead me to a very NULL hypothesis. hahaha! So straight from the fact, I have got this chance to meet the people behind this rather "new" cafe in town. But really after talking to them for like 2 hours and had the time to dine at their place I gotta reveal some sweet discoveries that I think I really ought to share here.

First off- Bo's coffee pala is not owned by Bro. Bo Sanchez but a Mr. Steve Benitez who is a both a lover of travel and coffee. Bo is actually the name of a person whom he met in one of his travels and Mr. Steve just fell in love with Bo's coffee hence brought his discovery as Bo's Coffee here in the Philippines.

Secondly, Bo's coffee is not "NEW" but is in fact older than Starbucks here in the Philippines. Their first branch is actually in Cebu that's why they are relatively new to the ears of the Manilenyans. :)In fact, they already got 57 branches here in the country and the latest was in Soledad at Nuvali. They have two branches in Ateneo and one in SM North Annex at the 4/F. So that's a lot already.

 They have one summer drink that's really good to the taste- the Biscotti Amaretto. I think I will be coming back to Bo's Coffee because of this. I must say that I really like the fusion of the Biscotti bits along with their fraccino. It's a genius mix and I love especially the luxury of having some bits that remains in my tongue for some after-sip experience. I love that I get to chew something and still enjoy the smooth blend of this summer drink.  The moisty chocoloate cake is not so sweet as compared to that of Starbucks or CBTL and I think it's perfect match is not really this Biscotti but their Cafe Americano.

And lastly, I must say that I love munching this Bo's Coffee Trail mix. I finished the entire pack while I'm aboard the traffic rush. Honey just can't help but ask for a scoop while driving :). It's actually a mixture of nuts and dried mangos and raisins that's perfect from some munchy punchy snack time. This Trail Mix is really healthy so you'll go guilt-free even if you finish like 2 packs in one sitting. And the best way to really enjoy this package is by grabbing a scoop and not just biting into pieces. Not the typical "pica-pica" so that you really get to feel the texture and the sweet blend of the dried mangos with the nuts.

So yeah, I think I'll be coming back to Bo's Coffee more often . I love that the place is a bit secluded from the busy atmosphere of SM North hence giving me some sacred space to concentrate and do what I gotta do. #backToThesisMode :)


PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

Ever since my hand learned about Google and the power that it can unleash, I never wandered longer anywhere for almost 16 straight hours than in front of my desktop lurking around the world called World Wide Web. 

Just as computing turned ubiquitous and pervasive nowadays, it would be of utmost importance and a sleek advantage  that we stay connected at the most opportune moment of our lives.. and yes maybe, even on the regular days... we still ought to have the MOST RELIABLE CONNECTION WHENEVER WE NEED IT!

So what could've probably push a person to have a fast internet connection at home? Here are some of my pretty simple reasons based on my life's reflections and musing :)
1. A fast internet connection means streaming videos without lagging in Youtube! So if I got some tutorials over the net, I wouldn't need to download it first and populate my hard drive with such files... a fast internet connection would surely save me time and space!
2. A fast internet connection means chatting with my kids from home and work would be oh so BREEZY! I wouldn't want so much longer before seeing my daughter type the word I Miss You Mommy on my chat screen.  A fast internet connection would surely save me big time and big love.
3. A fast connection won't lag my viewing experience in my fave social networking sites a.k.a. Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

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