Valentine's Day Program Suggestion

Just as  Valentine's Day is just a few days from today, I'm sure many of you, regardless if you're single or in a relationship, are still getting busied over something. One of these really cool activity is to have a Valentine program at school, at the office, at home or for us, at our church.

It has always been fun to do some sort of gathering and fun-filled activity during this day of hearts. This season may have been one fully commercialized holiday but it's always worth the spend and not too much of the bittering all the while.(^_^) .We, the young couples, in our church are assigned to manage the preparations for the church Valentine this 2012. We have been looking for ideas here and there on how to have one memorable and truly fun-filled Valentine's Day.

You might find these ideas useful as part of your group's Valentine program:
1. Dating Game - Pretty classic but surely worth it. You might want to invite a searcher that's quite new or has never been part of the group ever since. This is just to put some thrill and catch to anonymity to the searchee..

2. Film showing - simple and hassle free, just put the projector on, play your fave Dating or Love story movie and you're good to go. For Christian or even non-christian married couples on the audience, the movie Fire Proof is a highly recommended MUST-WATCH film.

3.Games- The boat is sinking. Matching game or Pinoy Henyo for couples is a sure treat. If you've got some Android device, there's a FREE Pinoy Henyo app in the Android Market the you and your coupled friends would surely enjoy.

4. Interviews - You might want to have some video presentation composed of ambush interview from experienced adults regarding their advices to the young generation on how they managed to keep the spark in their married life throughout the years...

5. Open Forum - If your group is composed of a mixture of single, youth, married, in a relationship and it's complicated status, this might have bee some ice breaker or a good point to start learning from each other's point of view. Make sure you've got one excellent resource speaker to end each session with an insightful summary and advice. An equally brilliant moderator would surely prevent some dead air from hanging around...

6. Serenade - Sing the classic love songs to the sweet ladies of the group. Buy roses bouquet for them and have them delivered at your place fresh and sweet. Take the hassle of having to shop around looking for the perfect flower shop in Manila. There are already online ordering shops where you can have your flowers and gifts delivered anywhere in the Philippines. That is so you can dedicate more of your time preparing for the entire program itself . :)

Few more days and the day of love is finally here... I'm getting excited too!

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