SUPLADO TIP: Kung malakas makipagusap sa cellphone ang katabi mo sa bus, tingnan mo ng masama at sabihan mo ng, "Ituloy mo lang yung usapan niyo, nakikinig ako eh!

While it is true that there are people who are already born Suplado, I firmly believe that Suplados can also be made. You just need to arm yourselves with the right tools and tricks of the trade. I strongly agreed with Ramon Bautista in the recently concluded Stanley Chi's Suplado Tips Book Launch at NBS Shang, "Ang librong ito ay mas maganda pa sa Hunger Games, mas mura pa, may sukli ka pa pambili ng Value Meal. Hahahah!"

Nah, for just a good laugh, I suggest that you guys grab a copy of this book. Most of the tips and stories I'm sure you can relate a lot. Perci and I just had a good time while skimming through the text. 

Gone are the days when I was FORCED to finish, Dante's Inferno in two days, Homer's Iliad and The Great Gatsby in a day just to cope up with an exam for World Literature. I admire people who's got humongous patience to go over every chapter of Harry Potter, Twilight or Hunger Games. I wish I could also have the guts to say na "Hindi maganda yung Panday, Hindi parehas sa book! (Yeah, I can brag if I've read it! Wait! May book nga ba yun?LOL!)

Reading books was the last thing I'd do to kill time but this one, I finished in one sitting. Short and straight to the point. No ifs no buts, just plain fun, perfect over a cup brewed coffee and choco-glazed donuts over Starbucks to complete the pa-sosyal drama. Yikes!

If you haven't read the HUNGER GAMES(like me), you might just want to have some defense-mechanism by being suplado  suplada. 

And I just remembered Perci muttering last night over his extruded belly and baby fats, "Di na'ko sexy, Magiging suplado nalang ako..."

WHY? Because Suplado is the new sexy! (^_~)
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