I have transformed From a lioness to a cool mommmy with AM SOYAMI

I am no terror mom but when it comes to my family’s health, I am a LIONESS! You know a LIONESS trying to be fierce to protect her cubs from being harmed?  Who doesn’t want the best for their kids, anyway?

I am chips-aholic before; amidst the fact that I know it is a JUNK FOOD!

I know the health threats and all… but really it has some sort of potion that keeps me coming back for more. It must have been the MSG that makes me adamant to resist such a temptation. There must be a convincing driving force to stop my chips-aholic fever.

And truly, all those stubbornness and inhibitions changed when I became a MOM.

You know the thought of sacrificing anything just for the sake of your kids? I know I have to choose between my love for junk foods and my love for my kids. My love for my kids would still prevail.  I know the health risks of taking in junk foods… and I don’t want my kids to take that risk. And from then on…it’s a NO JUNKFOOD SINCE BIRTH-giving pact that I give myself.

I know I have to warn them, stop them, and be a LIONESS in implementing the NO JUNKFOOD POLICY at home. But then again, I know I have to be good example.

And so here I am, always making every effort to fill My Everyday Life with healthy hearty options that would satiate my taste buds while still making me GUILTLESS of my “No Junkfood Since Birth-giving” pact.

And one of my favorite, healthy, GUILTLESS ingredients is SOYA! I know it’s packed with nutrients and it’s a good substitute to meat. I love it for my Mongolian grill. And really, I know I can never outgrow my  love for taho!

My kids love that taho too! And the health benefits that transcends all age groups are just overwhelming...

But really, it’s so hard to implement a NO JUNKFOOD POLICY at home especially during weekend bonding or a holiday picnic or road trip. Weekends are kid’s spoiling time, it’s some sort of bribe for being busy for the entire week and making up to the time they miss us. And oftentimes than not, chips are the simplest bribes for them…

Kids do love chips and I know they feel bad when they are deprived of such indulgence. Sometimes, the LIONESS in me can be tamed by the sweet antics of my kiddos and I give in. So that’s when I feel the guilt…. 

If only there are chips that could take my guilt away…
If only there’s a panacea for our craving… If only that panacea could offer a balance between SATIATING MY KID’S APPETITE while SATISFYING THE HEALTHY GOODNESS for their meals… If only there’s a GUILTLESS SNACKING OPTION in a chip… and If only our favorite healthy soya will make it so yummy…

And really, my sigh may have reached the farthest end of the world and found my kids craving and loving this new indulgence…AM SOYAMI!

Packed with the goodness of soya and the terrific embodiment of chips.. my agony of depriving my kids of their utmost indulgence has suddenly disappeared. Goodbye to being a fierce mom  and say hello to being a cool mom!

Now my kids find the pleasure of digging into a fancy foil pack full of flavorful goodness of chips. It’s the smile in their face that makes me love SOYAMI more. I can even smile too. 

My kid’s would say, thank you mommy, this is so yummy! And I would say.. THANK YOU TOO SOYAMI!

But really, it's not just my kids who found the guiltless pleasure of grabbing a bite of SOYAMI..

and yeah...I have just had some guiltless(because it's oh!so healthy...) SOYAMI snack time...

 'Til our next guiltless Soyami snack time...
And the pleasures and fun of being a MOM is just like that... Thanks SOYAMI!

Now I don’t have to take the PRESSURE but only the PLEASURE of enjoying a guiltless snacking with SOYAMI! It is indeed a healthier choice to snacking! Made with Real Soya, No MSG (but still addictive, really!), High in Protein (the GROW food!), Calcium and 0% trans fat. You can have it in 3 flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar.

Try out one for you and your kids too! You'll surely LOVE THE EXPERIENCE!

Get to know more about SOYAMI.
by following them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/healthysoyami
and liking them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthySoyami
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  1. Wow! You have one detailed post about our adventures. I can't forget how we tried looking everywhere to find that Soyami. At last, we found it at SM Fairview.. the kids just can't resist asking for more. ME TOO! I want more.

  2. bigyan mo pa daw si David... :)

    c5 @ http://ceefive.com

  3. wwo!! you have one hell of a post!!! i love it! wawa naman si baby :(( bigyan mo p ng madaming soyami!!!


  4. hahaay, c5, my little David just can't get enough of this SOYAMI chips really...

  5. Mommy Jes! hihi!mukhang kaluoy nga si David ko oh, kasi naman naubusan siya ng soyami... dibale, since it's gultless to have a bite, I'll let this little cute baby, indulge for more...

  6. and to my honey 3d-brewer thanks for being so nice in accompanying me to look for the SOYAMI chips.. loveyou! muah!

  7. Good thing there's soyami for chipaholic moms and kids to enjoy :) Super love ko ang pictures ni Cassy and David! :D

  8. yeah ellen, these SOYAMI chips is a blissful panacea to our chipaholism mania. And you've got three cool and gorgeous princesses too... i'm excited to have our kids meetup:)

  9. naawa ako kay David hahaha... dalhin yan sa Active Fun habulan sila ni Ren :)

  10. grabe lang ang pagluha ni David dito nang maubusan ng soyami...sige nga sana minsan, mag-date sa Active Fun ang mga babies natin kasama sila Ysha, Ysa at Yana ni ellen...

  11. now I'm curious! i usually go for cheddar chips snacks but hey Soyami seems to be a healthier option.

    thank you for the info!

  12. yeah Kero, you should go try this SO YUMMY cheddar chips:) It also comes with the original and pizza flavor which I think is equally palatable:)

  13. Yeah you could get a bunch of Soyami at Active Fun! My kids love that chips. Healthy and guilt-free snack for the family!

  14. d pa ko nakkatikim nyan eh sana matikaman ko din

  15. ahahah, i love Soyami na nga!i was thinking of Soyami at when I started reading this then upon reading you were actually posting about it. sayang nga lang at wala dito sa palce ko .i want my kids to try Soyami healthy chips.

  16. wow! very informative, mel :)

    love the photos!

    I agree Soyami's great for the kids..no more hiding in the kitchen for me, too! hehe

  17. Love this witty yet very helpful post since I'm not that fond of junk foods!:) I'm curious about the taste but I'm not sure if it's available in my location. =(