Facebook Page Messaging Now on Trial mode

This morning I got quite curious when I get to visit a Facebook Page and get notified that there is indeed a new settting for Facebook Pages wherein consumers can now send a private message to the admin of the Facebook page.

It's nice. What I like about this feature is that it doesn't require a consumer to be a member of the Page or LIKER of the PAGE to be able to send a private message. It's pretty neat and simple and also is a good avenue to send product inquiries, rants and raves. Just another brilliant way to handle product after sales and customer sales.

Also I have learned that last February 2011, Facebook has already removed the "Send Updates" option for Facebook Pages, and for me as that's VERY GOOD. Those updates seems to irritate me a lot before when I get to receive lots of notifications from pages that I've liked. It's really spammy so I'm just happy they got such an update.

Just another thing that I'm actually repulsive of having is the Facebook Timeline. I think that one is pretty mandatory and soon all the pages and the profiles will be in Timeline Mode. I don't know but I don't really seem to like it. It seems so cluttered to me. Oh well, soon enough my profile will be transformed to Timeline and I have no choice but to get the hang of it and yeah, accept it...or just another compelling option -Delete Account. (^_^) Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I love the fb page timeline :) Interesting and fun! More engaging din for the fans or visitors.

    1. I am yet to try it, just am too repulsive and adamant to change, hassle kasi ... but yeah, I got one positive feedback from you, so I'll wait for the mandatory transform to timeline this March 30:)