A night of healthful goodness and awesome prizes with SOYAMI

Being healthy and fit has always been part of my NEW YEAR's RESOLUTION. It has always been a constant goal that I want myself to achieve little by little as years go by. As I have been confronted with lots of unhealthy options that would harm not only my health but would also bring forth a cascading effect to my figure, social life and love life (oh well! forbid me, it's the love month already!hahaha!) it would be an instant gratification whenever I come across pleasant healthy treats that would carve the balance between healthy and palatable meals.

Last January 25, 2012 I am so blessed to take part in a night of healthful goodness with Soyami at Tourne along  Fort Strip, BGC. It was a night of healthful surprises for the bloggers as we were enticed by really healthy meals made from Soyami. Amazingly, healthy and delicious surely could go hand in hand. 

Here are my favorite healthful picks fo the night... 
I have really endeared the taste of that pancit...perfect for my appetite. The bun was equally tempting along with the pasta and even the mixed rice.

 And something that would keep me munching even long after the event was the Soyami sticks. I know I could go guiltless with every bite.. I never cared munching all the way with my fave coffee on the side...

That one is indeed a night of healthful goodness as we were not only pampered with great healthy dishes but were also given a chance to hear interesting talks about health and wellness. The sponsors of the event also gave equally interesting talks about their products , of which we were also blessed to take home some.

I got the age-defying package from Q-Life : Face One which I am still enjoying and testing right now. So far So GOOD!:)  
The Fruit Magic delights for which I am so addicted to the shakes even long before the event..
Fitness First for which my sister-in-law has just renewed her subscription.
Haribon Foundation, an organization who has always been visible to the caring and nurturing of our environment. Kudos to you guys!
Suncoast : Lightwater and Vit. Boost who has been my husband's hydrating companion at the office when he got some minor colds. Thanks:)
Fernbelly - Treehugger, the ingenious way to writing.... indeed very helpful to me during my jotting down notes for my thesis.  Thumbs up for the effort of lowering down our carbon footprints by being so environment-friendly and yet stylish still.

And last but not the least Rudy Project - that of which I'm not so lucky to get picked in the raffle for some goodies...

But wait! Though I'm not that lucky to get picked in any of the raffle prizes, I got one heck of a redemption by winning 2nd place in the Soyami Guiltless Snacking blogging contest. I am so blessed to take home P5000.00 cash plus two months supply of Soyami goodies! So much of the blessing indeed... Congrats also to my fellow bloggers Paige and Richard for winning 1st and 3rd place respectively. Truly it was a night of healthful goodness and awesome prizes with Soyami!

Now if you guys would want to win just like me, I suggest that you go like their Facebook fan page for more updates. They are cooking up another great contest for moms and health buffs out there who has the passion for COOKING and LIVING HEALTHY with SOYAMI! 

So yeah... go LIKE!LIKE!LIKE! and spread the word. Thanks SOYAMI!(^_^)


My diary, destiny and serendipity...

When it rains, it surely pours!

Just as I know God has been a proven provider in my life, He never really failed to pamper me with awesome surprises that are surely serendipitous. Just a few days before my silver year concluded last 2011, He poured out his blessings to me ONCE AGAIN by making me the grand prize winner of the Diary ni Gracia blogging contest. I got lots of imported goodies plus chocoloates plus 5k cash. I know! I know! I'm so blessed! It was a hurdle between really awesome entries and I'm so blessed to be hailed as the winner.

I really enjoyed writing my piece for since high school days, I am already into scrapbooking and diary making, it was only when I got married and got really busy with mommying and careers and other extra curricular activities that I never got the time to make elaborate designs for my memoirs. For now I can only manage to keep simple planners that chronicle all my adventures and misadventures along with the scribbles and doodlings of my Cassy and David. This contest made me look back and reminisce. I was really nostalgic when I get to take photos of my musings and previous creations. I love that this contest made me stop my busy life for a while and just browse through the pages of my 'history' through my diaries.

More than the prizes, I would say that the experience, the nostalgia and the appreciation of the colorful days of my past made me really so grateful for joining and winning with Gracia.

To Gracia,

It was a sure serendipity that I met you in the blogosphere, It was a pleasure sharing my diary and it's memories. Thanks and I hope to meet you one of these days. Your journey abroad is but an everyday opportunity to have something praiseworthy getting written in your Diary...

Best Regards,


Why I'm adamantly resisting an Android Upgrade over my Windows Phone

Updates! Updates! Updates! I love it for updates.

I have always been lured of the flexibility one can have by acquiring an Android phone. Aside from it being a free and open source mobile OS, thousands of developers have been contributing to it's App market which makes thousands and thousands of free and usable apps are available out there.

Perci, my husband, is currently using an LG Optimus 2x and him being a power-user, constantly rooting and almost bricking his device, owning an Android was an everyday bite of sweet apple for him. For some times, I would want to join the bandwagon of such freakin' power Android phone destroyers    users ... but then again, I would always want to think twice.

I am currently enjoying my HTC Mozart Windows Phone. As for a busy me, having a low maintenance smartphone is but a breeze. I love that I get to update my Facebook via the People Hub. I love that 'ALL' my e-mails get synced neatly inside my phone. The instant backup of my photos via Skydrive is but a sweet refuge in case my phone gets lost. All and more... I know I am just a keeper of my devices.

But really, for me being quite busy these days, researching for unofficial tweaks to compensate any glitches may not be so feasible. I think the most important thing that I love about my Mozart is that it's constantly updated and improved long after the warranty period. I love that Windows and HTC has made quite a good partnership in making my unit super worth-it.

Whenever I find glitches, I know the update will already be on it's way. True enough this morning, I got my update 1.10.8107.79 through the Zune software.

Here are the available updates for 1.10.8107.79 of my HTC Mozart running in Windows Phone 7.5.

And because the updates are cumulative, installing the latest update includes all the previous updates in case I miss any. Plain awesome really..

So yeah, there are pros and cons of having a proprietary software running on our devices... but this sure advantage has always made me adamantly repulsive of any future upgrade to other OS and phone...not until this phone gets broken or somehow STOLEN(^_^).


I have been so busy with many things lately...

The past 2011 was a year for my blogging and winning. I owe my new smartphones, new gadgets, lots of free stuffs plus some money out of blogging. Thanks be to God for all those blessings. I am also blessed with my precious free time to spend with my family. I am so spoiled of God's provisions.

This year, I know it will be promising. On my birthday,last week, I got the package of 1 month free supplies of milk that was like worth P14,000++  for 40 boxes of Aqiva. I gave some for my sister and some for my nieces. The remaining 24 boxes was for Cassy and David. I doubt that Cassy and David would be able to consume those formula milk in just a month. Anyways . So thank you Lord! On my birthdate too, I received the news that I also won a year free internet connection plus landline from PLDT and Nuffnang.  That was like P2000 savings per month for a year! Yeah! What a great surprise! On the weekend, I have been so happy to watch  Sherlock Holmes and play at Tom's World with my family. I just had a blast for my birthday which set the tune in STARTING MY YEAR RIGHT! 

But lately, I know I have been restless because of my research plus family affairs and other workload. We were as if rushing for the first quarter of 2012 to get the 2011 backlog to finally get over. But still I am happy, I got the time to celebrate my birthday with some awesome surprises.

Now for being so busy and oftentimes worried, sometimes on the verge of losing my precious peace of mind lately, I am still thankful that God is there to remind me to go 'HINAY HINAY' with all of these things that fills my mind.

I feel so blessed having the time to read and reflect on these verses:

Luke 10:38-41
At the Home of Martha and Mary
 38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. 40 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”   41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[f] Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Indeed, in the midst of all these business and everything that occupies my mind and heart, One thing is essential... and that is to keep my FAITH in God! He has worked wonders in my life... way beyond expectations. He deserves my precious time for devotion and full trust. He is mighty and able and I shall not falter on His faithfulness! He is my tried and tested friend. 

This year, 2012, we are setting new goals and heights. Hopefully, we can buy a new car, have our new house furnished and send Cassy and David to a good school. Also, I hope to finish my masters this year so I can already earn FULL time. Me and Perci will also be celebrating our 1st decade together this year so I hope we could have a small celebration. I also hope to finish reading the bible this year. These and more, I want done before the world 2012 ends! Haha!

I know this 2012, I should be dedicating more time in serving God.

For in time, I believe, if my faith is in tune, everything else will follow. Goals set are not at all bad. The way we want those goals accomplished would oftentimes than not, set the complications. So God, Thank You for reminding me once more...and giving me some sense of direction once again. I'm OFF for another BLESSED and FRUITFUL YEAR! Whatever I have achieved and will be achieving this year... I know it will be for the Glory of You! So help me God!


Wow! Jinky Oda is a skin whitening brand ENDORSER!

I have practically grown with the seat-com Okey ka Fairy ko! and I can never forget the looks and the funny antics of their dark-complexioned housemaid named Bale! When I was browsing through the net for an effective skin-whitening solution, I came across this:

Source: http://myglutamax.com/component/content/article/39-feature/55-testimonials.html

Whenever I get to watch beauty product commercials, I have always questioned the integrity of such because of the models that get to endorse their products. I mean c'mon, go give us realistic results! Don't give us Anne Curtis or Regine Velasquez or Kim Chu who has alway been fair-skinned and beautiful. They have never been black or rough-skinned ever... so how do we see the difference?

Now GLUTAMAX must've had one effective product to show a true-to-life transformation of Bale of OK ka fairy ko to Belle of Beauty and the Beast... from the epic-afro-cut-housemaid to be a truly Ok ka FAIR-y skinned lady! Now we get to see real testimonial! Now we get to see the REAL DIFFERENCE! Kudos to GLUTAMAX for Jinky Oda's Kutis Mayaman skin.

Here's an array of  GLUTAMAX products that you might just want to try because of it being highly recommended for your skin!

Glutamax Deodorant and anti-perspirant 

  •  Gently and effectively lightens dark underarms while protecting against body odor and sweating.
  •  Has a distinct mild fragrant that soothes the senses. 
  • With continued use, GlutaMAX guarantees whiter and silky smooth underarm.

Lightening lotion:

  • Gently and effectively lightens skin tone while deeply moisturizes the skin.
  •  Contains SPF 15 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  •  Has premium lightening essentials that concentrate on dark areas such as knees and elbows, to make skin evenly lighter. It revitalizes the skin leaving it smoother and more vibrant. 
  • With continued use, GlutaMAX makes skin intensely and evenly lighter, while restoring skin’s youthful vibrancy.  For best result, use with other GlutaMAX products.

Lightening face cream

  •  Gently lightens uneven skin tone and discolorations on the face such as freckles, age spots and pigmentations.
  •  Nourishes the skin to improve overall texture and restore youthful vibrancy. 
  • Contains SPF 15 to protect the skin against harmful effects of the sun. 
  • With continued use, GlutaMAX guarantees visibly lighter, smoother and blemish-free skin.

GlutaMAX Lightening Soap 

  • Best for all skin type.
  •  Removes dirt and excess oil, eliminates dead skin cells and other skin blemishes while gently lightens skin tone through mild exfoliation.
  •  Has a distinct fragrant that makes bathing experience more refreshing.
  •  With continued use, GlutaMAX guarantees healthy lighter skin. For best result, use with other GlutaMAX products.

GlutaMAX Reduced Glutathione capsule 

  • Helps promote the liver’s metabolism to generate and increase body’s glutathione supply and enhances the cellular and body functions. 
  •  Preserves and protects the body against the damage caused by free radicals.
  •  Daily intake of GlutaMAX does not only promote health but also lightens skin tone. Skin lightening occurs when the dosage of glutathione is doubled from the dosage used in taking glutathione as an anti-oxidant supplement.
  •  Contains 75mg of Sodium Ascorbate to help in the process of skin lightening.
  •  Boosts your immune system, increases energy and evenly lightens skin tone.
You might just want to experience the Kutis Mayaman experience just like Jinky. It's never too late- Grab a Glutamax! Get set Go! (^_^)


On inventions, The intersections and beyond...

I have always marvelled on an invention. Whether it be as simple as the KNIFE or as mind-boggling as the complex algorithms of HUMAN-LIKE ROBOTS, I’d always been of complete amazement on how BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT the minds of their inventor(s) were!

I mean, it’s really so hard to come up with something novel or out of the box. I’m on the last semester of my masters and I’m suppose to come up with a research topic for my thesis that has some sort of NOVELTY. But heck. I’m clueless, I’m almost nose-bleeding on others’ researches and INVENTIONS. 

While biologists’ ultimate dream INVENTION would be the ELIXIR OR LIFE and the physicists’ PERFECT STEAM ENGINE.. I have TWO DREAM INVENTIONS that I would want to realize or maybe see someone realize in the near future. The first one can be for fun and the last one, I would actually want to realize.. (*I hope so!*).

Now for my DREAM INVENTION #1, it just came into my mind, while thinking for an entry for the Intersection and Beyond's contest,  I want an INTERPRETER MICROPHONE.

Oh well, this would be very useful for travels. If you’ve got into a foreign land, no way to understand what everyone was talking about, or lost in an intersection or junction of an odd place with natives all around, just turn on the microphone and everything was translated in English or perhaps Filipino! It would be even nicer if we develop an option to interpret our dialects so the language barrier between Filipinos of different dialects would no longer exist. Thinking about it, that would be SOOO PRETTY NICE! 

This INTERPRETER MICROPHONE can also be used to eavesdrop on your FOREIGNER BOSSES, talking in their own language. That way you will know if they're actually talking things against you or not. (And mind you, this happened to me looong before!)

But really, my real concern for this is for the Miss Universe pageant to be able to use it everytime Miss Venezuela answers.. so we may be able to hear directly what her ‘FREAKIN’’ answer was and won’t wonder anymore if the interpreter is trying to extravagantly IMPROVE her response or not. For really, oftentimes, I wonder why their answers are just so short and the interpreter really says A LOT(*with feelings!*). Just kidding on this! But then maybe, yes, an INTERPRETER MICROPHONE would be way more useful than the beauty pageant interpreter! LOL!

Now seriously, Here's my DREAM INVENTION #2, (this one I DREAM to achieve!) Being a geomatics engineer, I would probably call for a positioning device transmitted via satellite that could map out a person’s location even inside buildings or any obstruction.

Yeah, it’s the weakness of our current GPS not being able to penetrate on tree foliage, buildings or man-made structures. So technically if you’re travelling inside a tunnel, the GPS receiver inside your car or your phone is useless. Also when you’re in the middle of Makati or Ortigas Centre, most often than not, your GPS location would be far off the real coordinates by 10-100m error. I’ve read researches in using RFIDs to bridge the positioning gaps.   

But what if someone (*EHEM!*) can invent something much more than pre-computed coordinates embedded in an RFID? This positioning device won’t need recharging and could track all global navigation satellite system aside from GPS. (Some trivia: There’s more than five fully-operational satellite systems from different countries roving around our sky at any point in time aside from the famous GPS!) How about another electromagnetic spectrum band that could penetrate the walls and tree foliage? 

It would be like, a realized Ethan Hunt’s Mission Impossible stunt being able to track any captive inside a building or perhaps my HELD-UP OR SNATCHED cell phone, being equipped with this AWESOME device, having the culprit arrested and tracked in no time. I would love to track him invisibly and send him to jail immediately. I would probably earn lots of money from the telcos as they’re to brag that their phones are SNATCH-FREE! Haha!

But yes, maybe “asset tracking” is the one of the most important need of today. Imagine being able to put an all-weather, all-terrain, all-material-penetrating tracking device in your most important possessions, that way , inventories may have been much easier. How about in a disaster? If everyone is equipped with their tracking device? Then logistics for relief operations would be easier. Rescue operations of missing persons would be more convenient. That and all, I know we would be benefiting a lot from an AWESOME tracking and positioning device that would overcome the limitations of our GPS. 

That’s all for now. I knew I did so much of the talking.

These and all are the PROS of having such invention. But then again, no matter how much ease this INVENTION could bring, my dream tracking device MAY BE further ACCUSSED OF PRIVACY INVASION. Or my INTERPRETER MICROPHONE may be used for breaking in of terrorists. Boo! But of course, any inventions has it’s BOON and BANE. Much like the nuclear energy, bringing good to power generation but still having adverse health and environmental effects. So it’s all up to the CLEVER MINDs of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens on how to utilize such invention once it’s fully operational.

I know it’s not only me who has had the dilemma of finding one novel piece of work... even the DOT officials recently DID! In the quest for finding the best tourism slogan for the country, they have come up with a pretty nice and VIRAL tag- #itsMoreFunInThePhilippines. Anyways, intellectual-property-wise, I think this DOT invention just gotta have more mishaps. Oh well. IT'S DEFINITELY MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES when I have my family with me... the very reason why I never opt working abroad. 

Looking forward to your inventions everyone...