Getting into the game with GLUTAmax

Lately,  I have had a surprise participation in our youth's presentation during our church' Christmas party. I get to play Neneng B., in their Boy Pick-up skit. Funny, for they asked me the day itself when they saw me in a dress and in high heels. It was not our typical dress code but since it's Party time, I have tried reinventing my looks so i guess that made them WOW and asked me to be their Neneng B..

I enjoyed such skit... and I enjoyed asking "Baket?" hahahah!

Oh well! It's quite flattering when some people get to notice and appreciate your looks. It adds confidence and gives you more of the composure throughout the event. And yeah, as I was playing Neneng B., that boy on yellow shirt in front of me is my younger son. I've got a boy and a girl already. And so yeah, I'm already a MOM of TWO and I'm happy that I can still wear short and sleeveless dress with high heels confidently during parties.

I am a mommy who never really wanted to look like a MOM. I mean, yeah, the LOSYANG MOM!

Gone are the days when wives just got to stay home to take care of the kids. Modern moms ought to work outside, interact with people and show them real guts. As for me, I work, I blog, I attend grad school and I go on field work- that’s too much exposure to people that needs ultimate fairness that radiates all over. I’m glad I’ve experienced the power of GlutaMAX that alleviates my confidence to the highest level. With the glowing fairness and increased immunization brought about by the 575 mg reduced glutathione capsule, it’s like I’m hitting two pigs in a single angry bird throw! Haha!

On the frugal side, when I choose milk products, detergents, appliances, clothes brand or anything that needs ultimate decision making for my family’s needs, I make sure I do research and ample testing before putting my trust on that product. Same thing goes with my skin care needs. For skin whitening, GlutaMAX is tried and tested for me and I highly recommend that you try that too! Trust me I’m an Engineer, a blogger and a loving MOM too. LOL!

And oh! Feel free to join GlutaMAX' s  Community in Facebook to learn more about taking care of your skin and decide on your own healthy beauty regimen. Go! Like! Like! Like!(^_^)

And yes! I have posted a testimonial about this product at their GlutaMAX and Me tab. And if it won't be too much to ask. I hope you'd like my testimonial and vote for me through this link: https://apps.facebook.com/glutamax_and_me/gallery_detail.php?id=720

Thanks a lot! Stay healthy and beautiful everyone!(^_^)

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  1. I like your dress and high heels. you look awesome.My husband or probably any otehr man would like their wife/gf to look sexy ever .who wants a losyang wife anyway?

  2. how much is glutamaxx hehe, no doubt, you will be mistakenly single because you are so beautiful

  3. Oh, I like it at home. Working online at home, at least. :D I prefer my work at home than to travel to the office. :)

  4. my future wife should be as healthy and young looking! haha!

  5. @tatess, thanks for the complement :)And yeah, it would definitely be a nightmare for every wife to be losyang. I love that I get to discover this GlutaMAX... Hands down to its efficiency. Highly recommended really :)

  6. Witty post. You've got one sure winner skin honey. Thanks to your GlutaMAX regimen:)