Loving the color red on the month of Love

Yay! Time flies so fastly. We waited more than 300 days last year for Christmas and suddenly it's all over. Then came my honey's Birthday plus New Year's Celebration. Soon after was my birthday and now, yet another Red Letter Day on our Love Calendar. Huwat? It's less than two weeks before Valentines Day!

So yeah, let's paint the town RED with all the lovin' and mushy talks for this season of love. I am the more excited for it will be the first heart's day for our newly beloved RED Rio.  We just got it last Sunday in time for a joyride this Valentines Day. Our old car is white and this time we want to go timeless and fierce and oh..romantic with a red sedan.

On Valentine's Day, we are scheduled to attend our daughter's first ever Field Day Presentation at school. Nonetheless I heard honey's gonna go half day for work just to support our little Cassy on her presentation. Cassy excitedly told us that she will be on the front line as she will be leading all other kindergarten kids in their special number. This is one big break for her so we'll go all the way to support her, even if that means we are spending less time for US on heart's day. I think the teachers are a bit kill joy to have it scheduled on a Valentines Day.  But on the restrospect, I think it's a perfect time for some family bonding in the morning and some date night tonight with honey.

 Since I'm not that fancy for some fresh flower delivery on a Red Letter Day, I think a huggable bear with lots of sweets like CHOCOLATES from PHGifts will surely do! And oh., I love to have some mushy encryption of some cool-drool messages on the side. Keeping my fingers crossed on spending a brand new adventure unveiled this February 14. Yay! (^_^) Best Blogger Tips
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