Grabbing a bite of chocolate to keep you heaped-up throughout a special day...

I remembered way back my thesis proposal days, I posted a sweet note on my Fb wall along with this pic.
Yeah I surely love the notion of giving me a bar of Toblerone to keep me upbeat, alive an kickin' ready for my thesis proposal. It was indeed a memorable and special event that would embark my entrance to the gruelling world of research and thesis preparation and activities. I am so glad that honey had been so thoughtful to give me his bar of chocolates fresh from his bag the morning we're about to aboard our car for work and later on thesis proposal at school. He must have known how nervous I am that day and so he gave me something to munch and  bite while I'm on the agony of waiting for my turn to present. \

True enough I've been in a complete hype that day. My energy just got a higher level which gave me much of the composure to answer questions posted by the panel during my proposal.

Now for a special day approaching like that of Valentines or perhaps anniversaries or birthdays, it would surely be super sweet to give your dearest one a thoughtful treat. You could perhaps buy him a rose bouquet and have the roses delivered right at her office or doorstep. It would surely be pretty nice to encapsulate some sweet notes over it.

Now if she's not the flower fancy type like me, I'm sure she'd surely love some bunch of Toblerone with a cuddly bear and your sweet sweet note. Your loved ones would surely appreciate your effort with lots of kisses and hugs fit and prim for a memorable celebration this Valentines Day. And yeah, it's never written in pact or anywhere in the book of laws that you only ought to give chocolates and huggables on Valentines Day only. You could always do it at any random point in time. She's surely love surprises and the thought of your sweetness.

So go order your Valentine gifts right now before the Valentine rush next week!Tee hee! Best Blogger Tips
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