What's your plan for Valentines 2012?

This year, we are celebrating our 10th Valentines Day together as a couple. When I try looking back, it would always give me the thrill how we actually spent our special days throughout the years. We are not the travelling type but oftentimes sentimental and adventurous. We wanted to try something different every year, not so expensive but really memorable.

Last year, our Valentines started a bit early for it was a weekend bowling moment at SM Fairview. We tagged along with some couples at our church to have some couples' day out in time for the Heart's Day. It was pretty memorable since we got it first time on a Valentine's Day weekend. And you the cliche, Every activity was just so WORTH IT and MEMORABLE if spent with someone you dearly love...Ayiiii!

Now on the Valentine's Day per se, what we did is a simple dinner after work some Valentine shopping where we bought ourselves a new pair of denims plus we also dropped by a bookstore to buy some Valentine gifts for the kids. Oh Yeah! The kids still ought to be part of the grand day.  For them, we got some new books and pens and a game board for us to bond together before the official day of heart ends. It was not all about lovers really. It's very much ok to say it's also time for some heart's day with our kids...Right?

I think we should try to break stereotypes somehow. So for this Valentines 2012, I suggest that you also try giving gifts to your kids. Giving flowers, like roses bouquet, to your little daughter would surely be so sweet... try having it delivered right at your house when you're still at the office. By then she would wonder who gave her such treat. She would be pretty surprise to see it's from her Dad. Oh I can just imagine my little Cassy being just like that. But to add some twist, I'm sure they'd love that you give them something that's edible. A candy flower delivered right before her is a sure sweet treat! 

Happy Valentines with your sweet honey and your kids everyone!
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