It's raining Asian Secrets in our closet!!!

Just so when it rains..it really pours!

Ficke funny fate found me once more and got me some vanity galore from Asian Secrets last Valentines Day!

I have already tried using the Lulur scrub in Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract along with the Bengkoang soap and it was such a luxury having the chance to enjoy bathing for some extra added time. Ever since I got into this thesis thingy for my masters, I have almost forgotten how to stay longer than 10 minutes for some bath, thanks to these sweet treats from Asian Secrets that I got really the chance to have my skin pampered for quite a while. I love it's smell really.

And since I'm almost always running out of time, what I did when I tried it out last night was to scrub it all over my body and then use the Bengkoang Soap...LOL! The tiny beads sticked into the soap and voila! it worked like the scrub and the sponge and soap all at the same time! (It's more of like re-engineering things to fit my lifestyle...HAHAH!)

Some trivia: Bengkoang is SINGKAMAS and Lulur is a luxurious treatment for brides-to-be in Java, Indonesa. (So yeah, I really felt the luxury when I tried using it...XP.)

Thanks to Asian Secrets, Pinay Reviewer and Geek Girl Manila for this awesome Valentine treat (^_^). Best Blogger Tips
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  1. Ang dami sis! Hope you'll win in other blogs too, para more Asian Secrets!

    1. yeah, keep em coming. (^_^).Thanks sis!

  2. I just saw this one now @_@
    I laughed when I read that part about the beads sticking to the soap. That's how I used it too :))