First off, Thanks to Nuffnang, Schick and Banana Boat for the special screening :) 

I never really liked posting movie reviews but yeah, this one is different. I just got to keep some memory keeping for now. I say the Hunger Games movie was just plain laudable. I love the plot, the action scenes, the story and its morale, the characters and the seamless integration of CG effects within the entire movie.

I have never read the book but just watched the trailer before viewing it...just so I may have an idea what the story will be all about and yeah, I find the not-reading-the-book-before-watching-the-movie advantageous. The excitement of the scenes within the plot is just so fresh. The anticipation and the giving in to such anticipation gave me much of the enjoyment while watching the entire film.

Now I must say that I love the GIS integration in the movie. Since I am into geographic information systems, the controlled environment which served as the battlefield of the Hunger Games was more of a dream geovisualization project that I would want to have for my researches. The tracking system, the maps and the inclusion of 3D elements into the system, the god-like manipulation of the environment... just plain perfect for my future simulation projects.:) The computer graphics was seamlessly integrated in the plot.   Nothing fancy on the 3d-models or animation and effects but a plain complement to the twists and turns in the story itself.

I love how the story attacks the different aspects of human nature and culture:

The politics of the Hunger Games  

The social classes and their stratification

The futuristic view of survival of the fittest

The Bigger Brother than Big Brother himself

The fancy of public affection and adoration

The overcoming of your own fears

The test of true love

The self-sacrifice and self-denial and selflessness

The strength of the underdogs

Hate spoilers? I won't discuss nor elaborate this further. I just strongly suggest that you go get a pair of tickets and watch it together with your dear one. Perfect love story encapsulated in a witty politically, socially environmentally, physically and emotionally touching plot. 

Now for the first time I have to do it retroactively, I think I ought to grab a copy of the book and get a more intense immersion on this Hunger Games. But yeah, I don't judge the book by it's movie really! LOL!

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