My PLDT Telpad + Landline + DSL Plan Review

What I've got is a PLDT-Telpad S7 Slim with plan P1849 DSL connection.

For the landline, I think it would just serve its purpose of providing incoming and outgoing local calls and so I wouldn't put so much of my review on it. I have not experienced any line disconnection or service interruption for this first few months so I really haven't felt much of a hassle so far. Simply put, the landline works as expected and I'm OK with it.

Next up, I would want to post my reviews on the Telpad unit that I've got - the PLDT Telpad S7 Slim. Based on the microsite, the following are the specifications of the S7 Slim

Our PLDT Telpad S7 Slim has been primarily used as multimedia player on-board our car. It's been a month since we have been using the unit and  here are the things that we have been using it for.

1. For playing songs while on board the car.
2. For watching Naruto episodes every Friday.
3. As Bible and notepad for notetaking at church during Sundays.
4. As a camwhoring device when our kids are just on the mood for picture-picture.
5.As my little daughter's voice recorder when practicing for her solo singing performance for graduation.
6. For gaming- Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Paper Toss, PapiBlocks-line-drive-jump-mount-river-wall, Wordsearch, Talking Tom, NinJump, Zombie Dash, Smurf's Village
7. For checking out Twitter, Facebook and e-mail updates and typical Google Searches.
8. As GPS receiver on-board our travel.
9. For downloading more games and games and games at the Play Store (previously Android Market).
10. More more more capabilities when the Telpad is online...or even offline. More capabilities really when you've got one powerful OS running in your system. I'm Android biased ever since Eclair and so having it non-upgradeable to Gingerbread is not that big deal for me.

Now for some more observations:
1. The published 8GB memory is a combined  internal SD card and internal tablet storage.                                                                 - Currently we are using it as a multimedia player for the car and so Perci has just archived lots of Albums in it. The available internal SD card memory is only 446 MB but lagging is not yet an issue.

The sensitivity of the touchpad is not at all affected and the applications still loads at expected normal loading time.

2. We haven't checked on the 180 hours or 7.5 days standby time but all I can say is that the battery lasts for 2 days without charging with a full load of Music and Video playing and gaming while Wi-Fi is turned ON and GPS Location and  Bluetooth is turned OFF.

3. The speakers are pretty decent and loud enough. It gives out a clear sound that lets us understand the lyrics of the song and the movie conversations clearly. For the same mobile applications and usage, we are using an LG Optimus 2x before and we just can see the difference in terms of the clearer and more audible sound of the Telpad.

4. The weight and dimensions of the Telpad is my only rant since it's really so big and even though I already have a big hand, I still am having problems holding the Telpad firmly when I get to use it for typing.

Other than that.. In terms of performance and published specifications the Telpad S7 Slim has SO FAR been performing SO GOOD.

Now lastly, I will be posting some snippets for checking the published speeds of our current P1849 DSL plan which is supposedly up to 1mbps.

Here are the results from Speedtest.net:

Out of three tests, the best stats are with my download speed at 0.82 Mbps or 839kbps  which is nearly at par with the published 1Mbps speed but my upload speed is only0.26Mbps or  266.24kbps which is very low. Also I have noticed that but those rates are really very far below the  global average which is 9.94 Mbps.

And the following is a capture from Pingtest.net. 17 ms (millisecond) ping time with 3ms jitter is fairly fast. It's graded B* and I'm already good with that.

Concluding this review, I must say that for my purpose of basic navigation and multimedia playing with the Telpad, I say it would simply serve it well. Now for the speeds of the DSL, I hope it can be improved further, not just for PLDT but for all broadband internet providers as well. Liberate our speeds you guys! :)
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  1. can i install skype for video calling?

  2. yeah you can install skype and everything just connect to WIFI and download it in APP store.. I have one complaint though I upgrade my PLDT telephone line to TELPAD just this Month of MAY, and just 3 month the tablet is okay, but the telephone unit itself is broken. We seldom use the phone and the number 2,3,4,5,6 button is not working. The sad part of it is when we complaint, they sent us far away from the company just to go to the service center! They wont replace it with new one. Ive been a loyal customer if PLDT for years and years and this one sucks. They should get the best materials that will last for years not just for months. Im paying so much for this.

  3. Good day! Meron bang sim card slot 'to? And pwede ba mag-text gamit yung tablet?

  4. baka kc made in china ung phone nila :D

  5. huhu, help, i was using our telpad then suddenly namatay yung screen tapos unending vibrate. di ko alam gagawin ko, nothing happens kapag pinipress yung power button

  6. same happened to me.. unending vibrate at nde sha mag open.. idk what to do..