PLDT Telpad AD-1000A, How do I USE thee? Let me count the WAYS!

You must have lived under a rock with Patrick Starfish if you haven’t been to the World Wide Web ever since.

Just as we know how this ubiquitous technology swept mankind’s ways and means of survival, the internet has, more than ever, been so pervasive that even my four year old son asks me not of any physical present upon arriving from work; but guess what? He asks for a newly downloaded game or movie. And when I’m at my work desk at home, my five year old daughter would ask me if she can chat with Daddy through YM or browse through my Facebook Profile. My oh! My! My babies are getting so techie! When I was their age, I’ve been so busy playing with my clay pots and Barbie dolls and I can barely operate the remote control in our television. Moore’s Law must have under computed this technological trend leaving the computer literate and the computer stigmatized lagged drastically miles behind.

In terms of telecommunication, PLDT has once more made one big leap!

Gone are the days where telephones are just telephones, with the rusty old earpiece and the stubborn telephone turn-dial... now your telephone can give you more than just the talking. You can now surf the net, read some e-book, chat, watch movies, record videos, play online games and all other stuff with this PLDT Telpad.

Being a church worker, a masters student, a project research assistant, an engineer, a mom and a blogger all-at-one is EASY WITH a PLDT AD-1000A!

There are plethora of ways I can utilize the full potential of having this state-of-the-art tool! So my PLDT AD-1000A, How do I use thee? Let me COUNT THE WAYS...

1. For checking out my kids at home when we’re out for WORK!
Haay, busy days. I wish I could just be with them always. But our finances just won’t let us be. Me and my husband Perci just have to leave my kids with their grandma at home. We were worrisome and lonesome from time-to-time we miss them. The PLDT Custom dialer app, call history, speed dial, contact list synchronization, caller-ID and the like would surely be of great advantage to us and our little ones. With PLDT, my kids and husband are just a phone call away. I’m glad there’s a PLDT AD-1000A to save the day.

2. For reading my daily devotion through a FREE ANDROID APP from Youversion.
Our mobile phones run android and so we know how powerful this OS goes. We have been working around with this technology for almost two years now and we say that nothing really beats FREE and OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES. I love that I can be spiritually on track with apps that are FREE and “VERY” useful bible reading app. So if I’m at home and I’d love to have some inspiration, I can turn into this PLDT AD-1000A, with it’s 7” TFT LCD screen that’s way bigger than my mobile phone. It’s such a luxury to have my bible reading and daily devotion on a bigger screen and larger font.

3. For my instant blogging-topic-idea-pop-out moment 
Since the Telpad runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor, there’s a blogging platform that I can download so I can draft my post whenever I have this Eureka moment at home or just about anywhere. I love that this Telpad AD-1000A can run up to 4 hours of battery life (our primordial Android pad before runs Eclair and can only last for 2 hours... oh well!) so I can bring it with me whenever I run some errands on the mall during weekend or just about the perfect companion to blog with my husband on board and waiting for the queue along a traffic jam on our way to work. With the push-email now available for the Android platform, checking my mails while on board our car during the traffic jam would surely make me kill time while being productive. Or perhaps checking my mails while waiting for my food to cook at home? Great? Say GRAND!

4. For paying my bills online, buying gifts for our anniversary online or ordering for food delivery online via the Telpad Homescreen
I can do almost anything online. Being connected is simply the name of the game. If you're online, you're basically everywhere you want yourself to be. Talk about compression of time and space...that is! Being a mom of such busy tasks upon my shoulder, I love that I can simplify things by just a click away with my PLDT Telpad AD-1000A. The Customized PLDT Homescreeen would surely be of big help especially when I want my frequently used apps and links right at my homescreen. I must say I LOVE IT! Being a mom is easy with PLDT!

5. For viewing Angry Birds directly on the big screen of our TV via the HDMI port
Oh well! Kids do love Angry Birds... and Fruit Ninja... and Super Mario...and Minecraft and Pocket League Story... and everything else. It was such a luxury being able to play from the bigger tablet screen of a PLDT Telpad AD-1000A. But wait, it's even more tempting to mirror everything in the big screen of our LED TV. With the HDMI out feature of the AD-1000A, viewing every projectile of those Angry Birds with the cruel Pigs would surely call for HOORAY!

6. For chatting with my techie daughter Cassy via Skype, YM or Facebook
This is her addiction nowadays. She totally scraped the typing tutor software that we've installed in our PC a few months ago. My little daughter would just practice here typing prowess via chat with her daddy at work or with Lola Rich abroad. Thanks to the pre-loaded Telpad apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many more. I love it when I get to hear her chat while typing. She's more of a seek-and-point chatter this time... but in due time, I know she'd be 60wpm or more! Thanks to the on-screen keyboard of the Telpad which is customized to make typing letters and number easier and more accurate. Kudos to PLDT!

7. For my little daughter’s sound tripping moods.
My little daughter just so love singing and listening to her fave music has been her ritual before going to sleep. She’s been wishing for an mp3 player this Christmas. I mean, yeah, my daughter would just love to browse through her online playlist and pre-saved lists with the Telpad AD-1000A before going to bed and her LSS (last song syndrome) would surely serenade us early morning thereafter. The 3.5mm port to plug her fave earphones along with the built-in speaker and microphones would surely be her BFF during her late night sound tripping sessions. I'd surely love the sound trips with my lovely daughter.

8. For camwhoring with my husband and kids 
And oh! This is one of our favourite past time. We love saving some snapshots when we’re together with our kids. Whether at the mall, or at the park, or at home doing nothing but pure bonding... we’d love to take pictures of ourselves together. And Oh! We love recording videos too! I love uploading these multimedia experiences on Facebook too! The memories of the snippets of our past such as these photos and videos comforts us every time we’re lonesome with our kids at work. Thanks for the 2-Mp front facing camera and the high definition video playback capabilities along with the 2GB onboard storage (expandable up to 32Gig ) of the PLDT Telpad AD-1000A, our nostalgic attacks are just a Facebook profile away.

9. For editing my presentations before having it reported for our research group meeting
I love that there are free office apps that I can download over the Android Market. From ebook reader to pdf readers to to-do lists to full-blown office /documents-to-go app that lets me edit my presentations and word documents on the fly. And since this AD-1000A goes online, I can save my files on the cloud via different servers such as Dropbox and Windows Live. So apart from my local drive space, I can further expand my extra bytes online via cloud storage. Spell COOL! That is!

10. For playing PINOY HENYO during a weekend get together. BOOM!
And yeah! Who doesn't know PINOY HENYO? I so love  it on parties or even during weekend family get together at our home. Recently, I discovered that it has an Android App already! Yay! We have just used it ion our Christmas party using a small screened Android phone. It would surely be much better viewed and enjoyed in a 7" AD-1000A Telpad! What do you think? Hmmm! Yes of course! These and more you can enjoy with your every Telpad unit!

11,12,13... And the list goes on... <Insert your own list here.>

I want you to add up to this! Listed above are my top 10 ways to make the most out of my Telpad AD-1000A. How about you? I'm sure you've got your own lists too. Since the PLDT Telpad runs Android... having countless apps available in the Android Market, plus the fact that Android is FREE AND OPEN SOURCE so you might just as well create your own app! See? POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS WITH YOUR AD-1000A.

The world's first with unlimited local calls, unlimited internet and exclusive PLDT services... Powered by Android!

Curious about the AD-1000A? Visit http://www.pldttelpad.com for more details.

Go! Grab yours now and be part of the growing community on Facebook. Like! Like! Like! (^_^)
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  1. this is new to me .i am still using the old telephone with only an answering machine and a recorded.

  2. TelPad is really a great gadget. I looked and blogged it when it was first offered one year ago. My only objection on the terms for availing it was the gadget will never be owned by the subscriber even after the lock-in period. Is it still the case?

  3. hi sir EdZee, according to their microsite, the Telpad unit is free after the lock-in period but unfortunately, the unit remains to be PLDT-owned after the lock in period for those who availed of the unit prior to July 20,2011. Thanks for the visit. The power of Android makes this Telpad a great gadget really...

  4. To mam tatess, for the purpose of simple correspondence, I think that would suffice. But as of the trend nowadays, people are really going more into the online revolution. So it's really value added that the typical landline can now be online.. imagine the possibilities?

  5. The way I read your blog as if I'm hovering over a foggy clouds, nowhere to get through to land! Everything is done in rhetoric as if you're writing a descriptive essay. It's but natural to use technical terms here for you're promoting an advance technology on PLDT services powered by Android. Anyway when I'm moneyed I will try to buy this hi-tech gadget to satisfy my curiosity and to be "out-of-this-world" too.

    from: RandomThoughts!

  6. Wow. I'm looking forward to your review of the Telpad once you've got yourself hands on with your own unit sir Gil .:)

  7. iba tlaga innovation ng PLDT... free b ung unit ng tel pad once na naaprov ung aplication sa line? tnx:)

  8. I'm actually contemplating of getting a telpad. The android-powered tablet is the real deal because it offers a lot of functionalities that will serve bloggers well :-)

  9. I love the call out to Patrick starfish at the start of the post.

    Wow, sulit na sulit sa inyo yung PLDT telpad ah :)

    Much love, Christia

    Christmas from the Hospital from Christia's World

  10. Oh well, I guess if I have the money, I'll consider it, but will also look into what others are offering by that time. :)

  11. I had wanted to use PLDT but unfortunately they have no service yet in Montalban. Sucks.

  12. Oh Aleah, I hope they'd soon be offering a connection through your place. I know everybody's getting interested with this Telpad and to satisfy such curiosity we might just as well give it a try. I'm sure the experience would just be surreal :)

  13. Gawang pinoy to, number1 sa android market! Check out Pinoy Henyo (Teamup Word Game) on the Android Market! http://tinyurl.com/7vasg57

  14. Congratulation for being the 1st Place Winner on the PLDT Telpad Contest. Very great article about the product.