Why I'm adamantly resisting an Android Upgrade over my Windows Phone

Updates! Updates! Updates! I love it for updates.

I have always been lured of the flexibility one can have by acquiring an Android phone. Aside from it being a free and open source mobile OS, thousands of developers have been contributing to it's App market which makes thousands and thousands of free and usable apps are available out there.

Perci, my husband, is currently using an LG Optimus 2x and him being a power-user, constantly rooting and almost bricking his device, owning an Android was an everyday bite of sweet apple for him. For some times, I would want to join the bandwagon of such freakin' power Android phone destroyers    users ... but then again, I would always want to think twice.

I am currently enjoying my HTC Mozart Windows Phone. As for a busy me, having a low maintenance smartphone is but a breeze. I love that I get to update my Facebook via the People Hub. I love that 'ALL' my e-mails get synced neatly inside my phone. The instant backup of my photos via Skydrive is but a sweet refuge in case my phone gets lost. All and more... I know I am just a keeper of my devices.

But really, for me being quite busy these days, researching for unofficial tweaks to compensate any glitches may not be so feasible. I think the most important thing that I love about my Mozart is that it's constantly updated and improved long after the warranty period. I love that Windows and HTC has made quite a good partnership in making my unit super worth-it.

Whenever I find glitches, I know the update will already be on it's way. True enough this morning, I got my update 1.10.8107.79 through the Zune software.

Here are the available updates for 1.10.8107.79 of my HTC Mozart running in Windows Phone 7.5.

And because the updates are cumulative, installing the latest update includes all the previous updates in case I miss any. Plain awesome really..

So yeah, there are pros and cons of having a proprietary software running on our devices... but this sure advantage has always made me adamantly repulsive of any future upgrade to other OS and phone...not until this phone gets broken or somehow STOLEN(^_^). Best Blogger Tips
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