Best Food Forward 2012

Best Food Forward 2012 is  a gastronomic event filled with exciting treats for foodies and their families. 

The two day (March 34-25, 2012) event was participated by various food concessionaires offering all sorts of delectable goodies from appetizers to main course meals to desserts to pastas and pastries and a whole lot more. It was surely a feast of eyes and tummy for everyone who choose to visit the BFF 2012. 

Aside from the usual food trip, there are also cooking lessons and other activities for the kids and the whole family as they feast through the goodies all around. 

It was indeed a perfect arena for foodies who would want to discover something new and extraordinaire. The cakes are my fave picks for their kind of experimental treats just like the Siling Labuyo Chocolate from Choco ATBP. 

But the Sinigang na Corned Beef from Metro 1771 made me want to try experimenting the same mix for our usual dinner. I hope the kids would like that too :)

The success of BFF 2012 makes the BFF 2013 all the more awaiting and exciting and promising really...(^_^). 
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