My diary, destiny and serendipity...

When it rains, it surely pours!

Just as I know God has been a proven provider in my life, He never really failed to pamper me with awesome surprises that are surely serendipitous. Just a few days before my silver year concluded last 2011, He poured out his blessings to me ONCE AGAIN by making me the grand prize winner of the Diary ni Gracia blogging contest. I got lots of imported goodies plus chocoloates plus 5k cash. I know! I know! I'm so blessed! It was a hurdle between really awesome entries and I'm so blessed to be hailed as the winner.

I really enjoyed writing my piece for since high school days, I am already into scrapbooking and diary making, it was only when I got married and got really busy with mommying and careers and other extra curricular activities that I never got the time to make elaborate designs for my memoirs. For now I can only manage to keep simple planners that chronicle all my adventures and misadventures along with the scribbles and doodlings of my Cassy and David. This contest made me look back and reminisce. I was really nostalgic when I get to take photos of my musings and previous creations. I love that this contest made me stop my busy life for a while and just browse through the pages of my 'history' through my diaries.

More than the prizes, I would say that the experience, the nostalgia and the appreciation of the colorful days of my past made me really so grateful for joining and winning with Gracia.

To Gracia,

It was a sure serendipity that I met you in the blogosphere, It was a pleasure sharing my diary and it's memories. Thanks and I hope to meet you one of these days. Your journey abroad is but an everyday opportunity to have something praiseworthy getting written in your Diary...

Best Regards,

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