On inventions, The intersections and beyond...

I have always marvelled on an invention. Whether it be as simple as the KNIFE or as mind-boggling as the complex algorithms of HUMAN-LIKE ROBOTS, I’d always been of complete amazement on how BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT the minds of their inventor(s) were!

I mean, it’s really so hard to come up with something novel or out of the box. I’m on the last semester of my masters and I’m suppose to come up with a research topic for my thesis that has some sort of NOVELTY. But heck. I’m clueless, I’m almost nose-bleeding on others’ researches and INVENTIONS. 

While biologists’ ultimate dream INVENTION would be the ELIXIR OR LIFE and the physicists’ PERFECT STEAM ENGINE.. I have TWO DREAM INVENTIONS that I would want to realize or maybe see someone realize in the near future. The first one can be for fun and the last one, I would actually want to realize.. (*I hope so!*).

Now for my DREAM INVENTION #1, it just came into my mind, while thinking for an entry for the Intersection and Beyond's contest,  I want an INTERPRETER MICROPHONE.

Oh well, this would be very useful for travels. If you’ve got into a foreign land, no way to understand what everyone was talking about, or lost in an intersection or junction of an odd place with natives all around, just turn on the microphone and everything was translated in English or perhaps Filipino! It would be even nicer if we develop an option to interpret our dialects so the language barrier between Filipinos of different dialects would no longer exist. Thinking about it, that would be SOOO PRETTY NICE! 

This INTERPRETER MICROPHONE can also be used to eavesdrop on your FOREIGNER BOSSES, talking in their own language. That way you will know if they're actually talking things against you or not. (And mind you, this happened to me looong before!)

But really, my real concern for this is for the Miss Universe pageant to be able to use it everytime Miss Venezuela answers.. so we may be able to hear directly what her ‘FREAKIN’’ answer was and won’t wonder anymore if the interpreter is trying to extravagantly IMPROVE her response or not. For really, oftentimes, I wonder why their answers are just so short and the interpreter really says A LOT(*with feelings!*). Just kidding on this! But then maybe, yes, an INTERPRETER MICROPHONE would be way more useful than the beauty pageant interpreter! LOL!

Now seriously, Here's my DREAM INVENTION #2, (this one I DREAM to achieve!) Being a geomatics engineer, I would probably call for a positioning device transmitted via satellite that could map out a person’s location even inside buildings or any obstruction.

Yeah, it’s the weakness of our current GPS not being able to penetrate on tree foliage, buildings or man-made structures. So technically if you’re travelling inside a tunnel, the GPS receiver inside your car or your phone is useless. Also when you’re in the middle of Makati or Ortigas Centre, most often than not, your GPS location would be far off the real coordinates by 10-100m error. I’ve read researches in using RFIDs to bridge the positioning gaps.   

But what if someone (*EHEM!*) can invent something much more than pre-computed coordinates embedded in an RFID? This positioning device won’t need recharging and could track all global navigation satellite system aside from GPS. (Some trivia: There’s more than five fully-operational satellite systems from different countries roving around our sky at any point in time aside from the famous GPS!) How about another electromagnetic spectrum band that could penetrate the walls and tree foliage? 

It would be like, a realized Ethan Hunt’s Mission Impossible stunt being able to track any captive inside a building or perhaps my HELD-UP OR SNATCHED cell phone, being equipped with this AWESOME device, having the culprit arrested and tracked in no time. I would love to track him invisibly and send him to jail immediately. I would probably earn lots of money from the telcos as they’re to brag that their phones are SNATCH-FREE! Haha!

But yes, maybe “asset tracking” is the one of the most important need of today. Imagine being able to put an all-weather, all-terrain, all-material-penetrating tracking device in your most important possessions, that way , inventories may have been much easier. How about in a disaster? If everyone is equipped with their tracking device? Then logistics for relief operations would be easier. Rescue operations of missing persons would be more convenient. That and all, I know we would be benefiting a lot from an AWESOME tracking and positioning device that would overcome the limitations of our GPS. 

That’s all for now. I knew I did so much of the talking.

These and all are the PROS of having such invention. But then again, no matter how much ease this INVENTION could bring, my dream tracking device MAY BE further ACCUSSED OF PRIVACY INVASION. Or my INTERPRETER MICROPHONE may be used for breaking in of terrorists. Boo! But of course, any inventions has it’s BOON and BANE. Much like the nuclear energy, bringing good to power generation but still having adverse health and environmental effects. So it’s all up to the CLEVER MINDs of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens on how to utilize such invention once it’s fully operational.

I know it’s not only me who has had the dilemma of finding one novel piece of work... even the DOT officials recently DID! In the quest for finding the best tourism slogan for the country, they have come up with a pretty nice and VIRAL tag- #itsMoreFunInThePhilippines. Anyways, intellectual-property-wise, I think this DOT invention just gotta have more mishaps. Oh well. IT'S DEFINITELY MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES when I have my family with me... the very reason why I never opt working abroad. 

Looking forward to your inventions everyone...

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