It's raining Asian Secrets in our closet!!!

Just so when it rains..it really pours!

Ficke funny fate found me once more and got me some vanity galore from Asian Secrets last Valentines Day!

I have already tried using the Lulur scrub in Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract along with the Bengkoang soap and it was such a luxury having the chance to enjoy bathing for some extra added time. Ever since I got into this thesis thingy for my masters, I have almost forgotten how to stay longer than 10 minutes for some bath, thanks to these sweet treats from Asian Secrets that I got really the chance to have my skin pampered for quite a while. I love it's smell really.

And since I'm almost always running out of time, what I did when I tried it out last night was to scrub it all over my body and then use the Bengkoang Soap...LOL! The tiny beads sticked into the soap and voila! it worked like the scrub and the sponge and soap all at the same time! (It's more of like re-engineering things to fit my lifestyle...HAHAH!)

Some trivia: Bengkoang is SINGKAMAS and Lulur is a luxurious treatment for brides-to-be in Java, Indonesa. (So yeah, I really felt the luxury when I tried using it...XP.)

Thanks to Asian Secrets, Pinay Reviewer and Geek Girl Manila for this awesome Valentine treat (^_^).


PROMO ALERT: Win a Brand New Car, Motorcyle or Android Phones from Globe MyAppsMall

As I've been joining and winning online contests lately, it's also my delight to share some new contests and promos that I've stumbled upon the web to my readers. Here's a great deal from Globe's SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE: GET A CHANCE TO BE ONE OF THE LUCKY WINNERS OF 100 ANDROID PHONES A HONDA MOTORCYCLE AND A LOT MORE!!!

Here are the prizes up for grabs!

1 Car1 Chery QQ308 Automatic1
3 MotorcyclesHonda Scoopy Motorcycles3
Weekly ANDROID phones*20 units Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.220
20 units LG Optimus ME p35020
10 units Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman10
10 units LG Optimus Net P69010
10 units Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B551010
20 units Sony Ericsson X820
10 units LG Optimus Pro C66010

All that and I'm now drooling over a new car or perhaps the new motorcyle or just about any of those cool phones. I'm sure you are just as excited too. 

There are few easy peasy tasks that you have to do with corresponding entries to be earned during the promo period:

Complete registration as a new user10
1st log-in as a returning user for the day (excluding same day of registration)1
Every 5th day log-in2
Download of a FREE application5
Download of a PAID application10
Download of the featured "Application of the DAY" highlighted in the portal20

Easy tasks eh!

Visit My Apps Mall for your registration and downloads now! The direct link is here: http://bit.ly/znqiZR




Visit http://apps.globe.com.ph via web and  http://m.apps.globe.com.ph via wap and earn raffle entries from activities completed on MyAppsMall (see table of activities and entries below). You may also win LOAD for every successful registration of name and address via SMS.

The following is the list of activities with corresponding entries to be earned during the promo period:
Complete registration as a new user10
1st log-in as a returning user for the day (excluding same day of registration)1
Every 5th day log-in2
Download of a FREE application5
Download of a PAID application10
Download of the featured "Application of the DAY" highlighted in the portal20
I. How to register as a new user:

1. To register as a new user, visit http://m.apps.globe.com.ph via wap or http://apps.globe.com.ph via web and register to create an account.

2. For registration to be valid, input the following: name, gender, birth date, country of residence, nationality, language, telecom operator and mobile number.

3. Once mobile number is entered, a verification code will be sent via SMS. Subscriber must input this on the wapsite/website to complete registration process.

4. He/she may enter his/her mobile phone details to customize the list of applications that may be downloaded in his/ her handset.

5. Only 1 account registration can be provided per mobile number.

6. 10 entries will be awarded after successful registration and will be automatically credited to the user's MyAppsMall account.

7. Subscriber will also be prompted to register their name and address via SMS to validate the raffle entries that he/she will earn during the course of the promo. Please refer to "How to register" below for complete registration procedure.

II. How to log-in as a returning user:

1. Once successfully registered, subscriber may login as a returning user by entering the username and the password he/she provided upon registration.

2. 1st log-in as a returning user for the day will award the subscriber 1 entry. Repeated log-ins of the same day will not merit additional entries.

3. Every 5th day login, user will get 2 entries instead of 1.

III. How to download applications:

1. After logging in, subscriber may now browse the list of applications available for download. He/she may choose between free, paid and the "Application of the Week", which will be featured at the main page of MyAppsMall portal.

2. Subscribers may download as many applications as he/she can within the promo period and earn entries for each download.

IV. What are the raffle prizes?
1 Car1 Chery QQ308 Automatic1
3 MotorcyclesHonda Scoopy Motorcycles3
Weekly ANDROID phones*20 units Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.220
20 units LG Optimus ME p35020
10 units Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman10
10 units LG Optimus Net P69010
10 units Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B551010
20 units Sony Ericsson X820
10 units LG Optimus Pro C66010

1. The 20% Government Tax on prizes exceeding P10,000 shall be shouldered by MyAppsMall.

2. Prizes are transferable and convertible to cash.
*Prizes may vary depending on availability

Determination of Raffle Winners:

1. There will be 100 weekly winners of ANDROID PHONES, 1 Grand draw winner of a CHERY QQ308 and 3 Grand draw winners of a Honda Scoopy Motorcycle.

2. A weekly winner can only win once in the weekly draws but can win again in the grand draw.

3. Non-winning weekly raffle entries will still be eligible for the succeeding weekly draws and grand draw.

4. Representatives from Xurpas and DTI will be present during the determination of winners on the Weekly draw dates. Decision of the Xurpas representative shall be final with concurrence of the DTI representative.
129-Feb-12Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 21 Feb 201210 units LG Optimus ME p350
2Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 28 Feb 201210 units Sony Ericsson X8
314-Mar-12Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 6 Mar 201210 units LG Optimus Pro C660
4Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 13 Mar 201210 units Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman
528-Mar-12Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 20 Mar 201210 units LG Optimus Net P690
6Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 27 Mar 201210 units Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510
718-Apr-12Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 3 Apr 201210 units Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2
8Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 10 Apr 201210 units Sony Ericsson X8
925-Apr-12Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 17 Apr 201210 units LG Optimus ME p350
10Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 – Tuesday, 24 Apr 201210 units Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2
GRAND DRAWAll entries from 15 Feb 2012 to 24 Apr 20121 Chery QQ308 Automatic and 3 Honda Scoopy Motorcycles

Who are NOT qualified/eligible to join the promo:

All employees of Xurpas, GLOBE Telecom, Innove Communications, Singtel, its agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining the promo.

Validation Process for the Raffle Draws:

1. Qualified entries must:

a. Be registered to the MyAppsMall Superstar Challenge Promo via SMS

b. Be present at Xurpas system internal validated database logs within the promo duration

2. Winners will be notified by a call and registered mail from an authorized Xurpas Inc. representative.

3. Winners will also be announced at http://m.apps.globe.com.ph via wap or http://apps.globe.com.ph via web

4. Xurpas Inc. has the right to terminate accounts and forfeit prizes of subscribers who have been proven to generate entries via fraudulent transactions.

Provision on invalid entries: Unregistered entries

Redemption of Raffle Prizes:

1. The winner must present the following when claiming their prize:

a. Two (2) valid IDs with picture and address (i.e. SSS, Driver's License, PRC Card, Company ID or passport);
b. The winning SIM card registered;
c. The official registered mail sent by Xurpas;
d. Additional Requirements:

i. If the name of the subscriber indicated in the Globe/TM billing system as being the postpaid subscriber is different from the name of the sender of the winning entry of the Promo, the sender of the winning entry of the Promo will be qualified to receive the prize if he submits an affidavit from the postpaid subscriber certifying that the postpaid subscriber has authorized the winner to use his postpaid SIM card to join the Promo and that he waives his right to the prize in favor of the winner.

ii. If the drawn postpaid SIM card number corresponds to a subscription of a company, then the sender of the winning entry of the Promo will be qualified to receive the prize if he submits an affidavit from the duly authorized representative of the company owning the postpaid SIM card certifying that the company has authorized the sender of the winning entry to join the Promo and that the company is waiving its right to claim the prize won.

iii. If the sender of the winning entry is a minor, then he must be accompanied by his parent/legal guardian when he claims his prize. The subscriber's parent/legal guardian must then present his valid identification and proof that he is the parent/legal guardian of the subscriber.

IMPORTANT: Failure to submit any of the required proof and documentation is ground for disqualification

2. Upon verification, winners of Prizes shall be awarded only upon completion of entire validation process, resulting in the participant being identified as a legitimate winner.

3. For prepaid subscribers, account should be active and should have been properly decremented for all transactions. If inactive, winner shall present an affidavit of loss when claiming the prize. For post-paid subscribers, accounts should have no outstanding balances on the date of redemption.

4. If winner is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by his parent/s or legal guardian.

5. Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner's right over the prize with prior DTI approval.

6. For Metro Manila winners, the prize may be claimed at the Xurpas, Inc. office located at 51-A Zeta II Building, Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

7. For provincial winners:

a. Xurpas Inc. shall contact the winner and make arrangements for claiming the prize.
b. Winners must claim their prize at the Xurpas, Inc. office. Transportation, board and lodging expenses for claiming the prize shall be shouldered by the winner.
c. In case the winning subscriber cannot claim the prize personally, winners can send an authorized representative. The authorized representative should have an authorization letter and 2 valid (IDs) with picture and address and the official notification letter from Xurpas Inc. The authorized representative will sign the prize release documentation in behalf of the winner.

8. For Metro Manila winners and Provincial winners, they may opt to have the prizes delivered to their registered address. Courier charges will be shouldered by the winner.

9. Xurpas reserves the right to publish the name, region address and photograph of the winners. This rule is one of the conditions of participation which allows Xurpas to provide the public with proof of the prizes won by participants. This constitutes a fundamental transparency issue. As a winner, users may be asked, depending on advertising needs, to take part in a photo session and a brief interview about the circumstances surrounding his/her win. The following rules apply to the photo session:

1. The face must be uncovered

2. XURPAS may require photo ID to confirm the winner's usual appearance. If a winner refuses to comply with these rules, XURPAS reserves the right to suspend payment of the prize.

The information gathered may be used to write a press release sent to the media. Winner's information, photos and videos may also appear in one of XURPAS's commercials, including but not limited to, television, radio, print as well as on the website.

 “This is my official entry to the Globe-YugaTech My Apps Mall Contest“.


Valentine's Day Program Suggestion

Just as  Valentine's Day is just a few days from today, I'm sure many of you, regardless if you're single or in a relationship, are still getting busied over something. One of these really cool activity is to have a Valentine program at school, at the office, at home or for us, at our church.

It has always been fun to do some sort of gathering and fun-filled activity during this day of hearts. This season may have been one fully commercialized holiday but it's always worth the spend and not too much of the bittering all the while.(^_^) .We, the young couples, in our church are assigned to manage the preparations for the church Valentine this 2012. We have been looking for ideas here and there on how to have one memorable and truly fun-filled Valentine's Day.

You might find these ideas useful as part of your group's Valentine program:
1. Dating Game - Pretty classic but surely worth it. You might want to invite a searcher that's quite new or has never been part of the group ever since. This is just to put some thrill and catch to anonymity to the searchee..

2. Film showing - simple and hassle free, just put the projector on, play your fave Dating or Love story movie and you're good to go. For Christian or even non-christian married couples on the audience, the movie Fire Proof is a highly recommended MUST-WATCH film.

3.Games- The boat is sinking. Matching game or Pinoy Henyo for couples is a sure treat. If you've got some Android device, there's a FREE Pinoy Henyo app in the Android Market the you and your coupled friends would surely enjoy.

4. Interviews - You might want to have some video presentation composed of ambush interview from experienced adults regarding their advices to the young generation on how they managed to keep the spark in their married life throughout the years...

5. Open Forum - If your group is composed of a mixture of single, youth, married, in a relationship and it's complicated status, this might have bee some ice breaker or a good point to start learning from each other's point of view. Make sure you've got one excellent resource speaker to end each session with an insightful summary and advice. An equally brilliant moderator would surely prevent some dead air from hanging around...

6. Serenade - Sing the classic love songs to the sweet ladies of the group. Buy roses bouquet for them and have them delivered at your place fresh and sweet. Take the hassle of having to shop around looking for the perfect flower shop in Manila. There are already online ordering shops where you can have your flowers and gifts delivered anywhere in the Philippines. That is so you can dedicate more of your time preparing for the entire program itself . :)

Few more days and the day of love is finally here... I'm getting excited too!


What's your plan for Valentines 2012?

This year, we are celebrating our 10th Valentines Day together as a couple. When I try looking back, it would always give me the thrill how we actually spent our special days throughout the years. We are not the travelling type but oftentimes sentimental and adventurous. We wanted to try something different every year, not so expensive but really memorable.

Last year, our Valentines started a bit early for it was a weekend bowling moment at SM Fairview. We tagged along with some couples at our church to have some couples' day out in time for the Heart's Day. It was pretty memorable since we got it first time on a Valentine's Day weekend. And you the cliche, Every activity was just so WORTH IT and MEMORABLE if spent with someone you dearly love...Ayiiii!

Now on the Valentine's Day per se, what we did is a simple dinner after work some Valentine shopping where we bought ourselves a new pair of denims plus we also dropped by a bookstore to buy some Valentine gifts for the kids. Oh Yeah! The kids still ought to be part of the grand day.  For them, we got some new books and pens and a game board for us to bond together before the official day of heart ends. It was not all about lovers really. It's very much ok to say it's also time for some heart's day with our kids...Right?

I think we should try to break stereotypes somehow. So for this Valentines 2012, I suggest that you also try giving gifts to your kids. Giving flowers, like roses bouquet, to your little daughter would surely be so sweet... try having it delivered right at your house when you're still at the office. By then she would wonder who gave her such treat. She would be pretty surprise to see it's from her Dad. Oh I can just imagine my little Cassy being just like that. But to add some twist, I'm sure they'd love that you give them something that's edible. A candy flower delivered right before her is a sure sweet treat! 

Happy Valentines with your sweet honey and your kids everyone!


Grabbing a bite of chocolate to keep you heaped-up throughout a special day...

I remembered way back my thesis proposal days, I posted a sweet note on my Fb wall along with this pic.
Yeah I surely love the notion of giving me a bar of Toblerone to keep me upbeat, alive an kickin' ready for my thesis proposal. It was indeed a memorable and special event that would embark my entrance to the gruelling world of research and thesis preparation and activities. I am so glad that honey had been so thoughtful to give me his bar of chocolates fresh from his bag the morning we're about to aboard our car for work and later on thesis proposal at school. He must have known how nervous I am that day and so he gave me something to munch and  bite while I'm on the agony of waiting for my turn to present. \

True enough I've been in a complete hype that day. My energy just got a higher level which gave me much of the composure to answer questions posted by the panel during my proposal.

Now for a special day approaching like that of Valentines or perhaps anniversaries or birthdays, it would surely be super sweet to give your dearest one a thoughtful treat. You could perhaps buy him a rose bouquet and have the roses delivered right at her office or doorstep. It would surely be pretty nice to encapsulate some sweet notes over it.

Now if she's not the flower fancy type like me, I'm sure she'd surely love some bunch of Toblerone with a cuddly bear and your sweet sweet note. Your loved ones would surely appreciate your effort with lots of kisses and hugs fit and prim for a memorable celebration this Valentines Day. And yeah, it's never written in pact or anywhere in the book of laws that you only ought to give chocolates and huggables on Valentines Day only. You could always do it at any random point in time. She's surely love surprises and the thought of your sweetness.

So go order your Valentine gifts right now before the Valentine rush next week!Tee hee!


What do you think is a perfect tangible Valentine gift?

As I have just created my first Valentine post recently, I just think that for me, a perfect Valentine gift would be a huggable bear with a bunch of chocolate goodies. As we may have different preferences, we are of course served with different packages to choose from. I have come across a really cool Valentine gift ordering site who offers flower and gifts delivery anywhere in the Philippines. I think it's worth the visit especially on this season of loving and caring and giving.

Having one reliable and online gift shop is a key factor in choosing the best Valentines gift for your special someone this heart's day. You just imagine if you got yourself so ready to pick the best choice of gifts ready for delivery for your uber special someone and suddenly the delivery just failed to deliver on time? That was one hell of a mess! We don't want such kind of trouble really. So I would recommend that you go choose for a credible and reliable source so you won't be getting all your cooked surprised spoiled on a very special day.

Upon browsing through the PHGifts website, I discovered that they are also delivering food for a DATE!

 Yay! I'm so excited to try that! Imagine you won't be troubling yourself all the way preparing for your meals for a romantic dinner date? All you have to do is have some ultimate makeover and beauty rest and wait til the food is delivered right at your doorstep. That one would surely save energy and effort for other fun-filled activities on the Day of Love!

How about you? What do you fancy doing and spending time with on a Valentines Day. Go treat you and your special someone with something out of the box this time. I know whatever it is, it would surely be one awesome Special Holiday that's surely worth the spend and the effort all together...

Happy Lovin' and Happy Valentines MONTH everyone!

Loving the color red on the month of Love

Yay! Time flies so fastly. We waited more than 300 days last year for Christmas and suddenly it's all over. Then came my honey's Birthday plus New Year's Celebration. Soon after was my birthday and now, yet another Red Letter Day on our Love Calendar. Huwat? It's less than two weeks before Valentines Day!

So yeah, let's paint the town RED with all the lovin' and mushy talks for this season of love. I am the more excited for it will be the first heart's day for our newly beloved RED Rio.  We just got it last Sunday in time for a joyride this Valentines Day. Our old car is white and this time we want to go timeless and fierce and oh..romantic with a red sedan.

On Valentine's Day, we are scheduled to attend our daughter's first ever Field Day Presentation at school. Nonetheless I heard honey's gonna go half day for work just to support our little Cassy on her presentation. Cassy excitedly told us that she will be on the front line as she will be leading all other kindergarten kids in their special number. This is one big break for her so we'll go all the way to support her, even if that means we are spending less time for US on heart's day. I think the teachers are a bit kill joy to have it scheduled on a Valentines Day.  But on the restrospect, I think it's a perfect time for some family bonding in the morning and some date night tonight with honey.

 Since I'm not that fancy for some fresh flower delivery on a Red Letter Day, I think a huggable bear with lots of sweets like CHOCOLATES from PHGifts will surely do! And oh., I love to have some mushy encryption of some cool-drool messages on the side. Keeping my fingers crossed on spending a brand new adventure unveiled this February 14. Yay! (^_^)