Dear Cassy, Our life is a road to greatness and we are proud that you're traversing it EXCELLENTLY!

"While in my career I'm almost done, been stealing the limelight when I graduated with honors since age six... now it's our little girl's time to shine. Go reach farther, live the life you have imagined, extract your full potential to be the best of the best, Crème de la Crop. Excellence comes with passion and greatness comes with accountability.  Mommy and Daddy trusts that you will travel your road to greatness respectably, honorably and godly. We love you so and we're always here for you every step of the way."

Dear Cassy, 

We love you.

Our life is a road of indefinite length. We travel a kilometer of it every year and we'll never know how hard or easy is it to travel that every kilometer until we get there ourselves and wish to continue the traverse amidst any hardship. In the end, it's not how long we traveled but how we treated every kilometer with much enthusiasm and strength. Our road to life is a road to greatness and we are more than proud that you are starting it EXCELLENTLY!

Last month I am the proudest mom in the world when you won FIRST PLACE in a story-telling competition representing your school , which is also mommy-and-daddy's-alma-mater, besting eight other schools... you worked hard for it, we have always believed in you, we stayed just right behind you, supporting you and WE KNEW YOU'D WIN EVEN BEFORE THE COMPETITION STARTED!

That one great move entailed no simple task but full determination and will power to WIN and BE THE BEST. It has been one tough competition before you finally made it on top - the 3 page memorization over the weekend, the sleep-over at lola's house, the no-television and no-late night sleep, the no-cold drinks and no-sweet tooth for a week to preserve your voice, the inter-class and inter-section matches which you have all bested, and the district schools match  for which you've WON- you've been one disciplined gal just to have this KEY SEGMENT IN YOUR LIFE and everything is just all the more WORTH IT!

This winning is indeed one of the  LANDMARKS IN YOUR ROAD TO GREATNESS!  From this day on Let's mark it as Kilomemeter-5.75!  Five years and 8 months after Kilometer-Zero on your road to greatness... KINDERGARTEN, YOU WON FIRST PLACE IN THE PELES' TOMATOE STORY-TELLING COMPETITION... and mommy, daddy, brother david, lola, lolo, titas, titos, nanay, mama and everyone is having that surreal feeling that one great gal is yet again to MAKE SOME HISTORY HAPPEN in our clan!

Whew! That was one pretty long piece that you got memorized in two days. We even got researched the performances in YouTube for this performance of  a lifetime. I must admire you more for the sharp memory and the perseverance and the discipline. You are a fortress in the making Cassy dear... and the right and reliable connections really ought to be built at the right place where we needed it the most, where it all started -@HOME.

Two months from now and you'll be marking Kilometer-six on your ROAD TO GREATNESS. Looking back is always a good thing..

LANDMARK OF GREATNESS: KILOMETER-ZERO, this is where everything started. You were that small being that exactly fits my arms. Your first cry, your first smile, your first move, out of my womb, welcoming the world... I witnessed them all and I knew from then on, you're going to rise LANDMARKS in your ROAD TO GREATNESS... that of which we're so determined to share the traverse with YOU!
A year or two had passed and I have seen how we have really grown one strong and smart child in you. A few years from now, you may not be that helpless child that needs our arms to guide her walk, you may no longer be that small being that cries in need of milk or some sweet hug or some tender carrying..you may even opt to take the walk independently, but when that day comes, I'll be more than proud, somewhere five years ago from today... we have taught you how to walk, carried you at times you feel like loosing control and hugged you at time you'd need refuge...
You are our first born and from day zero 'til this day, you'll always be the sweet short-haired baby that I used to breastfeed and sing lullabies at night. From Kilometer-Zero, the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on..

When KILOMETER-1.0 LANDMARK on your road to greatness was established, we were more than excited. Your first year was crucial, you started walking on your own, you've recognized the alphabets, shapes and colors, you've shown interest in books and the arts.. you've shown traces of a brewing Einstein in the making and mommy and daddy just can't help but get heaped-up everytime...

We can't forget how you used to adore books and puzzles. You paid special attention to the mind-boggling toys which almost made us certain that you'd truly love going to school, learning, excelling... and your road to greatness is just becoming more and more promising...

Each day I see your smile, the mom in me just can't be more than overjoyed. You're active and superb and bubbly ever since and we just can't help but capture all those snapshots of those giggles and babbles.

At kilometer 1 is a landmark of greatness always worth going back. The small fingers and toes, the playful smiles, the many faces, the exploring hands... You are all the more becoming a SUPERSTAR IN OUR EYES - All eyes are on you, all attention is on you... watching over you and looking out for your next REMARKABLE AND GREAT MOVE!

From kilometer-one, the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on...


March-on! Rock-on! It was Mother's day of 2010 at church, you sing a song for Mommy and for once... I can't say a thing. All I did was just to stare in awe. The small creature that fits exactly in my arms some few years back is that same grown-up standing in front of the stage, singing and making just another performance for me. I can't believe how you've grown fastly right before our very eyes. If I could slow down time, I'd probably would.

You sing just astoundingly. You entertained us all. The innocence, the voice, the confidence, the love - everything is just emanating in your song. (And daddy, just then again is one proud stage dad..)

And just as you hit two goals in a day on Mother's Day of 2012. At the mall, you competed with 30 other kids for a coloring competition. It's more of the exposure and learning social skills that we want for you and brother David. I love that you get to mingle with other kids that day... and winning is more of a bonus or icing in the cake... but nonetheless... YOU WON THE GRAND PRIZE and we're just as elated!

The traces of the love for the music and the arts like Daddy is just so obvious in your KM 3.75 LANDMARK OF GREATNESS. Daddy is just so proud to be a mentor of a protege daughter like you dear Cassy.

From kilometer-3.75, the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on...

Two more years and landmarks after landmarks on the road just keeps building up on our way. Every landmark is a trail-sign, a point of beginning, a point of reference, a point of direction. Just so when you find yourself somehow lost, look at these and you'll gain the inspiration to move on.  All the birthdays, all the smiles and triumphs, we shared them all together at home. You know however far you may have gone along the road to greatness, you'd always keep missing our home sweet home ...
Our home - mommy and daddy and dear brother David. 

More than the skills and the knowledge and talents, what we want nourished and nurtured in you is your love for each other. We want you both to grow together in love and trust. The travel on the road to greatness is always sweeter when you have someone to be with you hand-in-hand. David is your side-kick and he will always be on-guard. He maybe smaller but we're sure HE CAN PROTECT YOU BIG SISTER CASSY :)

Kilometers 4 and 5 and the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on...

But just as there are landmarks in your road to greatness, there are also some pitstops. Time for some change gears, time for some renewing and time for some reflections. A time wherein you're challenged enough and your racing tires are about to give up. That's when you can always be sure we'll stay around.

A few months after your 5th birthday, you got dengue. It was your third pit stop since kilometer zero. The second is on mommy and daddy's 6th anniversary and it couldn't be that untimely as that.

Kilometer 5.25 and the agony of waiting for your speedy recovery while watching you lying sick in the hospital bed is just insurmountable. The worries and the pain of every needle pricked into your delicate skin and that every tear that comes out from your eyes hurts us more. I know you've grown stronger now my dear.  You have shown great courage when you have been confined three times. Amidst dengue or urinary tract infection or convulsion, you still managed to play, study your lessons and even smile. I admire you for such strength and we are made even stronger knowing that our child knows very well how to battle the challenges that comes her way. 

Kilometer 5.25 and the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on...

 and just then on your KILOMETER 5.75, you're EVEN STRONGER TO OVERCOME and BE THE WINNER JUST AGAIN! That winner's smile tells it all. The bacon on your neck which you have just brought home is a sweet addition to the landmarks of greatness that you keep on building on you road of life.  Graduation is drawing near and we just can't help but stand in awe, waiting for the final results... yet another LANDMARK OF GREATNESS IS YET TO UNFOLD. You're class FIRST HONOR and we can't wait for the OVER-ALL EXAM RESULT. March on, live-on, excel more, achieve more... Kilometer 5.75 and the traverse on the road to greatness just goes on...

Your skills and wit are far more beyond our own achievements. You have started quite young and you have made a GOOD AND IMPRESSIVE START! Whatever path you choose to take in your road to greatness, be an artist like Daddy, be an engineer like mom, or take an exactly different path , you know that we are just right by your side, to support you... always.

 Whatever achievement, whatever pitfalls or whatever challenges- rest assured that you've got one reliable company to back you up. Mommy, Daddy and David will always be right here for you Dear Cassy.

And when you've reached something greater than all these things (for which I'm 100% sure you'd do!) please do look back and reminisce. 
-Remember the ice cream weekend and the holiday breakfast at the park. 
-Remember the lunch out and instant joy ride to Technohub, Seaside walk at MOA, tons of fun at Market Market and the rendezvous at Bayview Park.
-Remember our picnic at mommy's school at UP. 
-The swimmings at Bulacan, Remedios, Deparo and at our own inflattable pool at home. 
-Remember all the tickets and coins that we got after the basketball, roulette, and Indiana Jones at Tom's World. 
- The bowling, the food trips, the games and the rides.
- The Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja bonding at night. 
- The big screen bonding at the movie house (with matching poop and pee time!) with Kung Fu Panda, Green Lantern, Iron Man and many more. 
-The anniversaries, the birthdays, the monthsary and valentines and christmases and new years and holy weeks and every holidays that we're blessed to spend TOGETHER.
-The Saturday church practice, the Sunday church service and the mid-week and holiday bondings at Church. 
- Your first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth birthdays and the birthdays to come - all of them we've spent and will be spending at home - TOGETHER and COMPLETE. 
-Remember the "Barney's I love  you song" that we used to sing together while walking to home from our car parking. 
- The snakes and ladders, the story time and the prayer time before sleeping.

 Remember all those things and more and you'll never ran out of reasons to remind you of how lucky you are to have a family like this. YOUR ROAD TO GREATNESS was made even greater with a family that has always been there to support you! How our travel to our roads to greatness couldn't have been sweeter and more victorious without each other's presence. 

Go reach farther, live the life you have imagined, extract your full potential to be the best of the best, Crème de la Crop. Excellence comes with passion and greatness come with accountability.  Mommy and Daddy trusts that you will travel your road to greatness respectably, honorably and godly. We love you so and we're always here for you every step of the way. 

I know you'd be reaching farther and spanning more kilometers in your road to greatness... but please don't forget to look back, come back and celebrate with us... AT OUR OWN SACRED SPACE -@HOME!

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  1. I know you'd be reaching farther and spanning more kilometers in your road to greatness... but please don't forget to look back, come back and celebrate with us... AT OUR OWN SACRED SPACE -@HOME! ~~~ this is what is everything for!! your such a great mum with a great family!! god bless you dear! xx

    1. thanks for dropping by sis maryjane, god bless you and your family too :)

  2. She is such an achiever and Im glad to see a happy family with strong bonds. God Bless to you and to your family! :)

    1. achiever at a young age indeed. I'm just one proud mom for her. We're so blessed really. Thanks sis novie :)

  3. aww this is so adorable. Hello cassy!

    1. hello sis carriza:) She's really our precious gem at home. Along with her brother david, they are our most precious possession indeed.

  4. Your so lucky to have her, God bless your family

    1. more of the blessing than luck. She's really one priceless gift from God to us. Our kids enlighten our home, we couldn't be happier if not for them. they complete us:)

  5. At the end of the day Cassy, when you are there on top...don't forget to look back and thank Mom and Dad because they have been the reason why you have reached the peak. Keep them in your heart. Honor them and God will reward you more.

    1. we never failed to remind her of looking back really enzo. A backsight is equaly important as the foresight in our field, I'd always want that principle applied in the real life battlefield of course:)

  6. Congrats for having a very happy family!

    1. thanks ann! everyone deserves the walk on the road to greatness with their one happy family :)

  7. that's definitely a long road of success there and she still got a more long long road to take. at least she started it with excellence. as they say, like mother like daughter. congratz with your child.


    1. yay! thanks for that complement my dear gemz. I have always believed in the studies that 80% of the intelligence of the child comes from the mother and me too, I'm so lucky to have an intelligent mother too!:)

  8. you have a very happy family!

    1. thanks gagay, everybody deserves a family that is truly bonded by love and passion and unity. Everything begins at home and the best time to build such values is when they are still young. It's the values that they learn during their age that are more lasting in their thoughts when they grew older:)

  9. i'm sure you're very proud of her. good luck cassy and continue to achieve your dreams. =)

    1. amen to that sis michi. whatever her dreams and aspirations will be, we're just right behind her...every step of the way!

  10. Wow! great documentation! .. am pretty sure she's a gifted child! you should have her tested!!!

    Kudos Cassy!!! Achieve your dreams! Just reading this makes me so proud of you! what more your parents and family!!!

    1. thanks for that sis gemma. Our pride of having a bright and good daughter is overwhelming. I never fail to show her every achievement in my Facebook status updates and my blogs. I even made an online documentation of our adventures, so they may be able to look back at our every bit of adventure when they grow up:) super Proud mommy from here :)

  11. What an achiever and an adorable girl :) You are blessed to have her. very versatile! :)

    1. Yeah she really is and as parents we've always been so proud about her every achievement. But more of the achievements, it's the value of having one happy family that could withstand every life's challenge that we want to build in them. It's amidst all the temptation of leaving for work abroad that we still managed to stay and be with them... we're so blessed to really spend our quality time with them..TOGETHER! :)

  12. Congratulations to your dearest Cassy! It's very obvious that you're proud of her talent and achievements. If she was my daughter, i would be proud too. Congratulations for bringing up such a smart and pretty daughter :)

    1. Thanks for that sis mich. She's a daughter every mom would surely be proud of. We are so blessed to have her as well as her brother david. They are our strength and inspiration to work even harder and stay faithfully together. We won't be where we are right now, if not for them :)

  13. You have a lovely family :) I'm sure you're very proud of your daughter :)

  14. Lovely kid. Lovely family. She's all that because of you who nurtures her.

  15. May your family have more blessings. God bless.

  16. awesome.. sana lahat ng family ganyan kasaya... :)