It calls one to be a ROCKSTAR! Join MUZIKADEMY and BE CALLED TO BE ONE!

When I was younger, I have the wildest dream of being a ROCKSTAR!

But really fate has gotten me somewhere out of that world and I am now a full-pledged Science Researcher/ Engineer.

I am glad my husband and kids are heading the direction that I once dreamt of traversing.

My husband plays with a Band before and is now our church’ music director.

My little Cassandra is already a part of the kid’s tambourine. She sings well too. My little David adores the drum set and a real head-banging ROCKSTAR –IN-THE-MAKING! I’d love to be their number one fan when they perform on stage.
I have always loved to see my husband mentoring my little Cassy late at night for their special song number.

While there are truly gifted inborn MUSICALLY INCLINED people, I still believe that MUSICIANS can be MADE! Through proper training, innate desire and willingness to learn mixed with an ample time for self-practice... the MUSIC POTENTIAL within every individual can be HARNESSED and UNLEASHED!

It’s a good thing that I have learned of MUZIKADEMY by Janice Hung Arts and Sports (JHAS) Foundation.

Spearheaded by a wushu champion, actress, model and acoustic singer- Ms. Janice Hung (visit her official website here), MUZIKADEMY is a gathering of innovative souls from the music industry with the prime objective of discovering future music magnets and ingenious composers.

Calling all OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH, HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE students WITH MUSICAL TALENTS! If you are an UNSIGNED Soloist, Duo, Trio or Band(max of 5 members) aged 15-28 years old, Filipino Citizen and resident of the Philippines... THIS IS YOUR BIG TIME TO SHINE!

Here are some of the wonderful opportunities that MUZIKADEMY can offer you:

(1) You can be scholars in a 2-day music camp that will build opportunities for you to learn and share your talents through artistic expression and personal growth.

(2) Apart from the artistry and musicality, it can also be your fare share in promoting the Original Pilipino Music (OPM)- which is getting a bit underrated these days. I mean nothing beats OPM when it comes to novelty! Two thumbs up for those who are exerting the effort to really promote songs that are “SARILING ATIN”!

(3) Opportunity for self discovery and learning through interaction and exchange of views with music educators, artists and fellow talented young participants.

(4) There will be a 2-day MUSIC CAMP (November 25-26, 2011) where you can participate in various activities that will enhance your musical abilities as well as packaging yourself to make you and your talents marketable here and abroad.

(5) A culminating activity for the workshop with a concert will be held at November 26, 2011 at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks, Concert Plaza where the SCHOLARS will be performing with our very own Mcoy Fundales, Tricia Garcia and Elaver featuring Chinoy Republic Band.


You can have the chance to win P100,000.00 worth of prizes and cash! ( Not bad! haha!)

Muzikademy is sponsored by DENTAL FIRST, ACCEL, LG JJ International, Solo, Freeway, Shimmian Manila, Living Thing Future Foundation, and SANJUN Music, Lights and Audio Center, F Salon.

So what are you waiting for?

You may send your entries at muzikademy@yahoo.com or visit our website www.janicehung.com or you may call 5853200/09178258099.

Like and be part of MUZIKADEMY community in Facebook for more promos and updates.

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  1. this is interesting. Will check this out.

  2. I am really glad to discover, amidst their fame and stature, people would still value the virtue of giving back. More power to this advocacy of Janice Hung.

  3. the church' youth ought to participate in this one of a kind celebration. I will spread the news. Hopefully next year we could make it! Thanks.

  4. I watched your daughter's video and was impressed how good she can sing. Very talented! My daughter just turned two and just lately she decided she would sing the ABC's...which she used to hate and would throw a fit if she was asked to do so. I'm glad to know there are opportunities like Muzikademy who offers workshops to those who have hidden talents. Uy, I like the prize ha! lol!

  5. Musicians can be made! I agree and one should start young so that they have plenty of time to hone their skills.

  6. to honey 3d-brewer, I think your really ought to check this out:) This will inspire the youth in a very special way... Please do spread the news

  7. @ K@ye, kids really develop differently. While my daughter learned her ABCs at age 1, my 4 year old son stubbornly resists learning his lessons amidst the computer programs and constant teaching that we have been dedicating for him. Anyway, proper timing of things is the right solution I guess:)

    Thanks for watching my little Cassy's video too :) She's one amazing kid really...

    And the prize for Muzikademy, it's just tempting. Thanks for them being so generous to give out such!

    Thanks for droppin' by girl..

  8. Amen to that Badet! I learned that principle from my husband and I do believe that it's applicable not just in the music field but in all sorts of discipline as well :)

  9. Wow, this one inspires me to pursue this career for my little girl lolz! Thanks for sharing.

  10. yeah Ms. Divine, there's always an opportunity for us to be stage moms with our little girls...

    Thanks for dropping by:)

  11. Thanks so much for a very good article. well written. Our foundation is also thinking to extend it to kids, we will keep everyone posted.

    Soon there'll be MUZIKADEMY Kids.


  12. Thanks for that Ms. Janice...

    It would be a pleasure spreading the news...

    I will also be awaiting the MUZIKADEMY Kids, sure treat for my two kids indeed!