John Lloyd OFFICIALLY celebrates 6 years of head-ache free partnership with Biogesic

It's John Lloyd's 6th year with BIOGESIC! His signature "Ingat" has truly made a mark to most of us as he continually lead the way to proving the safe and effectiveness of the Number 1 trusted brand for fever and headache - Biogesic. 

And to celebrate his 6th year of partnership with the Doble Sigurado Brand along with the unparralleled success of John Lloyd and Angel Locsin's "Unofficially Yours", Biogesic has thrown a thanksgiving lunch last Feb 29th at Annabel's Tomas Morato. The event was commenced by a sumptuous meal and then a contract signing between John Lloyd and Biogesic plus a short question and answer portion for John Lloyd and the audience.

Now everything's OFFICIAL- "Ingat"!
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