How to download Facebook and Youtube videos

My need for downloading videos over the internet arises every time I have a very important presentation to make and I have to incorporate some clips from Facebook or Youtube or anywhere else.

I have tried some softwares or even online solutions like Keepvid for youtube videos, however I foun it cumbersome to really go to an external site or window for downloading.

Good thing I have discovered this DOWNLOADHELPER, which is by far, THE BEST FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE or just about any flash video streaming in the web downloader.

Downloadhelper is an add-in in Firefox which makes my Firefox browser really indispensable.

Google downloadhelper and install it in Firefox and you'll love it for the rest of your browsing life..haha!

Here's my fare share of using Download Helper after installation in Firefox.

Have fun! Capture all you want... :) Best Blogger Tips
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