4th Philippine KPOP Convention

This year, everything KOREAN ROCKED AND POPPED the Philippine scene, the world and even the entire universe!

From Korean gadgets and cars, to Korean noodles and ice creams, to Koreanovelas, to Korean space satellites and that of the ever-famous PSY and everything that’s KPOP - almost all facets of life has some touch of Korean in it nowadays.

For some touch of Korean magic, let me share this post as also my means of thanksgiving before 2012 finally come to an end. 

This 2012, part of our biggest blessing is our purchase of another Korean car. We had a Daewoo racer last year as our first faithful ride and this year, we have have never left the Korean car craze and got ourselves the latest Kia Rio sedan.

We knew we couldn't have been more than blessed and can't help but be more thankful for such a sweet surprise especially for my kids on our every bonding weekend.

Now this year too, we got hold of some cool gadgets that has some Korean influence too!

For the love of anything that's nice and Korean, I can't adamantly forget how this KPOP rocked my little daughter’s birthday last year. I owe it to her fave 2NE1! I can’t believe how my daughter had really adored Sandara Park of 2NE1 and how she has always worn that signature 2NE1 hand signal for her every profile pic. 

She has literally affected us in every way… and look at us now, we’re KPOP converts already!

Back then, we were just letting our lungs out when we finally got into the 2NE1 concert. Time and fate connived and we got ourselves three VIP tix to grace our little girl’s 5th Birthday last June 04, 2011. There’s nothing more worthy of every spend than to see our little Cassy’s eyes glittering and seeing her fave girl group perform before her very eyes.

This year, someone Korean that launched a billion Youtube hits! So came Psy who made the whole world rock with his Gangnam Style! Reaching 1Billion++ hits in Youtube is no mere fancy sign of fame and real authority. He just had his own version of fame that ought to shine the pop culture’s HALL OF FAME!

Oh yeah, there’s no stopping KPOP from really hopping into the limelight and invading the wishful heart of this new generation of KPOP fanatics.

And just before we finally bid goodbye to the glorious year this 2012 had been, we know that the Korean invasion is still FAR FROM OVER! This December 29, 2012 at PICC Forums 1-3, let all the KPOP fanatic RE-UNITE for the 4th time around! 

Thanks to Globe, Ponds, Standard Appliances , Liole and Basic House for making this event possible. 

I just can’t help but bring the good news to my dear daughter when I learned of the news. She was like dancing to the beat of E-E! E-E-E! E-E! 2-N-E-1!

This year will cause the major paradigm shift, much like the anticipated eclipse of the milky way galaxy and the solar system that could have suspected the world’s end, when F.Cuz and and A.Cian stardom will finally align in a single fateful night!

F.Cuz, popularized by their “Jiggy” hit has never left the wishful hearts and lips of our young people here and everywhere. It must’ve been the matinee idol type that that we used to have way back in our generation. The music, the fashion, the looks… everything was a perfect concoction for a brand new potion that melted the heart of every girl’s heart. This year, they are rocking the 4th KPOP Convention and their mere appearance would surely be jaw-dropping and yeah, lung-exhausting just as we did last year!

A.cian, a hybrid of  “Ace of Asia” and “Musician” has truly STUCKed in the hearts of every KPOP fangirl! The fancy blink of lights, the spiky blondes, the chinky eyes and the rocking techno groove of their Pop music has been far from ordinary. Every performance reminds me of our generation’s Westlife and Back Street Boys.

And oh, I just can’t help but be amazed on how fast paced our lives has been. I’m looking now through the looking glass of the pages in my youthful days right now. Just as how life seemed absurdly fast with the whirlwind of these  generation shifts and so is the inarguably same pattern of fandom and benevolence to every generation’s genre…The music and the looks may have changed but the same old groove is there to stay.  I’m a bit older , say groovy now! I used to really love my dad dancing to the STEPS’ hits before while he used to sing his Nat King Cole hits. Now my daughter would be calling me groovy this time around as I get heaped up with the beat of A.cian’s “STUCK” and F.Cuz “Jiggy” as she used to hear me rock with “Get down” and “Macarena” in our compact discs before.   

And apart from the groove and the pop rocked into one package of real entertainment on the 4th KPOP Convention this December 21st, I am more than pleased and really can’t help but get excited on the proceeds of the event. Turned out that this one will benefit another ground-breaking for Gawad Kalinga and another feline or pup of PAWS.

What’s more fulfilling is to have some taste of entertainment for a bigger cause. It’s fun and charity rolled into one that made the Philippine KPOP Convention more worthy of every support...

More power and see you as history unveils and truly come to happen once again on December 29th for this year's KPOP Convention! Merry Christmas and advance Happiest New Year ever!


Get To Know Perxclub

My wallet is my shopping swiss-knife! When I get to choose one, I make sure it's BIG ENOUGH to contain all my coins, paper bills, ballpen, receipts, CELLPHONE, 1x1 and 2x2 pictures (huh?, yeah I honestly have like 4 each), IDs and all my LOYALTY CARDS all stuffed inside my BIG-BULKY and EVER-RELIABLE 6"x 4" WALLET!And Oh! If I can just fit in an eco bag inside it for every shopping day, I could've done so.

But nah! There were moments that you just want to shop lightly...

When all you want to do is just to bring your car-key, debit card and a single-all-purpose-LOYALTY/DISCOUNT card and you're ready to go! Good thing there's this Perxclub that offers just about the perfect and ingenious solution to everyone's shopping needs!

Here are the reasons why Perxclub perfectly fits ME (and yes... YOU TOO!):

         When I came tidying my wallet of receipts for my business expense limit, I just realized, I have almost full-packed it's card slot with discount and loyalty cards. So apart from TIN, PRC, company and school ID plus two debit cards, these PVCs are putting all the bulk in my wallet all-in. As much as I want to eliminate extra weight and bulk in my ever-reliable piece of treasure, I know I just can't adamantly get away with DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS!

It's very timely that Perxclub came to save the day! The Philippines' first and only digital customer rewards mobile app offers the ultimate loyalty card integrator with all the perks and plus in a single one-time-big-time virtual discount card! With it I don't have to bring any physical discount card anymore but still enjoy the convenience and luxury of my discounts right at my very phone. Now that's what you call PERX!
2. Perxclub is a FREE mobile app! 
       When almost everything in this world has an equivalent monetary value... even the scarcest commodity like love and happiness just got to have a price... I'm glad I still get to cross upon some FREE and USEFUL stuff like Perxclub! I just remembered how pissed-off I am when I have to buy a reward-card for a free Wi-Fi access plus rebate promo at a coffee shop. It was really pricey but I know I just got to give in because I have to access the web from my laptop right then. So yeah, I'll just make sure I get all the rebates that I can have since I technically PAID for it in advance. Good thing again that this Perxclub offers the same luxury and value for money in a mobile app that's offered for FREE! With a plethora of merchants to choose from, getting this Perxclub app is truly WIN-WIN! Now that's what you call PERX!

3. Perxclub gives out REWARDS to its LOYAL customers!
       While loyalty is a product of good service and excellent product, it's always an added factor when customers get value for their money out of rewards and rebates. I personally keep points and stamps no matter how small the amount is. Being a mom, frugality in every bit of situation is a must! My husband would always tell me that A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED and that served as our living mantra since then. So to live up to our life rule, I make it a point to find the most affordable deals that would offer us the best deals in terms of quality and quantity for my family. I am glad there's a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL loyalty card like Perxclub! If you go browsing by its partner merchants page at the Perxclub website via http://www.perxclub.com, there's a plethora of categories to choose from like beverage, restaurant, shop, services, snacks and dessert. I'm sure there's a lot more to come! Now that's what you call PERX!

4. Perxclub is so EASY TO USE! 
       Three steps - download app, earn stamps then redeem rewards. EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE. As easy as that. What more can you ask for? Now that’s what you call PERX!

5. Perxclub is integrated with my SOCIAL NETWORK! 
      Part of the ease of use feature is its integration with Facebook. Who in this world doesn’t have a Facebook account yet? So in a sense, it’s like hitting all those pigs in one angry bird throw. You don’t have to take the hassle of signing up and having some account verification thereafter. Though you may opt to use your e-mail instead of your Facebook account, it is still very much encouraged that you do since you can do a whole lot more with this option. There are games that you can play along with your Perxclub app and you can also get to invite your friends as well. It was unleashing the power of social media and technology while you get all the perks at the comfort of your own mobile phone. You may visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PerxClub for exciting promos and exciting rewards! And oh! To get more updates of the latest rewards and freebies from your favorite brands, follow them on Twitter too https://twitter.com/perxclub !  Now that’s what you call PERX!

6. Perxclub has WIDE-ARRAY OF MERCHANTS to indulge into! 
       I and my family just got to have weekend bondings as a form of unwinding and rewarding ourselves for the hardwork and stress at work during weekdays. We dine, we play, we eat ice cream and then we shop for our needs. I am quite surprise to find Ink-All-You-Can there! The Perxclub discount will surely be of big cut to our budget since the kids tend to overuse our printer with an everyday bulk of printing demand for their homework. Oh well! Not to mention our fave dining places like BonChon, Wendy’s, Chatime and many more. That’s indulgence to the next level. Now that’s what you call PERX!

 7. Perxclub is the future of SHOPPING TECHNOLOGY!- 
Say goodbye to paper and PVC discount cards and enjoy your perks via the QR codes generated at the comfort of your own mobile phone. What I like about GCs and PVC discount cards along with my debit card while shopping is that I can transact cashless. That way I know I don’t have to worry on bringing more cash hence increasing the risk of theft or simple lost or short of cash. With the Perxclub, I know I would get to indulge more while being environmental at the same time. So say goodbye to paper coupouns and PVC discount cards. Now you don’t have to physically confuse yourself which card to bring or use plus conserve on using up paper and plastic for those reward cards. The pervasiveness of this ubiquitous technology harness and exemplified by this one genius app called Perxclub has also gone environmental. Hitting two pigs again in one angry bird throw. Now that’s what you call PERX!

8. Perxclub offers FLEXIBILITY, FAME and FUN all at the SAME TIME! 
Did you know that five day after its launch, it has already been on the top 5 donwloaded lifestyle app in the AppStore? Soon it will be unleashed in Android handsets too! That means wider coverage, more customers, more discounts.. more PERX! Don’t be left behind. This Perxclub offers flexibility, fame and fun all at the same time! Now that’s what you call PERX!

9. Perxclub is all about PERKS! PERKS! PERKS! 
Now that’s the price of LOYALTY in a virtual reward card! Need I say more? Now that’s what you call PERX!
10. <Insert yours here!>
(There surely is so much more… but I believe your own set of goodies and perks that you’ll get for being part of Perxclub begs to be included in this list. Experience the PERX too and see for yourself!)

I am a student/ engineer/ church worker/ blogger/ working mom and multi-tasking is my name of the game... I am glad there's a multi-purpose yet ultimately FREE app that does the same technology... This means shopping and restaurant hopping with all the PERX on the side ... for me and my FAMILY!


I wish to have some time for the kids instead...

I am a MOM and being one is surely not as easy as plotting all my plans in Autocad and having the blueprint in a large format printer ready for mass production and, in our case, land subdivision, consolidation, relocation, resurvey or land title transfer. I am a Geodetic Engineer and also a MOM and I deserve some wardrobe treats from Howards Storage World and Dainty Mom.

I am an Engineer and a Mom while being a student, blogger and church worker at one. I never thought juggling between both worlds could’ve been atrociously hard… but yeah, I’m up to the challenge, I may be on the verge but giving up has never been part of our MOM’s CREDO. (Uh! I think there should be one.)

Something that goes like this.

1. I will be a MOM no matter what it takes.

2. I will be a MOM even if it would deprive me of my precious remaining 3-hour sleep at night just to go over my kids’ homework and class projects.

3. I will be a MOM even if I have to slash off my coveted budget for a new pair of shoes in place of my kids’ field trip.

4. I will be a MOM even if I have to wash the dishes after continuously facing the computer and taking a 5-hour typing task. (PASMA IS NOT AN OPTION!)

5. I will be a MOM even if I have to stay awake all night and have to fan the kids(and hubby) during a night-long brownout.

6. I will be a MOM even if I have to stop working during the last term of my pregnancy and stay a bit longer at home after that.

7. I will be a MOM even if I know I will still be FAT long after my pregnancy.

8. I will be a MOM even if I have to stop my late night gigs or date after work with husband just to stay longer with the kids.

9. I will be a MOM even if I have to constantly fix and re-fix our oblivious wardrobe cabinet and stuff at home during weekends or even late at night after work.


Being a mom has never been a simple battle but it surely is the most rewarding. The bliss of seeing your kids smile every time you come home. The happiness of looking at them closely while they are sleeping is a day saver. The spark in their eyes when they learn new discoveries when you’re together seems to lighten up the day. The excitement in their face when you get to bring home a humble piece of reward after they got a STAR in their hands or a VERY GOOD in an exam is as humbling and truly captivating sight. The enjoyment while inside a carousel ride, as if you’re kids too, when you go out for an amusement ride… and then headed towards their fave food store is just as promising and worth cherishing. The joy, the love, the peace of being a FULL-PLEDGED MOM… it’s overwhelming and simply IRREPLACEABLE.

Being a working mom… every moment with my kids is just PRECIOUS. If I could save  a few more hours of my time during weekend spent on folding our atrocious wardrobe cabinet and redoing the fixing of our office and school stuff… I surely would have it spent playing with my kids instead.

I am a self-confessed obsessive compulsive. I live in peaceful coexistence with my stuff at home, school and work as long as they are arranged in perfect rows and colums just like my matrix problems way back in college. When I see things arranged in queue, I see harmony and see the headache HALF SOLVED. The 50% is left for the problem on deciding to take some time for rest, stay and play with kids or fixing other messy things inside the house that begs to be organized and put in their proper ‘rows and columns'.

I deserve some Space Bags from Howards Storage and Dainty mom because I am a frugal and sentimental MOM. As much as possible, I don’t want to throw things especially if those are bought from our hardly-earned money. I’ll use the space bags to store Cassy and David’s toys and bring them a week before their birthdays or during Christmas. I pack them all back after a few months so they would still long for it and be more excited to see a big package of such bunch of toys. With that Space Bags, I can preserve the toys while saving money without having to buy new ones and still making my kids happy after unpacking their new-old toys again. J

I deserve some Easi Store underbed shoe box from Dainty Mom and Howards Storage because I am an IMELDIFIC MOM. Oh, I call it “reward for the self” for being hardworking and spendthrift J I save for shoes because I see real value in someone’s looks when she’s packaged with a pretty pair of shoes. I love that I can preserve it’s beauty with such Howard storage underneath our wooden bed. It’s a sure space saver too so the space devoted to our layered shoe rack can be transformed as another space for the kids to play around J.

Oh the Faux Feather Jewelry Tray from Howards Storage and Dainty Mom is a sure day-saver for a professional like me. I love that I can organize my accessories in a beautiful manner with such Feather Tray. With that I can save time by looking around the perfect piece to match my attire by just looking at this fashionably designed jewelry tray.

The allure earring organizer from Dainty Mom and Howards Storage World just begs to replace my rather lousy nifty jewelry box. I collect fancy earrings and it would surely be a pleasure if I can see them stocked in piles and be more easily accessible everytime I need them.

And so much more… I can’t wait to have them  laid down in our wardrobe cabinet for some weekend pleasure that would not just save me time on organizing but also prettify our age-old closet. This closet of ours is almost as old as our eldest daughter. We never buy unless it’s truly dilapidated or destroyed by termites. So if I could win instead of buying and strip our budget that can hardly make both ends meet… that would surely be a big help to us. 

The handbag holder, the over the door hook, the 20-pack hanger, the diamond drawer organizer, the trouser racks… those are just lust to my eyes whenever we go shopping by Edsa Shang. And if I get to have the chance to win it, that would be an early gift for our 123rd month together (for hubby and me.) on the 11th. Yes we do celebrate each month… and 123 is really special so it ought to be really big… J  

I am a FRUGAL, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE and LOVING MOM who wishes to transform my time fixing and organizing my family's wardrobe and need into a weekend bonding moment that would surely count. For us, it's not the quantity but the quality time we have for the kids that really counts.


How I fell in love with my husband for the nth time... and still counting

While long and lasting relationships have been a scarce commodity these days... I'm glad I'm enjoying the privilege to spend it with my one true love... since 5th Grade til I'm past 25... and counting.

Our love story is a long and winding road that lead nowhere else but on a pot of gold after a rainbow that shone after a torrential rain. Yes, it has been a series of togetherness and breaking apart and back together again that we have to hurdle until we have finally knitted the pieces of love story that would be a perfect candidate for an MMK episode.

After 10 long years, we are made stronger and better. I just can't believe how good God is to both of us. Finding the perfect formula to a long and lasting relationship has never been deciphered yet but I have some tried and tested tips on getting the most out of your marriage and making it WORK!

1. Keep your communication lines open. - We're always the talker type. We never ran out of stories together. We even bother sleeping late at night or even early morning just talking about everything under the sun. I always seem to miss him when I'm at work. I'd constantly call, text or even give him a buzz on chat.We discuss on good news but also on the not so good. We handle finances like business partners. We tactfully treat our kids' manners in a heart to heart conversation over a cup of coffee. I say I'm blessed with a good conversationalist husband and I'm so thankful of that. Whatever risk you have to take in your decision making as a family... it's always better and more reliveing that the decision was MUTUAL.

2. Send him roses on Valentines Day. - Call it mushy but yes, I'm a hopeless romantic really. I can't forget how he reacted on chat when he received a bouquet of flowers at his office this Valentines Day. He was so proud and even envied the single ladies around him that time. It was when we skip out of the ordinary, defy stereotypes and offer unexpected surprises to our special one that they feel they are MORE LOVED BY US. 

3. Celebrate every month of togetherness. - We're past our 10th year but we never fail to greet each other a happy monthsary every 11th of the month. We're now on our 123rd and still counting. We date as if we're dating for the first time. We prepare as if it's a big event. We celebrate as if it will be forever. It is when we count the days and weeks and month of togetherness that we know we're still farther from FOREVER... but yeah, we're 123 months down... NTH MONTH TO GO... 'TIL IT'S FOREVER MY HONEY!

4. Fall in love over and over again. - I fell with him since fifth grade. We parted and stayed as best friends until we graduated in high school. We even lived separate lives and weaved our own relationships that we never knew we'll find each other back. We never knew that the feeling was just MUTUAL. We talk of our separate love lives then... but we never knew both of us were hurting as we listen to each other stories. We laugh as we talk overnight and reminisce on how fickle our fate had been. If not for a final note before our parting ways on our High school graduation... we never could've been together once again... 

 5. Support him in his endeavors - My husband has been a born enthusiast. He goes on crazy fad from guitars, to computers, to tamiyas, to Yo-yos. We've been together for more than 10 straight years and we never could've stayed together that long if we never supported each other's trips. From hobbies to his career shift from Computer Scientist to a full pledged 3D motion graphic designer turned 3D animator, I have always been there to tap his back and support him. Likewise, he has always been as supportive from my decision to go back to school after  a 2 year hiatus. He stayed overnight with me on reports and even on the night before I took my board exams he was there. I couldn't have made it on top without him. He offered full support when I took my masters up to this point that I'm embarking a new notch on my career for a management post. Supporting each other was by far our greatest strength and I'm more than thankful of that. 

The falling in love, the crazy stories, the priceless memories.. can't be more explicitly told by this Facebook note that I have posted for HIM on our 100th month together:

dear "crush" on our 100th month together....

Nung mag-boyfriend palang tayo, halos buong araw magkasama tayo. Lahat ng lakad, lahat ng kilos, lahat ng oras... magkasama tayo. Naging magkamukha na nga raw tayo eh.   

Ngayon, kung kelan mag-asawa na tayo, mas kumonti oras na kasama kita. Sa gabi darating ako, konting oras na lang, tulugan na. Sa umaga naman, antok pako, papasok ka na. Sa trabaho naman, bihira naman tayo makapag-chat manlang. Parehas na tayo busy.  Bonding moment nalang natin sa simbahan , tuwing Sabado at Linggo. Atleast doon, magkasama tayo - nang mas matagal.    

Pero sa pang-100 na 11th day of the month after May 11, 2002... first time, na monthsary date, di na lang tayong dalawa. Me mga sabit na. Yung dalawang makukulit nating chikiting.     Nag-playground, kumain at namalengke. Simple lang. Pero Ibang klaseng date yun. Ibang klaseng araw yun. Mas masaya, mas memorable.

Nung pauwi na tayo, habang nagd-drive ka, ako naman sa tabi mo at mga bata sa back seat,naisip ko, Sabado - September 11, 2010 – pang 100 monthsary natin. Nag-date tayo with the kids. Sa iba nakakatawa yun. “Anu daw, monthsary? Sine-celebrate pa ba yun? Diba pag lampas isang taon, anniversary nalang?” Hahaha.. oo nga naman. Feeling mag-boyfriend parin daw tayo. Oo naman, feeling mag-boyfriend parin. Crush parin kaya kita.
- Tuwing bagong gising ka- pupungas pungas pa.
- Tuwing hawak mo ang manibela at sakay mo kami ni cassy at david.
- Tuwing naglilinis ka ng kotse .
- Tuwing nag-iiskala ka habang tumutugtog ng gitara .
- Tuwing lumalabas dimples mo pag naka-smile ka.
- Tuwing pinapanood ko kayo habang naghaharutan kayo ng mga kids.
- Tuwing sinusubuan mo ng pagkain si david at cassy.
- Tuwing tinuturuan moko mag-troubleshoot sa computer. Sabi ko pa “I'm not stupid honey.”
- Tuwing nagt-tricks ka sa yoyo.
- Tuwing kinukwentuhan moko tungkol sa mga bago mong nababasa sa bible, parts ng kotse,parts ng computer,  sa gitara, sa music theory, sa 3D, sa animation, sa pyramids of egypt at mga aliens.
- Tuwing puma-punchline ka sa mga jokes na narinig mo lang sa bus na sinakyan mo nung     umaga.
- Tuwing sinasamahan moko mamili ng shoes at dress ko.
- Tuwing lumalabas ka sa fitting room pag nagsusukat ka ng  damit.
- Tuwing naka-towel ka lang pagkatapos maligo, kahit malaki tyan mo at may baby fats ka sa bewang.
- Tuwing pawis na pawis ka pagkatapos mo mag push-up.- Tuwing excited ako makita ka sa “dating tagpuan” para mag date. As if di ko alam kung ano suot mo nung umalis ka nung umaga.

Masarap lang isipin pagkatapos ng 100 buwan, crush parin kita. Noon boyfriend lang kita, kasama sa lakad, kasama sa kalokohan, kasama sa saya at dramahan. Pero ngayon, pagkatapos ng 100 buwan, kasama parin kita sa mga lakad, sa kalokohan, sa saya at dramahan... at higit sa lahat, kasama kita sa pagbuo ng isang masayang pamilya.

Paglipas ng panahon, lilipas din ang emosyon, matatapos ang “crush”, matatapos ang saya at kulitan... pero ang pangakong mananatili ako sa tabi mo, di lilipas... gaya ng linya ng madramang theme song natin... “I will be true, to the promise I have made, to you and to the One who gave you to me....I WILL BE HERE.”

Now we're past our first decade together... exactly two weeks from now, we're stepping into our 123rd lunaversary. We have surpassed a plethora of tormenting rains and overcame all the challenges that distance and time proved us worthy of still being together- NO MATTER WHAT, WHATEVER IT TAKES... WE WILL BE HERE- ever together!

Cheers to all the hopeless romantics, those who chose to battle the barrier of time and space just to be together, those who never ran out of reasons to fall in love... and ultimately to those who has always kept the FIRE BURNING, BRIDGED THE GAP and SENT THEIR LOVENOTES... not on a bottle but on a BANGONG PADALA by Downy and Tide... Saludo ako sa inyo!


Just another Pyramid Scam

I got a text from a friend asking if I know someone who needs an extra income 10 - 12k per month for a US based company. She mentioned that their director needs part-time employee 2 - 3 hours per day for an offline/online advertising company. Sounds familiar but since I am into blogging who somehow earns part time online through advertising and the one who contacted me has a pretty good credential for she's a fellow engineer and scholar at UP, I got interested and decided to pass by their office at Enterprise Center, Ayala Avenue, Makati... but yeah, that one was so good to be true. It turned  out to be just another pyramiding scam like the stigmatic First Quadrant .  This time it's food supplement product line that they are "fronting", masked with the company named USANA.

So just to warn someone else who came across this same "ELUSIVE" offer which will eventually turn out to be another multi-level marketing (MLM)/ pyramiding SCAM which will waste 3 hours of your precious time or more, I wrote this blog for the record.

I know for sure that most of the people who will be reading this or reaching this page is either one of the following:

1. You must have reached this because you are googling and researching for information about this 10 -12k part-time income from a US based company working 2-3 hours per day. ( I have also been interested about this AD posted in some public transportation which I bet is just the same FALSELY-ADVERTISED, MONEY-MAKING SCHEME.)

2. You must have reached this because of USANA. You either said 'NO' to their offer initially but still thinking about it or to boost your self-esteem and thank yourself for being a bit critical and not giving in to their ELUSIVE dream package offer.

3. OR yeah, you've been caught in the TRAP and said yes to USANA, vouched your hardly-earned money and trying to figure out how to negate all the accusations held against your MONKEY BUSINESS and try to earn your investment back.

So here are their marketing schemes of USANA or UHS (USANA Health Service) that irritated me a lot.

1. Invite you to visit their office. Won't tell you anything about their business until you're on the last 30 minutes of your tour. I was like being toured all around, waiting for their 'director' to arrive who will explain the whole job description to me.

2. The non-directors/ recruiters starts with the introduction of their company using the frames on their office wall. It seemed like a manufacturing and pharmaceutical company to me. My friend is an industrial engineer so I thought she's really a good fit to the job.

3. She showed me the website which seems legitimate.

4. What started bothering me are the crowd of people gathered around tables going through conversations with an iPad as the table centerpiece. They must have been boasting some sense of 'elite-effect', trying to hide some fishy schemes from their first-time visitors, with such set-up. I was suspecting but I still gave everyone a benefit of a doubt.

5. We went downstairs again because she told me that the director has not yet arrived and so she just toured me around. We went to a cafe where everyone seems to be of the same set-up as that of their office upstairs. She introduced me to their 'colleagues'... first is a CPA 'daw' who resigned from work and decided to work full-time because of the very promising income. Next is an Interior Designer from UP daw who seemed to fool me by praising me so much. This is odd because people from UP don't normally do that. LOL! I was introduced that I'm an engineer from UP and currently taking up my masters for engineering -also at UP. She began praising me and telling things like UP and others, Diliman and others, Engineering and others... which is yeah, not a typical notion of people on the 'others' side of the fence. I know she's trying harder to win me but no, I honestly don't buy that.

6. Last stop is a food-court upstairs where the same set-up of people can be seen all around. This time I felt like entering a den of lions ready to devour me anytime. I was calm and managed to smile at everyone being introduced to me. Three people did the talk which seemed to be just a casual conversation. The three seemed to have the same structured speech... they start with their "past" profession, describe their nature of work is somehow complicated that their company won't run without them, tell you they decided to resign from work by comparing their income before from what they are earning now. And here are my impressions on them and some message for them too.

To the CPA who gave a short introduction:

The CPA who started with "kumikita lang ako ng 25,000, maliit lang, ok na ba yun? I said "ok na yun." Then she followed up "25,000 per week." I thought- duh! The air ha! People who earn much higher that yours refuse to even say they are earning as much. You had just set your first impression that would truly last. So to that CPA daw of ACE hardware who introduced herself as someone so SKEPTIC and ANALYTIC and WISE, please naman, you're claiming that you're one of the professionals in this business, why do this or why be fooled by this? You know that this is a mere taking advantage of your down lines. You're earning while others are suffering. You know the hairline difference between a job and a profession is that professionals work with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY while the other would plainly work for money. So how could you even flaunt that you're a professional if you participate in fooling around like an UNPROFESSIONAL...shame on you.

To the Industrial Engineer who introduced USANA products:

This Industrial Engineer who made all the talking and speaking as if he's a medical professional. He was the one I hated the most. His presentation is a seemingly colorful display of abstract ideas that he himself doesn't know anything about. I asked him how could people believe you if you're speaking of medical terms and selling pharmaceutical products when you're not even part of the field. He made a segue by asking me if I was already born engineer, of course I wasn't, but I learned from it. So same way goes with him. Duh! You've been trained just for weeks and flaunt that you're as good or even better than medical practitioners? He even boasts of prescribing doses of their products to diabetic patients...(the hell, are you a doctor?) He said he doesn't believe in doctors anymore because the doctors haven't healed his mom of colon cancer. He's an advocate of alternative medicine daw. My impression, I think he's talking just to convince his own self because in reality he looks like a young boy, trying harder to earn money by recruiting and taking advantage of innocent people. My message to him is simple, please don't tell me that I need to eat a tree of malunggay 'EVERYDAY' just to complete my dietary requirement of malunggay nutrients because even though I have a limited background on health and nutrition... I can blatantly say that that is PLAIN STUPID! I bet you won't even believe that is true, but said it otherwise because it's your job. Do your own research too. Please naman.

To the IT Professional who explained about the PYRAMIDING Multi-level marketing scheme.

So lastly, the IT Professional who worked in Ayala Malls, who was introduced with a higher level of learning because he's a CISCO professional. First off, I don't care, nextly, I don't think being a CISCO professional even made you more credible of discussing pyramiding. But yeah, you personally know of First Quadrant and even made horrible remarks on the company which made you richer by taking advantage of people on your down line, so what more to expect. He was the last one to talk, did all the explanation on how you could earn of different means...emphasizing most on the left and right downline PYRAMIDING. Oh well, you worked in the same scam before, fooled other people by giving them false hopes of DREAMS that you yourself know is impossible to reach by working clean. Same old dirty trick won't win you your soul so please do us a favor by not including us in your circle or PYRAMID of friends/recruits Lastly, please don't reiterate that "honestly" you don't care if I get in or not... because in reality "ALL OF YOU HONESTLY AND GREEDILY DO!"

So what makes USANA a scam? I'll just go quote some online resources perhaps. 

Scamwatch.gov.au  enumerates the warning signs that is very much evident with this company.

Warning signs

  • You are offered a chance to join a group, scheme, program or team where you need to recruit new members to make money.
  • The scheme involves offers of goods or services of little or doubtful value that serve only to promote the scheme (such as information sheets).
  • There is a big up-front cost to pay for large quantities of goods.
  • There are no goods or services being offered for sale by the scheme.
  • The promoter makes claims like ‘this is not a pyramid scheme’ or ‘this is totally legal’.

 Thesmallcompanyblog also gave out 9 hints which you yourself in USANA could've possibly been into. You probably paid for your training. You probably know the owner/scientist by his name, but never really seen him on any conference. Your meetings must've been elusively littered with statements that can be "hardly" verified. She earned dollars, thousand of dollars and more but the veracity of such claims are still questionable. And lastly, that most of the praise you're getting is coming from the people in your market than from your own family.

So if you see the resemblance, I am hoping you'll jump into the most conscientious decision that could probably save you a future, an honest circle of friends and could even save your soul.

Anyways, I found a good resource about this company via http://www.usanawatchdog.blogspot.com. The wealth of information is very helpful especially the points on their reference material kown as Nutrirional Supplements which turned out that the authors are actually part of USANA. This only goes to show how they have been so biased with your products. So to that Industrial Engineer turned alternative medicine convert who tried to OVER-MARKET USANA products, please do your research to prove all your claims before trying to convince other people as well.

This may have been so long of a read but I'd surely waste just a few hours of my time writing (in addition to 3 hours I've wasted yesterday) to warn the people that could've possibly been wandering around either looking for job, looking for a cure for their disease or just about doing a research on USANA or any pyramid scheme disguised as Multi-level marketing. And honestly, I don't buy schemes that would work by trashing other companies out and seemingly saying they are the best when in fact they are produced of the same garbage with much trash talking.

The earning-scheme in USANA.
So if USANA is a true pharma-based food supplement company that offers cure to CANCER OR DIABETES and the like...why disguise yourself in a pyramid scam that is proven WICKED and ILLEGAL ever since.



My Zalora Wishlist

Looking at shoes, I feel a breath of fresh-air. I think a girl is worth the second look if she passes by you while wearing a stunning pair of shoes. I don't care about the outfit nor the accessories nor the bag, I just care about the shoes.  And if I may be called "Imeldific" for loving to own an extravagant number of shoes, SO BE IT. Haha. I guess, we girls just deserve some sort of reward every payday for being such a faithful wife, or a good student or a hardworking employee or an obedient daughter. What do you think?

I used to have a new pair every payday when the kids are not yet schooling. Call it reward but yeah, it eases me so much to have some fancy pair in our shopping basket. Whether it's cheap or expensive, the excitement of trying out my newly bought pair when we arrive at home is just as overwhelming. I am like a super satisfied child who's eager to unwrap her Happy Meal pack the moment I set my foot inside the house. My husband must've had known this secret trick to make me happy and so he even joins me for some shoe shopping galore. We buy a pair for both of us everytime and I think this is an ultimate bonding experience for us. 

However this June, our little Cassy and David are now going to school. We are super excited but we know this time, I just have to let my love for shoe shopping be set aside. I know we have to make both ends meet again. Being a parent is just as rewarding and at the same time sacrificing. And seeing them grow up to be bright and excellent kids make all those sacrifices just as WORTH IT!

I know my rate of shoe fancying just have to tame a bit and focus more on the more important NEEDS. 
My hobby is like browsing the net for some nifty shoe design and trend and envy myself on such tempting pieces. If only there's a shoe store that could give me more reasonable prices and not harm our predefined budget. If only there's a place where I can shop without hurting my heels and legs strolling around looking for the perfect piece. If only I can shop for shoes while taking care of the kids at home while doing my thesis.

Hmmm, Facebook must've had very good analytics that suggested Zalora to me via a Facebook Ad unit. When I saw it , I got curious and immediately looked for the shoes category and VOILA! I seem to be a pirate in the Caribean  seas who finally found the long coveted treasure chest. I finally found the online store that could offer me the array of my fave shoe brands while in the comfort of my own home/office. And the price, it's amazingly affordable as compared to the high priced online shoe store that I have tried before. So to cut the story short, I got myself signed up and started digging the treasure chest for some great finds and some exciting WISHLIST :)

And if Cinderella's fairy god mother could just grant me my wishlist, I'd promise to come back by 12midnight without having to leave the other pair to a stranger by the ball :)

Dear Fairy God mother, 

I saw this online store Zalora who offers all sort of online shopping needs for my family including my shoes :)

For now I can only ask for you to let me explain why I so love to own these precious pieces of treasures.


Seeing it via Zalora, I knew right then it was right for me. I love using wedges for my everyday jeans and shirt casual. Wedges offer an instant leg thinning optical illusion while maximizing the shoe area so my legs wont't get tired of my everyday activities . This is the very reason why wedges play 80% of my shoe purchases. And this Art's Brasil is just irresistibly colored with the perfect shade of brown that would make my rather dark feet fairer and slimmer. It's brown so it could offer the best camouflage for some dirt that might accumulate throughout a busy casual day out with the kids or some friends.

On my Zalora wishlist is an Art's Brasil Wedge Sandals because I AM CASUAL.



Yeah, apart from my casual everyday, I am also an Engineer. A fieldworker most of the time. Last month, I have lurked around the city of Marikina to survey all the storm drains within a three square kilometer study area. My shoes got so worn out that it's almost giving up. I hope I could be granted this Merrell Pace Glove for it's a perfect companion for my outdoor activities including fieldworks, jogging, travelling or just about any adventure-laden task.

Looking at this Merrell Pace Glove, I can see the strenuous strain tests that it has undergone to finally come up with this tough product. My co-field workers who use to swim using their rubber shoes wear this brand and so I can clearly attest it's quality.I love the pink-color because of its touch of femininity amidst the rather tough job. Much like me who tried to defy stereotypes and dare enter the den of the lions by working in the field as part of my Engineering career.

On my Zalora wishlist is a Merrell Pace Glove because I AM AN ENGINEER ON FIELD.


And just as I can be rugged on field, there are time that my career would also call for wearing some killer heels for some corporate attitude for some meetings and conferences and some office tasks. I must say this is the most uncomfortable part wearing make-up and skirts and blouses for someone who has practically grown in a field for boys. This Aleli Gibi is just the right heels to match my plain skirts. I have fallen in love with the color blend of shimmering red, blue and black which set the tone for some formalistic mood. The straps are just well engineered to give a slimming effect and tight hold of my rather big foot. I just plainly love the elegance in its design. Gibi is also a favorite brand for me since I was in grade school for my school shoes. I love that I saw this brand along with Centropelle and Suki in Zalora. 

On my Zalora wishlist is an Aleli Gibi because I AM CORPORATE.


And since All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy, I deserve some night out too with my friends. Occassionally, I have to pamper myself a bit by wearing short skirts that make me feel like single again. But yes, I go night out with girl friends with my husband. He's as always been part of the team just as I also go with him on his boys night out. :)

Anyways, this Adelaine Gibi is just the right tone to match my leopard and other printed skirts. I am so into strappy sandals that's why I have also chosen this to be part of my list. The curve just seem to flatter my soles. And I know it's super comfortable amidst its pointed heels because of these straps. Knowing Gibi, I know it's also pretty sturdy and reliable while giving me the sexy look.

Yeah, everyone deserves a break some times. We are social ants and so we just have to expand our circle of friend with these sort of gatherings. I'm glad I found this Zalora site where I can also browse for my new OOTD( outfit of the day). Amazing eh!

On my Zalora wishlist is an Adelaine Gibi because I AM SOCIAL.


I am MEL that's why I name this blog after my own name. It's always flattering to wear the same brand that bears my name for my shoes. Haha! (Owner ang peg!)
Anyways aside from it bearing my name, I find this nifty piece like the perfect buddy for my family getaways. It's cool because it's ICE. Nah. I know I must love it because it's flat and it's comfortable for an active day with the kids. Imagine having to run after the kids on high heels? That is completely atrocious! So to do away with such oblivion, I'm glad I found this fashionably designed MEL flats in Zalora. The prints just would seem to match any outfit like skirts, even shorts or pants. This would be much like my swiss knife pair.

With this trendy Mel Ice II, I can run after my kids, wash their poop in the washroom during mall shopping, send them to school or go on a picnic or just about any instant drive-thru adventure our holidays and work breaks has to offer. This pair is truly perfect for moms who's still vain enough to be fashionable amidst the pressures or the haggard days.

Ultimately On my Zalora wishlist is a Mel Ice II because I AM MEL and I AM A MOM.

 Now dear fairy God mother, please grant my fervent hope to own these nifty pieces of treasures on my wish list. If that would be the case, I can say goodbye to the ashes and cinders that is of a damsel in distress and live a life like a princess, comfortably shopping at the comfort of my own home while I take care of the kids, finish my work and LIVE A HAPPY IMELDIFIC LIFE with my most important ones.


With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All

I am MEL. Short for Melanie. And some trivia to begin with.

Melanie \m(e)-la-nie\ as a girl's name is pronounced MEL-a-nee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Melanie is "blackdark"

See, my mom and dad never couldn't have known what the meaning of my name and so they gave me this. Haha. When I was younger and has happened to curiously search for the meaning of my name in our encyclopedia I even thought my name was like evil and wicked like that of Snow White's step mom ..because of the word "black". hahha. My imagination really rocks when I was a kid.

But really, I would tend to shy away with Black things, especially Black shirts on a sunny day for Black absorbs heat and so you tend to sweat a lot when wearing a dark shirt during a bright sunny day. So imagine if your skin is also "darker", you would then have more tendency to absorb heat... and not to mention sweat and sun burns too!

Lately I have noticed how the scorching heat of the sun has caused so much damage on my skin. I have always loved my tan lines after a rejuvinating vacation at the beach..but oh, I don't want to wear this tan line(s) all over my body--- all year. Those were like patches of discoloration that seem to ruin any form of outfit of the day mood that I would want to flaunt.

But oh, I have never fancied becoming white as "anemic" white, I would want that rosy blushing skin that my prince charming honey just can't resist. Blushing white skin looks healthier and fresher than that anemic white. For me, that anemic skin is much like water that was forced to be chemically fermented and turned into a sour vinegar soon after being stored inside a jar for quite some time. Anemic skin is achieved by consciously hiding from the sun, mocking inside the room and doing away from outdoor adventures just because of the fear that their forcely-fermented skin might turn into patches of uneven and unwanted "tan lines/patches". So I'd rather have that blushing instead of anemic white skin. That blushing skin is like a blooming rose amidst the summer heat. That sun-kissed cheeks that shy away the sweat and hustle under a bright sunny day is but a shining glory to a damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armour. I am glad that this blushing white skin is still achievable with Skin White.

SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all the time:

WHITENS the skin’s surface

REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source

NOURISHES skin with Vitamins

PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays.

With such an ultimate FOUR-FOLD advantage, I have never been so afraid to flaunt under the summer sun and still achieve that blushing white skin that can surely be fairest of them all.

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Everyone LOVES to be near when your fairest with Skin White and so I know you would want to indulge too :) Join Skin White's Love to be Near Summer Promo on Facebook now.